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  • You are beautiful! Everyone is! 86% 86%

    Congrats! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and your know that! Your accept people, help them out, don't expect much in return and when your do you do it with grace. Love yourself chica! You understand that life is a gift and you are going to wrap it in the prettiest bows and bedazzles that you can conjure up and do that for your own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others and you are so giving you know withdrawl and not ot rub it in anyone's face. You're a cool breeze on a silent, calm, summer's day.

    Thanks! ^.^ and chocolatefrog, chill people can do what they want

  • I like this quiz! I went back and made it a 7% percent and I like how you said that you need to love yourself and stop thinking about the negative things. This is almost the nicest result I have seen in my whole gotoquiz life. I got 83% 10/10 :D

  • Thank you for making this quiz. it has helped me to be confident. now I can go out to the world with my head held high and know I am beautiful you did an amazing job it is people like you who help build confidence in girls like me. THANK YOU!!!!

  • I'm just saying, why do people think to make all these quizzes to tell them they're beautiful

  • Great quiz! You did a wonderful job!

    Pearl Dragon
  • we don't need all these beautiful quizzes

  • I'm only 66%

    BEN Drowned45

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