how country are you

There are many people who call themselves country but there really not. What is a country person? There someone who has been in the country knows how to get dirty and isn't afraid of a lil mud.

So are YOU country? We'll lets find out. Lets see if you know how to rock the blue jeans and summer nights. If this quiz shows your country then congrats because not everyone can be country.

Created by: mckenzie

  1. Have you ever been out in the country.
  2. Do you like mud
  3. Are you country in your opinion
  4. Do you know how to ride and Atv or dirtbike ( Atv fourwheeler)
  5. Story to ask this but what's your favorite color
  6. What's a heard of horses
  7. What's cattle
  8. What's a rodeo
  9. How long have you lived in the country
  10. What's your favorite store

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Quiz topic: How country am I