How awesome am I?

Test out your skills! Play this quiz to see if your awesome in school, or just plain lame. This quiz is for both boys and girls to play! :) í—í—í—í—í—(í·±#(

I am also the maker of "What Animal are you?" quiz. Please also play that if you want and enjoy this quiz! K thx bai!!! Once again the day is saved! Thanks to, the power puff girls!

Created by: Alyssa of squirrel
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  1. One day you got in trouble (but it wasn't your fault!), and you got kicked out of school for 3 days! What would you do?
  2. After the three days, you decide you wanna...
  3. At school, all your friends suddenly act strange and don't wanna be your friend anymore. What would you do?
  4. You decided to make a new friend, so you made friend's with a girl named _______.
  5. Her name was Alexis. Now it's your turn to introduce yourself! How do you introduce yourself?
  6. She's all of the sudden crazy about your cool name. She tells all of her friends about you and you become popular and everyone knows you. And you started a crowd but what would you say?
  7. The school bell rings and everyone leaves. You look up and see a guy you knew since kindergarten. What would you say?
  8. He does'nt remember you and your sad. You feel...
  9. Trivia question! Who was the last singer to spill out the "P" word?
  10. French toast

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