The Religion and Beliefs Conformity Quiz

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Thank you so much for taking this quiz! I sincerely hope you find it fruitful. If not, I am sorry, and I hope I catch any and all flaws with it in the future.

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Created by: Roh Tae Woo

  1. I believe in God
  2. I believe there are unseen all powerful forces which influence everyday life.
  3. Religion will disappear as younger generations get richer
  4. Attending community worship services (E.G. at synagogue/Mosque) is more important than individual prayer.
  5. I identify with a religious group
  6. Religious figures are often corrupt
  7. God does not require religious figures like priests and imams for his will to be done.
  8. I believe in heaven or something similar to it like Jannah.
  9. I believe in hell or something similar to it like Janam.
  10. I believe that there is energy in Nature that is more powerful than man.
  11. It is crucial that people adhere strictly to religious laws.
  12. I believe in spirits
  13. My religion's holy text is the word of God, word for word.
  14. Religion is important to me
  15. The state should not enforce and or promote my Beliefs
  16. It is right for my religion to try and convert other people as long as it doesn't harass people.
  17. It is more important to rely on God than it is on yourself.
  18. My religion is a part of my ethnicity's culture
  19. My Religion is integral to society, without it, society would not function.
  20. Religion May often have positive impacts on society.
  21. Other Religions are fundamentally flawed and doomed to fail.
  22. It is wrong for people not to attend worship services or pray often enough.
  23. My Religion and God protect my people against foreign aggression.
  24. You can be spiritual, but not religious.
  25. I have religious morals, but am not religious.

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