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  • 39%, mostly accurate, honestly I've been thin my whole life until just a few months ago fsr

    MandyBunnyX Aug 8 '18, 5:03AM
  • yg komen di kolumn ni, semuanya gemuk buncit belaka .
    Tp, duk menipu je keje nye .

    jemah jempot May 21 '18, 8:51AM
  • Woo 72% fat!

    Fatty_mcdonalds May 10 '18, 9:50PM
  • 94% fat and love it

    Dreaming bug Feb 7 '16, 10:36PM
  • I am 90% fat! So not suprised

    Dreaming big Aug 31 '15, 1:20AM
  • This quiz is lies! I'm not 23% fat! I'm at least 48% fat!

    Estey1111 Aug 2 '15, 8:00PM
  • This quiz is lies! I'm not 23% fat! I'm at least 48% fat!

    Estey1111 Aug 1 '15, 8:09PM
  • This quiz is lies! I'm not 23% fat! I'm at least 48% fat!

    Estey1111 Aug 1 '15, 11:57AM
  • Wait it saids 38%

    collman May 31 '15, 7:53PM
  • It said I'm 35%, i want to get more fatter

    collman May 31 '15, 7:49PM
  • THIS MADE ME WANNA GAIN it must be nice to be fat :3

    hot stephanie May 11 '15, 12:33PM
  • 19% probaly because im bloated

    hot stephanie May 11 '15, 12:26PM
  • i just got back from the store to by som shirts just put one on and its ripeed all ready i am 97% fat and i love IT !!!

    henryvII junior Nov 5 '14, 12:25PM
  • You are 41% fat.
    Very accurate quiz! Although I don't exercise, your quiz was fun to take. Rated it a 10 :)

    xxpoundsxx Jun 20 '14, 4:14AM
  • Your belly is 27% big!


    You are perfect! A flat belly! Keep eating those fruits and veggies, and exercise, and you'll be just fine!

    Hah, that's a huge lie... *cough*

    Nicholas1928 Jul 26 '13, 10:48AM
  • Your belly is 15% big!

    Try gaining A LOT of weight. You crave for food. But, don't start eating a lot, otherwise you'll become overweight, and could possibly die!

    katd13 Apr 21 '13, 5:21PM
  • Seems pretty accurate, I got a 'flat belly', yup! I'm not at all fat. When I was twelve (I'm further into my teens now) my dad told me I had 'seriously changed' because I lost all the little puppy fat kids tend to have, you know, the slightly sticky-out belly, that's nothing to do with eating too much. I've never dieted in my life, and I eat sensibly. Great quiz!

    vulturemonem Apr 17 '13, 2:13PM

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