Which Ilvermorny house are you in?

Which house would you be in at Ilvermorny? The magical school in Massachusetts created by the world-wide famous author J.K. Rowling, can't wait to acceeppptt anooother stuudddeennttt.

blah blah blah my quiz of the quizzers of the quiz takers of the century will love this beautiful quiz and i choose you pikachu and cubone and harry potterrrr

Created by: Sauron

  1. Which Hogwarts house are you in?
  2. Where would you go on vacation?
  3. What are you up to in the summer?
  4. What magical candies would you choose?
  5. What pet would you get?
  6. What clothes do you usually wear?
  7. Favorite class?
  8. What position would you play in quidditch?
  9. What shoes would you pick?
  10. What car would you buy?

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Quiz topic: Which Ilvermorny house am I in?