How ADD are you?

You hear a lot about ADD these days, but how do you know if you really have it? Not intended as a substitute for a professional evaluation, of course, but this quiz offers valuable insight into the elusive disorder.

Are YOU ADD? Do you often become irritable, forgetful and distracted? Are seemingly simple tasks nearly impossible to complete for you? Do you have poor follow-through? Do others make fun of your forgetful, absent-minded behavior and it's becoming increasingly hard to bear? Then take this quiz.

Created by: Marcel
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  1. Do you easily become restless and fidgety after sitting still for extended periods of time?
  2. Do you find it difficult to keep your home and work space orderly and neat?
  3. Do you consider yourself a good multi-tasker (able to do more than one thing at a time)?
  4. Do you consider yourself more creative than most?
  5. Is anyone in your family an entrepreneur?
  6. Do you prefer to follow or to lead?
  7. Do you get bored easily?
  8. Do you have difficulty finishing projects or tasks?
  9. Do you have a hard time remembering appointments or deadlines?
  10. Do you get impatient or find yourself constantly interrupting others?

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Quiz topic: How ADD am I?