How big are your balls

You may think you have jingle bells but take this quiz and find out now! And if you happen to not get a good score don't be a poor looser and just be happy

Do you have a big wiener schnitzel? Well if your not sure? find out now and answer a few easy questions to find out if you got what it takes! And make sure you just be happy

Created by: Bryce
  1. What brand of street motorcycle do you prefer
  2. If you just won a giant beefy lifted truck, what's the first thing you would do?
  3. What is your favorite off road vehicle
  4. What would you like to in your spare time
  5. If you had go skydiving what would it turn out like
  6. What sounds the funniest for you
  7. What is the highest cliff you have ever jumped off into water
  8. What describes you the best
  9. What would you prefer to wear
  10. What would you want to do on Halloween
  11. Do you even lift?

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Quiz topic: How big am Ir balls