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  • 85! Sounds accurate

    Olive_Girl Jan 15 '19, 11:09AM
  • 83%? that friend is actually my crush and people say were bestfriends.

    XxSophiacxX Apr 13 '12, 10:54AM
  • i got a 94 but i htink it should have been a hhundred cause i know everything about her from her fave resturaunt to her dominant eye, shoe size, hair length, height and we go everywhere together! the only reason that might have kept me from a hundred was shes hoomeschooled and im not so i dont see her daily :(

    jeshaz98 Dec 6 '11, 4:26PM
  • 85% sounds about right!

    crazybob Dec 6 '11, 10:53AM
  • 85%! right i don't know some casual things! but i do know her personnal secrates! she's the best!

    iknowiamgr8 Dec 6 '11, 8:42AM
  • neat quiz :)

    54packers Dec 6 '11, 12:21AM
  • 81% I'm pretty sure that I'm 95%. We've known each other since we were five, and we can tell each other anything, and even though we've had hard times ( really hard times ), she is my best friend and always will be. Even if she doesn't know it. I love you Alyssa!

    purple3298 Dec 5 '11, 8:48PM
  • 81% That's about right. She can be mean when she's mad at somebody but usally when she cools off she is fine. And I can't trust her with any relationship secrets but she can ALWAYS tell when I'm lieing.

    Crimson Fly21 Nov 25 '11, 7:49PM
  • 77% may sound good i dont really trust my friend Katie but i trust My bestie!!!!! ALLISON!!! but i dont seem to know why i didnt do this quiz on her

    Alex4465 Nov 25 '11, 4:50PM
  • sweet quiz ;)

    zomgirl Nov 21 '11, 11:32PM

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