Do you Know Jason Aldeans lyrics

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Some people Know country music some know pope but pop isnt gonna get you a good scor onthis quiz. Jason aldeanis a major country singer who sings from the heart with every song theres dofferent meaning to it.

Do you think you know Jason Aldeans lyrics? are you a true country fan? Are you true Jason Aldean fan? are you up for the challenge? Well theres only one way to find out come take this quiz.

Created by: vampgirl14
  1. ok this is the fill in the blank portion Light the bonfire, then call the girls. The king in the can and the Marlboro man. Jack and gin were a few good men. Where ya learned how to ____ and ____ and _____ too.
  2. dig my heels and try to ____ this ____I want my life to revolve around, everything you do Oh but that's all up to you Everything good seems to go so fast It's kinda like one big party you crash you weren't counting on One day you're ____ and ____ Baby all I wanna do is ___ right here And hope it all don't disappear
  3. A couple of guys in first class on a flight From _______ to ___________ Kinda making small talk killin' time Flirting with the flight attendants ______ thousand feet above, could be ________
  4. there was still _____ marks on that _______ road where we drag raced our _______ and _________ and weatheres all the _________ and _______ even underneaththe new paint, you can see _______ will you marry me
  5. man i tried to kill the pain by shooting _________ through my ________ but it never works, it only makes it worse, so ______ I'm here again throwin' punches at the _________
  6. name the song: Theres only two means of salvation around here that seem to work, whiskey or thebible, a shot glass or revival
  7. now im gonna say a name of a song and you pick a line that goes with it (ex. i say"Big Green Tractor the answer is "the dogs where all barkin and a waggin around: Don't You Wanna Stay
  8. Country Boy's World
  9. Texas was You
  10. If She Could See Me Not
  11. now for the rest of the quiz finish the lyrics: Well if you wanna drink, go on baby just do your thing ___________
  12. Cause it ain't easy, No it aint easy,____________--
  13. God made this ole world round and maybe it's that way so that paths that we go down________________
  14. There's something bout the way you say my name thatdrives this ole country boy insane __________
  15. I got a new shine on my car _______ And while I'm waiting on the red light,I'm burning up a little air guitar

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