How Crazy Are U

"this quiz is all about crazy people and how they got started.I'm here to see if you are really crazy so take this quiz and i'll get the results and see how you scored."

Do you think your crazy, if so take this quiz and see if your right at what you thought. i will know your score because it is emailed to me.have a nice day and be crazy.

Created by: Jacob

  1. What is your favorite soda?
  2. What is your hobbie?
  3. Do you read
  4. What do u want to be when u grow up?
  5. What music do u listen to?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. What is your favorite energy drink
  8. What is your favorite food
  9. Wht is your favorite holiday
  10. Wht is your favorite animal

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