How crazy are you?

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There are various things that may suggest a person is crazy, or insane. This is not necessarily going to be accurate, so don't take it to seriously. I use a variety of measurements, such as fixation, conformity, lying compulsivity, etc...

Again remember this quiz is for fun, have fun taking it, if you want you can just take it over, and over again to get all the results. So without further notice, try the test... ( :

Created by: VIXI

  1. Do you view yourself as insane?
  2. How often do you fixate on something?
  3. Are you an impulsive person?
  4. Are you part of a counterculture? Anti-conformity? Exempli Gratia: Don't follow trends...
  5. Have you ever used recreational drugs?
  6. Do people tell you you have an overactive imagniation?
  7. Do you believe in things that can't be proven beyond reasonable doubt?
  8. How often do you lie?
  9. Do you ever feel a need to lie, or lie compulsively?
  10. Do you lie to yourself, but more importantly do you believe those lies?
  11. Does reality, and fantasy ever blur?
  12. Do people think your crazy?
  13. Are people ever concerned about your mental health?
  14. Do you ever get indications, that you might have something wrong with you, but can't quite pinpoint it?
  15. Weird ticks? Speak in the third person? Practice looking normal in the mirror? Something is just 'off' with your face? Often recurring nightmares? Thoughts of death?
  16. Lastly this probably won't be very accurate, imagination, and drug-use don't necessarily mean your crazy no worries. How was the test, no effect on your craziness obviously.

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?