Who knows Soap-E??

There are many people who can say that they are one's best friend. What would you say is a best friend? would you use someone for your beneifit? I know a friend hangs out or calls you everyday that's what friends are for.

Are you a good person or a friend? I know the people that I hold close to my heary and you know who you are. If you don't know me as much as you did then, I will think that you come and hang out with me some more.

Created by: Sophie
  1. What is Sophie's Dog actual full name?
  2. What is Sophies nationallity?
  3. How much time did I know Chris before we dated?
  4. What is my brother's name?
  5. What occupation in the military do I want to join?
  6. What kind of excersise do I love the most
  7. what kind of food do I love the most
  8. Do I love spicy food?
  9. What is my worst habit?
  10. What color eye's Do I have?
  11. Do I love to dance on the porch at Night?
  12. What is my favorite soda?
  13. My biggest pet peeve?
  14. Do I swear alot?
  15. How Do I want to be Proposed?
  16. What did I play when I was 14?
  17. How many showers do I take During the summer?
  18. Where is my favorite place to hang out with friends?
  19. Do I love tea?

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