Do you have bipolar

The bipolar test should not be used to diagnose mental health disorder. Only Professional mental health expert can provide proper diagnosis of bipolar disorder so if you are concerned then consult psychiatrist for treatment.

In this quiz we have added 12 questions related to the signs of bipolar disorder. More signs you show high score you will get. If you want to take a full version of bipolar test then consult doctor.

Created by: deendar

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  1. I can't concentrate
  2. I can't focus
  3. I feel tired
  4. I have had thoughts of suicide
  5. I have difficulty sleeping
  6. I have lost some appetite
  7. I worry about dying
  8. I worry about losing control
  9. I feel startled easily
  10. I feel dull, numb, or detached

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Quiz topic: Do I have bipolar