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  • Your Score is 24% 24%

    Slightly crazy, but not to bad your in the lower spectrums maybe your a bit crazy but who wants to be entirely sane anyways. I mean it must get boring when you see the world in black, and whites. I really can't imagine.

    all i wanna say is whoever made this quiz i hope your doing okay especially in these times your not alone i love you and god loves you as well<3

  • Your Score is 44%

    Your not to bad off, crazy sometimes, but not to bad, maybe sometimes your friends look at you weird, or occasionally concerned for you, but you get bye. Like I tell most people talking about your problems really helps.

    ...This worries me XD

  • Your Score is 73% 73%

    Your crazy, but at least your not the most insane of the lot right? Sorry I know thats not thats not helpful, but usually when I'm feeling sorry for myself it makes me feel better, that their are people in worse situations.

    YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH. opp i have to practice my crazy laugh and make it sound like Runa Yomozuki

  • Im 44% crazy