How Well Do You Know Ours?

Hi! I know most people do music quizzes for one album, or one artist, etc, etc. But I want to level up and I'm very bored, so I will be making multiple quizzes.

So as I mentioned above, I will be making multiple quizzes. If that doesn't make sense, I mean I'm making one quiz for a Taylor Swift song. It's so I have a lot of quizzes to help me level up mostly.

Created by: Swiftyfan

  1. Elevator buttons and ______
  2. But right now ________
  3. People throw rocks ____ things that shine
  4. The stakes are high, the water's _______
  5. Ghosts from your _______ gonna jump out at me
  6. And life makes love look _______
  7. 'Cause I love the __________ your teeth
  8. I love the riddles that you ______
  9. And any ________ remarks from my father
  10. About your ________

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Ours?