just a who will you fall for quiz part 11

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Created by: Hazdam

  1. Last night was a blur. Everything happened so fast and now you can remember anything. Your eyes shoot open to your ringer. You're lying on Jacob's chest. He's still sleeping. Silently, you check to see who's calling; Rikki!
  2. With tired eyes you flip open your cell phone. "Hello." You say groggily. "Hey. Can I meet you at your house?" he asks hopefully. "Why." Rikki sighs, "We were supposed to hang out or something." Your eyes widen. Why?
  3. You try to stand up without waking Jacob so you slowly roll away. He wakes up and you stop. His eyes whip open. "Where ya going, sweet?" he says sternly. "Uh...out." You say with a weak smile. "Oh really? Don't pretend that Rikki didn't call you."
  4. You laugh nervously, "Huh? Psh! What are you talking about?" Don't play stupid with me! Wait, you can't! It just comes naturally to you!" He say with an evil grin.
  5. "Uh..I should go now..." you say backing up. "Why? So you can go play with your boyfriend?" he says walking toward you. His fists are clenched and he speed up. "Jacob? What happened to you? I just need to see this guy..." You stop yourself. "A GUY?!?!" Jacob screams. "After all I've done for you!" Without thinking you turn around and run as fast as possible.
  6. The distance between Jacob and Lucas' house and yout isn't far, but it feels like you've been running for hours. When you finally get to your house, Rikki is leaning against his car. A huge weight gets taken off your shoulders.
  7. "Hey." Rikki says calmly. He looks up at you and his eyes give you a disapointed look. "Are you okay? It looks like you had a run!" He says walking toward you with his arms crossed. "I'm...fine. So what'd you wanna do?" You say. clearly you arn't calm. Your panting and you continuously look to both sides. "What are you doing? Did something happen to you?" Rikki says touching your shoulder.
  8. "(Whatever you said/did)" Rikki nods in understandment, but you know he'll never really will. Dodging the subject you say, "So what do wanna do?" "Well I was gonna offer you s job..."
  9. "What is it?" you say somewhat interested. "Erm...it's..uh..." Rikki stammers. Your tapping your foot. "Well?" "Pizza Hut. There I said it." "Pizza Hut? Really?" He nods. "Well it might not be that bad! Sure." Rikki smiles. "I know we were supposed to work on our project and stuff." "Hey! No worries!"
  10. You hop into Rikki's old beat up truck. Driving Pizza Hut wasn't the most comfortable ride, but a question keeps repeating in your head.
  11. When you get to Pizza Hut, Rikki drives into the parking lot. You both get our and he walks straight past the front door and to the back. You fallow him and he leads you to and old white door. You can smell the pizzas being made. He struggles to get it open for a while. When it seems like he's about to give up, the door swings open. Standing there, not impressed, is a person who makes you catch your breath.
  12. "You know you can always use the front door, Rikki." the stranger says with a smirk. You frown. The attitude just ruined your hope.
  13. "Now there...who's this little girly?" he says with a smirk. Rikki sighs, "_____, this is Michael. He'll be teaching you have to deliver pizzas and stuff..." You can't help but stare at him wide eyed. WHY? Well because he looks like Joseph!
  14. Woah. His hair is black and side-swept. And his blue eyes have the same intensity as Joseph's. You eye him. He may look like Joseph, but his clothes are baggy, and he seems just plain rude.
  15. Michael rolls his eyes and budges past you. Rikki gives you a smile and walks away. You fallow him and you find him waiting in Rikki's car. "Isn't this Ri-" you try to ask. "No. It's not. It's mine. Rikki's just a..." He doesn't continue. You decide not to push him knowing that you might be on his "Dislike" list.
  16. The rest of the car ride is pure silence and awkwardness. when you reach the first house, Michael hesitates and looks at you. "I'll...get this one." He slowly gets out of the car and walks nervously to the front door. A young lady opens the door and squeals. It's Teri! You're wondering why Michael would be so nervous. It's not like he knows Teri or something. You look out the window a cringe at the sight.
  17. When you look, Teri gave Michael a big kiss. She hugs him and closes the door leaving Michael with the pizza with his face beet red. He walks back to the car not looking up.
  18. As the day goes by, Michael takes all the diliveries and doesn't talk to you. Your eyes never meet. You try to make small talk, but his face seems like it'll break out in tears.
  19. When he finishes the dilveries, Michael drives you to your house. "How do you know where I live?" His face flushes red. You've never seen someone blush so many times than Joseph. Then you realize. "Is it..." you start. he looks at you with sad eyes and nods "Yeah."

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