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  • Your belly is 73% big! 73%

    Wooah! Your belly is huge! You struggle to get around from place to place, and often have to stop to catch your breath. Slight chance of death...

    I know I'm huge! At 13, 5'4, I'm a whopping(hang onto your seat!) 225 lbs! My amazing belly is at least 40 inches around!!!! I want bigger still! 330+ lbs is my goal, and I want a huge belly over 50 inches around! In love my belly to pop buttons and flop on my lap and grow and grow with the numbers on the scale! Well, Happy gaining, my gainers!!

    Fatty Jazzi
    • I hope you do meet your goal I am also a gainer and I'm trying to get to 200 pounds for my bf

      Big jiggly lucy
    • Fatty jazzi I'm 13 5"4 and 225lbs to

    • @fattybelly17 do u have an insta? im 12 id love a gainer friend

  • Seems pretty accurate, I got a 'flat belly', yup! I'm not at all fat. When I was twelve (I'm further into my teens now) my dad told me I had 'seriously changed' because I lost all the little puppy fat kids tend to have, you know, the slightly sticky-out belly, that's nothing to do with eating too much. I've never dieted in my life, and I eat sensibly. Great quiz!

  • I did this quiz earlier and got something similar to 37%.

    My belly is easily bigger than this. Barely any of my shirts fit and I can't see my feet.

    I have a muffin top and several rolls.

  • 535 lbs.....even 6X shirts, which I usually can find at Forman Mills, are tight, and bottom 2 buttons are impossible to button. Wish there were 7-or 8X available. Waist size about 68, sitting over 70. Only giant fleece (8X and 10X) are comfortable because of my enormouse heavy hanging gut, which totally covers my "package." Sex with my 434 lb wife is an adventurous challenge, sometimes frustrating, wallowing in a sea of fat that won't ever get out of the way, no matter how much we push and pull and try to lift bellies (hanging fat is really, really heavy). But we eat and eat, until we can't stuff any more in, because delicious food is also orgasmic for us, and we are still mobile with the help of a cane for me and a pushy thing on wheels with a built in seat in the front. Tonight we're going to our favorite Italian restaurant where it's table seating (booths no longer possible for either of us) and the waitstaff knows we'll probably order 3, maybe 4 pasta refills each. I'll be in my size ten fleece, and she will drive because she can still (barely) squeeze in behind the wheel, belly on top of wheel, which I can't at all anymore. Hello Uber pretty soon?

  • Your belly is 80% big!

    Wooah! Your belly is huge! You struggle to get around from place to place, and often have to stop to catch your breath. Slight chance of death...

    I know I'm huge! At 27, 6'0", I weigh 306 lbs! My belly is 36 inches around. I love my belly to pop buttons and jiggles!

  • I am 90% fat! So not suprised

    Dreaming big
  • Your belly is 15% big! 15%

    Try gaining A LOT of weight. You crave for food. But, don't start eating a lot, otherwise you'll become overweight, and could possibly die!

  • Your belly is 52% big! You are above average. Depending on your age, this could be serious. Your big belly is hanging over your tight belt.

    Thats very true!

  • The quiz tells me I'm at 29%. But I'm working on it.

    I am small framed with bad eating habits so any fat belly gain goes a long way. I'm sure that number will increase.

  • It said that my big belly hangs over my tight pants truuuee

  • Your belly is 95% big! 95%

    Uh oh. I think you went WAY too far. Try loosing some weight. It may be a bit too late... hopefully you don't pop.

  • i just got back from the store to by som shirts just put one on and its ripeed all ready i am 97% fat and i love IT !!!

    henryvII junior
  • Your belly is 27% big! 27%

    You are perfect! A flat belly! Keep eating those fruits and veggies, and exercise, and you'll be just fine!

    Hah, that's a huge lie... *cough*

  • 35% :(

    On another not, can I stay with any of you gusy. You seem sooo cool. my boyfriend said i couldnt come back home unless i reached 73% and I can't stay by muself im onely 10 years old

  • 94% fat and love it

    Dreaming bug
  • You are 41% fat.

    Very accurate quiz! Although I don't exercise, your quiz was fun to take. Rated it a 10 :)

  • Yes I know I'm fat at 201 lbs

    young gainer
  • 99 percent... it feels great:) and my bf loves it!

  • Woo 72% fat!

  • It said I'm 35%, i want to get more fatter

  • 52% aiming for 70% any tips? Just love having a big belly and wanting bigger

  • THIS MADE ME WANNA GAIN it must be nice to be fat :3

    hot stephanie
  • 38% aww i wanted more

  • 39%, mostly accurate, honestly I've been thin my whole life until just a few months ago fsr

  • X


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