What type of Howrse politician are YOU?

There are many types of players on Howrse...The CraXoR's, the moderators, the administrators, the FUN mods, like Jaguar :P, and then just those normal ones..

So which are YOU? Do people hate you, or are you loved deeply by every player you meet? Are YOU a great player, or so snobby everyone avoids you? Take this quiz to find out NOW!!!

Created by: 1010marina

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You see a rant in Game Play, do you:
  2. You see people off topic in the events forum, do you:
  3. You see a reserved auction comment, do you:
  4. A sale comment reads: NO SH BUYERS!
  5. You're a sales GP IH breeder. Every time you enter a comp, a fully BLUPed and bolded elite Jaded enters immediately after you.
  6. Do you breed much?
  7. Just a few more questions...
  8. You recieve an abusive PM..
  9. You're asked to become a mod.
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz (this will not affect your outcome)?

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Quiz topic: What type of Howrse politician am I?