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  • You are amazing! So, when's part 13 coming out? I always go here first, when I go onto GoToQuiz, because I know that Part 13 is going to be really god! Lol, I love the fact that I'm getting ROn, even though I'm trying to be a liitle less biased.

  • DON'T STOP THIS!!! I ALWAYS WANT TO GET RON AS MY RESULT! If any of you read my comment to the quiz before, you'll know why. If you haven't, I'll tell you now:

    I LOVE RONALD BILLIUS WEASLY!!!! I'll try to copy and paste what I said earlier. Please wait...*elevator music plays* *I hum along as I find that quiz, and then copy & paste*

    Found it! :D:D:D:D read, and beware the wrath of liz_king97!

    Ron!!!!! I love him!!!! Too bad I'm in Ravenclaw (even though that's my House of choice), and not Griffindor, then I could make sure Lavender never even glanced his way, and Hermione never fell in love with him. Ronal Billius Weasly is MINE!!!!!!!! NOBODY GO ANY WHERE NEAR HIM, HE'S ALL MINE!!!!!!!

    I really like the quiz. *blushes* Sorry about the ranting. Can I just pretend that never happened? Wait, no, I WANT people to stay away from Ron. He's mine, peoples, DON'T TOUCH HIM!!!!!!

  • Brilliant! I love your series! I think you're an amazing writer, and I hope that you'll continue writing!:-)

  • I always get Draco even though he wasn’t even in this one I wasn’t mean to the gryffindors or anything I just get him all the time

  • Let Cedric die, have the twins and let's be friends with them!

    I don't like Cedric much... Sorry ^-^'


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