How Azn Are You?

What does it mean to be AZN? Being Azn is quite exceptional. Are you part of that exception? Are you familiar with words such as Fob,ABC and Dim Sum? Well put your knowledge of the azn culture to the test.

20 questions relating the the typical azn lifestyle. do you know how a real azn lives? do you qualify as a real azn or has your "azn" left? in few minutes you will find out.

Created by: jt of this site
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  1. You have a azn name
  2. your hair is spiked(boy)highlighted(girl)
  3. Your parents dislikes hispanics and or blacks
  4. You can eat with chopsticks
  5. You chill with fellow azns
  6. You smoke and or drink
  7. You know what dim sum is
  8. Right now, your house smells like food
  9. You have tattoos and or piercings
  10. you eat rice alot if not everyday
  11. You have AIM
  12. You put quotes or poems in your AIM profile
  13. Your SN contains: azn,jai,boi,lil,oitz__,angel,grl,cutie
  14. People say that your short
  15. You/Your parents know about "feng shui"
  16. You play handball
  17. you collect kicks
  18. you live in a....

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Quiz topic: How Azn am I?