How well do you like making quizzes?

There are many people who enjoy making quizzes. There are also people who don't. I don't. But don't let that stop you from taking the quiz because even though I don't like making them I do like taking them.

Do YOU like making quizzes? Do you think its boring? Do you think its fun? Now you probably think you know the answer or not. Just take the quiz and find out.

Created by: melinaa

  1. Do you think making quizzes takes a long time?
  2. Do you get tired of typing while you're making quizzes?
  3. Are making quizzes boring for you?
  4. Do you think it takes a lot of energy to finish making a quiz?
  5. Do you tend to make other people make your quiz for you?
  6. Do you think it takes a lot of hard work making a quiz?
  7. Do you like taking quizzes more or making quizzes more?
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Quiz topic: How well do I like making quizzes?