HORSE FEVER! whats your diagnoses?

there are many illnesses but i beleave the most contageious is dont look now... HORSE FEVER!!!!!!!! its strikes the most inocent down with the love of horses and most dont make it.

here i am here to diognouce your illness cross your fingers! for i may leave you with the parting words of 'you will never be cured' and no matter how hard you try your gona be with horses....FOREVER!!!!

Created by: stevie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your fav animal?
  2. where will you be on the weekand?
  3. quick! pick one!
  4. what time do you get up in the mourning and why?
  5. what are you thinking now?
  6. what would you do after school?
  7. what compition would you enter?
  8. exsplain your love of horses in less than 5 words,
  9. its summer break what will you be doing?
  10. last question!!!!! have you liked my quiz?(no effect)

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Quiz topic: HORSE FEVER! whats my diagnoses?