How Beautiful are you?

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Everyone is beautiful in their own way. And everyone is made of their own thoughts, ideas, the way they present themselves, their imagination, dreams, and aspects.

How beautiful do your unique traits make you? Take this quick, fun test and hopefully get the results you want and let it help you with a wispy paragraph of advice!

Created by: someone who can't judge
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  1. Are you ready to take this quiz? (Your answer to this question will not effect your quiz results.)
  2. Whether we like it or not, appearance has something to do with how we are perceived by others.
  3. I love to go shopping for clothes.
  4. Which one does your mind settle for the most? 1. I see myself as a canvas that's beautiful the way she is.It's an art to make myself more colorful and show myself off because the best thing you can be is yourself! 2. I'm a simple canvas that is beautiful only because I am original, and sometimes I like to shade the edges or it or be in some sunlight but I like being a canvas. I don't need to be made into a piece of art.
  5. I accept who I am.
  6. My race is:
  7. How I feel about my race:
  8. I have scars.
  9. (Question 9: Continued) If yes; they are from?
  10. I define being perfect as:
  11. My hair is:
  12. I do things with my hair. (Or want to/try.
  13. Some days I feel
  14. Pick a label for yourself. Remember it doesn't define you, you define yourself. ♥
  15. What motivates you to get up in the morning?
  16. If I make a mistake, I..
  17. Do you love others?
  18. Almost done. Do you agree that everything has good and bad in it?
  19. I have strong principles that not a lot of people belief in and that's okay.
  20. I love at least one thing about myself.
  21. Last question: Are you ready for your results? (Response will not effect results)
  22. When you chose to love others is it because you're lonely or because your care about them? (Think about this one)
  23. How much do you share? (Think hard about this one)
  24. When you do favors for people do you make them feel guilty?
  25. Smile! :D
  26. Let fate decide!

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I?