Discover your Ilvermorny House (Pottermore version)

As we all know, the Ilvermorny sorting quiz appears on the Pottermore website in different sets. Thus, we find ourselves answering only eight out of twenty-eight questions. This is actually more accurate than taking the complete quiz.

This is just one set of the quiz, which has been tried out on many people, who all got the same result they got on Pottermore. I hope this quiz can help you get the same house you got on Pottermore.

Created by: Isha Kan
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  1. Would you rather...
  2. My beliefs are...
  3. Where would you least like to find yourself? (Continued next question.)
  4. Previous question. (Continuation.)
  5. What would you exchange for your heart's desire?
  6. I would most like to discover...
  7. Think of the question you would most like answered, by a person or an all-knowing being or device. Which of the following most closely resembles the answer you'd like to hear? (Continued next question.)
  8. Previous question. (Continuation.)
  9. Previous question. (Continuation.)
  10. Who's judgement do you fear the most?
  11. You can rescue a baby or the only bottle of a potion that could save 1000 lives. Which do you save?

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Quiz topic: Discover my Ilvermorny House (Pottermore version)