What Instrument do you Play?

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A simple quiz to accurately tell what kind of instrument you most likely play! After playing in a band for 10 years throughout high school and college, this quiz is made perfectly to figure out exactly what kind of instrument you're destined to play

Ever wonder what instrument you'd want to play? Maybe you already play one? In either case, this quiz will perfectly determine what instrument fits you! Like this quiz if we nailed it! You're sure to enjoy it!

Created by: Lymie S.

  1. Do you prefer concert or marching band?
  2. What kind of melody do you prefer?
  3. What kind of instruments do you prefer?
  4. Which of the following is your biggest influence?
  5. Would you ever like to direct a band?
  6. How would you conduct your own band?
  7. Favorite Musical Period?
  8. Favorite playing style?
  9. How heavy is your instrument
  10. Why do you play your instrument?

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Quiz topic: What Instrument do I Play?