Discover your Hogwarts House

As we all know, the Hogwarts sorting quiz appears on the Pottermore website in different sets. Thus, we find ourselves answering only eight out of twenty-eight questions. This is actually more accurate than taking the complete quiz.

This is just one set of the quiz, which has been tried out on many people, who all got the same result they got on Pottermore. I hope this quiz can help you get the same house you got on Pottermore.

Created by: Isha Kan
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  1. Forest or River?
  2. Once every century, the Flutterby bush produces flowers that adapt their scent to attract the unwary. If it lured you, it would smell of:
  3. If you could have any power, which would you choose?
  4. Would you rather invent a potion that would guarantee you
  5. Which road tempts you most?
  6. Which would you rather be:
  7. If you were attending Hogwarts, which pet would you choose to take with you? (Continued next question.)
  8. Previous question. (Continuation.)
  9. Previous question. (Continuation.)
  10. Black or White?

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Quiz topic: Discover my Hogwarts House