How Much Country Do You Know?

Some people call themselves country music fans, but only the select few are entitled to. This quiz will test your sincerity in that statement. Song names, artists, and lyrics must all be known to pass this quiz.

Lyrics are the most important part of this genre, how many do you know? How well associated are you with today's country stars? Take this quiz, give it a go, we'll see how down-home country YOU are!

Created by: Bob of Country Lyrics
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  1. Fill in the blank: "Can't you see that for _____ or for _____ we're better together?"
  2. Which artist sang the words "I never saw the end in sight, fools are kind of blind."?
  3. Which of the following correctly matches an artist to a song?
  4. Fill in the blank: "I think it's time girl that we slow down, so take a look it's almost ____ ____"
  5. Who compares finding the man of her dreams to finding the lost city of Atlantis?
  6. Which song is the following lyric from: "I been thinking 'bout this all day long, never felt a feeling quite this strong"?
  7. "Love Like Crazy" is sung by which of the following artists?
  8. Fill in the blank: "Baby your ___ blue eyes and your golden Tropicana ____. "
  9. The opening line of the chorus in Still Feels Good by Rascal Flatts is "Your fingers hooked around my belt loops, leanin' up against my thigh."
  10. Which is the correct order of the bones in Tracy Byrd's song "Drinkin' Bone"?
  11. Crying when you are happy, circuses of fleas, jumbo shrimp, and baby-grand are all snip-its of lyrics from which song?
  12. Which male artist prefers his women in jeans and a tee-shirt, without make-up?
  13. Easton Corbin is a little more country than a dirt road.
  14. Billy Currington inherits money from a millionare in one of his songs.
  15. Finish the line: "She's a hot little number in her pickup truck ___________________."
  16. In "Southern Voice" who does Tim McGraw say "sold it"?
  17. What does Billy Joe's bumper sticker say in Jo Dee Messina's song "It's Too Late To Worry"?
  18. The title of a song off Lady Antebellum's new CD is what?
  19. What does Carrie Underwood compare the boy to in the first lines "Cowboy Casonova"?
  20. Fill in the blank: "Use the ___ __ ___ _____ to sow up your broken heart."

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