Are you more Kendallian or Windermerian?

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You think Kendal and Windermere folks are the same? We're all comebrians, surely? NO!!! We are very very different types of people and depending on where you live, or where you wish you lived, you can define yourself as a certain comebrian 'type'!

This quiz obviously won't take into account the different between country bumpkins, from the townies. But you know what? There is a difference and you should love your people and your town!

Created by: Verity Brown
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  1. What do you prefer to do on a Friday?
  2. What feels better mid-summer?
  3. Your view on hills?
  4. Choose something to watch if these were all on at the same time:
  5. Where is the post office?
  6. Walk to the far end of the high street for me?
  7. Conflict is occurring! What is going to happen here?
  8. What is good summer entertainment?
  9. Views on tourists?
  10. Hallgarth is a nice neighbourhood.

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Quiz topic: Am I more Kendallian or Windermerian?