Do you hate Justin Beiber?

Some people like JB. Others don't. I know you know what your answer will be, but don't you like to comment on quizzes like these? I was REALLY bored while I made this so...

If you are actually reading this then you are a good person. No one else does. I only read these when the quizzes are actually interesting or I don't know what it's about.

Created by: tara the amazing

  1. Do you have pictures/posters of him in your room?
  2. *Girls only* Do you think he is "cute"?
  3. Do you think he sings well?
  4. Do you have to see/hear him at LEAST once a week to survive? (youtube)
  5. When you see/hear him (or hear his name) do you want to puke?
  6. When you heard him sing for the first time you thought..?
  7. Have you puked alot throughout this quiz?
  8. Do you have any of his CD's?
  9. Have you ever been to one of his concerts?
  10. (**** NO EFFECT!!****) Do you like "It"? (JB)

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Quiz topic: Do I hate Justin Beiber?