how annoying are you?

How annoying are you? many people are very annoying but do you have the skills to be the next annoying idol. remember the science of annoying is very complicated. only a few people know it.

do you have the ability to be the most annoying person in the world. take my hi-tech annoyance quiz and it will tell you if you what level of annoyance you are.

Created by: eagle man

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  1. do people ever tell you that you are annoying?
  2. do you make pranks on people?
  3. do you repeat what ever somone says or does
  4. do you sing badly on purpose?
  5. do you make unnesesary noises?
  6. do people move away from you when you sit near them?
  7. do you tell on people to the cops or sombody in charge?
  8. do you eat wierd foods?
  9. do people tell you that you have an annoying voice?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I?