How close are you to your friend?

Friends. Some of us have a lot of them and others don't have very many, however, no matter how many you have, there are friends that are closer to you than others. To take this quiz, think of a friend you'd like to determine how close you are to because it will tell you!

You can take this quiz multiple times, with different friends, it's actually a good idea because it will help you figure out who your closest friends are. Also, it's fun! (In my opinion at least, but I'm the creator)..

Created by: emberscatsootie
  1. How long have you known your friend?
  2. How often do you see your friend?
  3. Do you regularly communicate by phone/email/social network with your friend?
  4. This friend that you are taking the quiz about is someone who you...........
  5. What are you most likely to do with this friend?
  6. Take this situation: You haven't seen or heard from your friend in 3 months and you don't know why, all you know is that something personal happened, but one day you are sitting in a cafe, and they come to in, what do you do?
  7. Have you ever gone on vacation with your friend?
  8. Have you ever been to your friend's house for something that was NOT a work or school commitment?
  9. Has your friend ever been to YOUR house?
  10. If haven't seen your friend all summer and your summer was fairly good except you had a bit of an issue with one of your family members, what do you tell your friend?
  11. Does your friend ever tell you about their personal problems?
  12. How many places have to gone with your friend?
  13. If I were to ask you about your friend's favourite restaurant, would you know it?
  14. What kind of party would you invite your friend to?
  15. Would you ask this friend for advice?
  16. Do other people think you are close to your friend?
  17. What is the most personal thing you would tell your friend?
  18. Your friend did something they really shouldn't of and they told you about it, they said not to tell anyone, however, it's really bothering you so you tell someone about it, how do you feel about it after?
  19. When you think of "your friends", is this the first person that comes to mind?
  20. How comfortable do you feel around this person compared to other people?
  21. What type of present are you likely to buy your friend for Christmas?
  22. Have you ever chosen to do something that you're friend wouldn't have liked to do but you thought they would have?
  23. How well would you say you know your friend on a scale of 1-10?
  24. Do you trust your friend with your secrets?

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Quiz topic: How close am I to my friend?