How Well Do You Know Mine?

Yet again, mostly making these to level up. So each quiz is gonna be for the lyrics of one song. I think it's easier than trying to find different songs.

Also, I can make more quizzes this way. When I finish Taylor Swift songs, I might make a quiz for her or her album or another artist's songs. Enjoy the quiz! :3

Created by: Swiftyfan

  1. You were ______ college
  2. Working part time ________
  3. I was a flight risk, with a fear of _______
  4. Wonderin' why we bother ith love, if it _______ last(s)
  5. You made a rebel of a ________ man's careful daughter
  6. Flash foward and we're taking on ________ together
  7. You say we'll never make ________ parent's mistakes
  8. We got _________ figured out
  9. Braced myself for the __________
  10. This last one's actually a question: Taylor mentions a time in the song. What time was it?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mine?