Honest Love, Life, and War pt.1

This is Honest Love, Life, and War. I hope you like the quiz. Blah, blah, blah. I don't want to give anything away. Grace is your name and you live in California is all I'm saying!

Like I just said, I don't want to give anything away. Your name is Grace and you live in California. Your name is Grace and you live in California. I hope you like the quiz and stuff!

Created by: Me

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  1. "Julian, why do you have to leave?" You ask Julian. You know why. You have asked him ten times already. "Because I need to protect you." Julian replys, sternly. "How are you supposed to protect me if you leave me? You can hurt me with the truth, as long as you don't try to comfort me with a lie." You say, matter of factly. "I don't care. You know that I can become a wolf any moment and stay a wolf." Julian tells you, he had gotten into a fight with another werewolf and the other wolf bit him so if Julian changes into a wolf he might not been able to change back into a human.
  2. Julian stares into your dark blue eyes. He moves your red(dyed bright red) bangs out of your eyes. You stare into his neon green eyes. "If I never come back, I want you to know that I love you, Grace." Julian says, unblinking(your name is Grace). He pulls you closer to him and kisses you on the lips. You pull back for air, but Julian mistakes it for you not wanting to kiss him. "I'm sorry. I didn't think you were expecting that. But like I said, I love you. If I had a choice I wouldn't leave. But I don't have a choice. If I did I would choose to stay here with you." Julian says sweetly. He kisses you again. You close your eyes. When you open them, Julian is gone. You curl up into a ball on the couch and cry. After five minutes the doorbell rings. You stop crying and awnser the door. Before you can say anything two people hug you. All you can smell is Axe, so right away, you know who it is. "Hey Gracie!" You hear Brody say. "I heard about Julian. I know how it feels, to have somebody you love leave you." Brody continues. You hug Brody. "Hey! Am I invisible or something?" You hear Brady ask. You and Brody laugh. You hug Brady. "Hey GracieLou, how do you do?" Brady says, goofily. "I'm fine, Brody-SORRY! I meant Brady. I was one letter off! I freaking hate your names!" You say, pointing to Brody and Brady. If Brody didn't have Blue eyes and Brady didn't have Violet eyes they would be completely identical. Personalities and all!
  3. "Wow. How could you mistake me, for THAT?" Brody asks, pointing at Brady. Brody and you start busting up laughing, but Brady doesn't think it's so funny. "Ha, ha, VERY funny. Your hillarous Brody." Brady says, which makes Brody and you laugh even more. "I love you to Brady!" Brody says. You start giggleing, as you giggle you grab a streak of red hair out of your black hair. Some people think that you, Brady, and Brody are siblings, since you all have black hair, you all laugh and hang out together all the time.
  4. Brady, you, and Brody walk to Dairy Queen to get ice cream. "Are you three triplets?" The lady at the counter asks. "No, just good friends." Brody says, grinning like an idiot. "Sorry!" The lady says. "I just didn't pay attention to details. I just glanced at you three. I'm sorry!" She says. You just smile. You order some ice cream, Brody pays, and you all go to the twins house.
  5. "Our house is so boring though!" Brody and Brady say at the same time. Brody looks at Brady and Brady looks at Brody, sametime. They glare at eachother. "Wow, I'm glad I'm an only child." You say. They turn their glare to you and laugh. "I hate you Grace!" Brady says jokingly. "I hate you Grace!" Brody tried to say exactly like Brady, which actually worked. He sounded exactly like Brady.
  6. You start to laugh but Brady gives you a 'Shut Up Now!' look. You glare. "Brady! Don't mess with Grace!" Brody says to Brady, smiling. "Who says I was?" Brady says. He runs over to you, picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. You scream. He throws you down onto the couch. "Brady!" You scream. "Brody!" You scream because he is just standing back, laughing. He jumps back, you had kicked him in the stomach. "Why did you kick me?" Brady asks, mad. Brody looks at him. He turns to look at you. "I need to home. You know how Brady can get if he's mad." Brody grabs you and leads you out of the house.
  7. You start walking towards your house when Brody stops you. "I need to go back home. You don't need protection, do you?" Brody says, you smile. "No. I got it." You tell him. He turns around and walk back to his house. You still have to walk two blocks until you get home. A boy runs up to you. He looks at you for a minute. "Grace? Is that really you?" He asks. You have no idea who he is. "Yes. Why?" You ask. "Everybody back home says that you died! How are you here?" He asks. "I didn't die. My parents did. I live with my Aunt now, but she's barely home." You tell him. "They say that you died in a car crash." He tells you. You look at him, confused. "I moved so I could start a new life." You say. You mean that since you became immortal you want to start a new life, new look, new act, new everything.
  8. He turns around. "What? A new life? We used to be friends. The Grace that is infront of me now is a stranger." He says and starts to walk away. "Casey..." You start saying, but he doesn't stop walking. ~Casey. I'm sorry! I didn't mean that I ran away from everything. I just made friends with bad people. But not you. You weren't a bad person.~ You say into Caseys mind(thats part of being immortal). ~Whatever Grace. I don't care. I just... I don't know. I didn't know why you left and I was worried.~ Casey replies.
  9. Casey starts walking back to you. "Grace. You've changed. You used to think that your hair was beautiful and that you would never dye it. You used to say that you would never wear makeup. Look at you now. Red streaks and makeup. I don't even know you anymore. Take that makeup off and dye your hair back to black." Casey says, truthfully. But you aren't wearing makeup, exept for mascara. "I don't know what to say exept for that I'm not wearing makeup. And honestly, you used to say that you would never leave my side. What did you do?" You ask and Casey mumbles something. "Exactly. You left me alone." You say. "Grace. You know for a FACT that I loved you. Now, I remember why." Casey says, pulling you in to kiss you.
  10. Thats it! I hoped you liked the quiz! Comment if you think I should make a part two! Please comment and rate(if you want to. You don't have to)!

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