How bored are you of regional quizzes?

People are from many places and some people are stereotypical of those places but none more so than the ones who display the stereotypical characteristics of people from those places.

Are you from somewhere? Were you born in a place? Did you live there or somewhere else? Would you like to know how "from a place" you are? Are you really that bored?

Created by: David Bradley of Sciencebase
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  1. Have you done the "How Northern are you quiz?"?
  2. Have you done the Essex one too?
  3. Have you done the London one?
  4. The Brummie one?
  5. Leicester?
  6. Glasgow?
  7. The "country" one?
  8. Yorkshire?
  9. Brighton?
  10. Derbeian?

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Quiz topic: How bored am I of regional quizzes?