Guess the country lyrics

Have you ever wondered how well you know country music lyrics? Well you've come to the right place. Test your skills in this quiz. Hmm. Will you do good or bad? Lets find out! :)

This quiz may be a little bit tricky for some people, but then again...It could be really easy! So find out how well you know your country lyrics, what are you waiting for? take the quiz! :)

Created by: Martygirl

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  1. I was gonna keep it real like chill like only have a drink or two.
  2. I'd like to know just what your thinking, every little river running through your mind.
  3. Like a sound track to a july saturday night.
  4. I've got a dress that shows a little uh uh, but you ain't getting uh uh if you don't come pick me up.
  5. If you like it up loud and your hillbilly proud, put your hands up now let me hear you shout.
  6. Last call its 2am, I said goodbye to him I never talk to him again Then one sunny day, I saw the old mans face.
  7. Mama's hooked on Mary kane, brothers hooked on Mary Jane, daddy's hooked on Mary two doors down.
  8. When that summer sun fell to its knees, I looked at her and she looked at me.
  9. Baby you and me we need to feel a little sunshine grass beneath our feet.
  10. That old red dirt "’ the first thing you learn Is you don't get nothing that you don't earn.
  11. The sun is set and you're packin up And you think I'll jump right in your truck Just gettin started
  12. Feeling lucky, got hooked up with some Kentucky clear. So slide that little sugar shaker over here...
  13. Not everybody drives a truck, not everybody drinks sweet tea Not everybody owns a gun, wears a ball cap boots and jeans.
  14. Dog tags hangin' from the rear view Old Skoal can, and cowboy boots and a "Go Army" Shirt folded in the back.
  15. And all this small town he said, she said, Ain't it funny how rumors spread Like I know somethin' ya'll don't know, man that talk is getting old You better mind your business man, watch your mouth, Before I have to knock that loud mouth out.
  16. Every note just wrapped around his soul From steel guitars to Memphis all the way to rock and roll.
  17. I'm so glad you trusted me, to slide up on this dusty seat. And let your hair down, and get outta town. Got the stars comin' out, Over my hood And all I know now. Is it's going good.
  18. It was labour day weekend I was seventeen, I bought a coke and some gasoline. And I drove out to the county fair.

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