What kind of person are you?

Have you ever wondered what friends and family classify you as? A trouble maker? A joker? A Socialite or a loner? Are you Passive Aggressive and parties look scary?

In a few short questions, you'll find out, with a brief info question at the end informing you about a topic that is important to me. So thanks to this awesome quiz, you'll find out what people call you, and be informed!

Created by: PandaPowerz
  1. First day of school, what are you doing?
  2. Your BF/GF broke up with you
  3. A guy who has been mean to you all week trips you while you're putting your lunch away.
  4. Two boys from your school are running after a baby rabbit, holding sticks.
  5. Your parents are working late tonight, so you'll fall asleep home alone. It's time for bed, you brush your teeth and crawl into bed.
  6. You get a BF/GF, and he/she seems SUPER nice for a while, until you text him/her and ask him/her to the park and he/she says that he/she's busy. Your friend tells you the next day she was at the park and she saw him/her holding hands with another girl/boy from your school!
  7. That same girl/guy walks up to you and starts talking like nothing happened. You're so mad, you decide to take action!
  8. There's a party tonight and your friends begged you to go.
  9. You and two others are lost in the woods.
  10. Favorite subject in school:
  11. As many of you know, Seaworld is a company that murders orcas. If you do not believe me, please go to Seaworldofhurt.com, where you can learn the horrible things they have done to orcas and dolphins and any other sea creature imprisoned there. Thank you for being understanding, as I'm not trying to hate on anyone here. Thanks for taking this quiz and I hope you get a good result. Thank you for listening to me, and remember, Seaworldofhurt.com
  12. You're in the woods, and your dog takes off after a rabbit, yanking the leash out of your hand. There's a road nearby. Your dog might get hit by a car! What do you do?
  13. Your crush FINALLY asks you to dance.

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?