What type of woodsball player are you?

Woods ball the most awesome sport in the world play it today it is awesome you may be a sniper a camper a rusher a idiot sheathing way take this awesome quiz

paintball is awesome it is very fun and you should play it it is the fastest growing sport in the world so if you play it our awesome and if you don't to you suck

Created by: Recon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Witch of theses are your favorite?
  2. Were to you go in a start off a match?
  3. Witch game mode to you prefer?
  4. Are you afraid off getting shot?
  5. You are pined behind cover you?
  6. One word that describes your play style?
  7. Favorable cover is....
  8. it came down to you and one enemy your hopper is 1/4 full and you see him across the field you ?
  9. A bad gun is a..
  10. your nickname is?
  11. Your team wins you?

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Quiz topic: What type of woodsball player am I?