Hogwarts Love Story Pt.5

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Well, it is love what can you really say about it? It kills? It's wonderful? Everyone thinks differently. But Love + Hogwarts? You can only think one thing... AWESOME!

With many boys to choose from, but only one you will get. No it's not a riddle, it's just me filling in the second paragraph. Harry or Draco? Fred, George or Ron? You Choose!

Created by: fred4ever

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  1. The voice was my manger’s.”________! Wake up from that daydream of yours and snap back to the present! You need to end this, your grandfather is waiting for you, so LETS GO!” I couldn’t help but wonder what life was going to be like with my grandfather and going to his school, I had only seen him once bu—“________!” Screamed my ear piece, ‘Focus’ I thought ‘you will find everything out soon….’
  2. "Good bye New York! I love you all! Let´s enjoy this last song!" I screamed to the microphone and started to sing. I gave everything, all myself, into that song. As I sang the last sentence, tears covered my cheeks and ruined my make up. This was it. I was ending my carrer. I was a singer and I love every single thing about it. But I felt like it wasn´t enough. I wanted some change in my life. I needed it. So I decided to quit my passion. I was only a teeneger, but I was pretty popular in the whole America. I was __ years old and my name was ______ ________. My parents died when I was two years old, so I was living with my grandfather all my life. But to tell the truth I was living by myself, since my grandfather was a headmaster at one school in the Great Britain and I saw him only a few times during summer break.That sucked for me, but one good thing was, I became able to care about myself in an early age. As I was thinking I already made my way to the limousine. I came in and Richard, my driver, smiled at me. "How was your concert Miss?" I smiled. "Thanks Richard. It was amazing. I will be missing being on the stage." "It is a pity you are leaving. Both of my kids love you. Jasmine, the younger one, cried all night when she heard you are quitting." He explained as he drove to the hotel. I laughed. "Believe me, she was not the only one. But I know it is good for me, right now. I mean, I can still return." He nodded and smiled at me in the back mirror. I sighed and leant back at the seat. In the minute I closed my eyes for a little rest, we were already at the hotel. Richard got out of the car and went open the door for me. I thanked him and said him good night before I headed to the hotel. The doorkeeper, Justin, was already waiting me. "Good evening, Miss ________. How was your night?""Thank you, Justin, it was awesome." "You have a visitor in your room, Miss." I frowned. "Who is it?" He mysteriously smiled. "You will see, Miss." I shook my head and almost ran to the elevator, so I could be earlier in the room. 25. 26. 27. I was counting the floors. 32. Finally. As soon as the door opened I ran out and bounced into my hotel room, door number 1255. I saw there sitting an old man, in the armchair next to the window. His blue eyes sparkled as he saw me. It was no other than Albus Dumbledore. "Grandpa!" I screamed and ran to him, nearly knocking him to the ground as I hugged him. His lips curled into an amused smile. "I´ve missed you too, ______." "What are you doing here? It is end of the September. You shouldn´t be here." I sat on the bed and frowned at him. "Well, I´d rather pretend you are happy to see me." "I am grandpa, I truly am. But...you know." He nodded and sat next to me. "I´ve heard you ended up your carrer. Why?" "Um..I needed a change. Tonight was my last concert." "I know. I believe I´ll give you a change." I looked at him questionaly. "You will be going to the London with me." I blinked and then jumped and started to dance all over the room singing "I´m going to London." Albus Dumbledore watched me with a soft smile on his lips. "Okay grandpa." I said after a few minutes as I finally sat back on my bed. "When we are leaving?" "Now." I raised my eyebrown. "And all my stuff just pack themselves, right?" "Exactly, all you stuff are already at the right place." He said softly and mentioned me to take his hand. I shook my head, but did it.
  3. I screamed as me and my grandfather landed up in the office. I fall on my butt Hard. „What the f--- was that?” „Watch out your language dear,” said calmly Dumbledore and sat down on the chair. „I honestly do not care about my f**king language right now, grandpa!” I yelled at him and stood up, with my hands on my hips. „Can you please explain how it is possible a minute ago I was in New York, then took your hand, felt totally sick and then ended up on my f**king buttIdo not know where?” He showed me to sat on the chair opposite of him. I glared at him, but sat down. „Thank you, ______. And please, try to control your attitude.” I was opening my mouth to answer him something not so nice, but he was faster. „I will answer your questions, but please promise me you won´t say anything until I stop.” I sighed and nodded. „I am not an ordinary headmaster. I am the headmaster of Hogwarts, the school for wizards and witches. Your mother, my daughter, was a witch too. But your father wasn´t. And you are not either. But still, it is not safe for you outside, in the muggle world. That is why you had to come with me. And since we couldn´t wait for a normal way to transfer you here, we used magical way. It is not as bad when you get used on it. But I must admit I throwed up everytime I apparated when I was younger.” I waited a few seconds to be sure he finished. Then I bursted out laughing. „Seriously, this was definitely the most awesome story I´ve ever heard. Wizard? My mum?” I said whipping the tears of laugh out of my eyes. „______, I am completely serious.” „Sure you are grandpa. And you think I´m completely crazy? Is this Punk´d? Or other show? I honestly was thinking you´d never do something like this to me, but nevermind. It was funny.” His blue eyes was serious. There wasn´t a hint of a lie. But this could not be true! „This is insane!” I yelled and jumped on my legs. „Albus Dumbledore, you would rather explain me why I´ve never knew you are wizard! Or my mother. And no jokes!” He simply explained me about this wizard world, which was existing along with our „real” one. It took us around four hours. Mainly because I refused to believe. So he had to show me some charms. „Whoa! You are just awesome. You are better then Copperfield!” I laughed and clapped as he transformed the glass into a dove and then back. „Thank you ______. But I am not doing it for your entertainment, I am doing it to make you believe me.” I sighed. „Grandpa, for my big surprise, I do believe you. But I don´t understand why I have to stay here? Why cannot I live back in New York?” „I told you, it is not safe for you there. I will explain you, when the right time´ll come.” I rolled my eyes. He was always like that, saying only what´s necessary. „Okay. Well then, where am I going to sleep? What about my friends? And mostly, what time is dinner because I am starving?” He laughed. „Sweety, ______, I assume it is around three am, so tonight you are going to sleep here.” And with that he moved his wand and the bed appeared also as some food. „Good night,” he winked and left the room. I shook my head, ate something and then fall asleep immediately.
  4. I woke up next morning with a smile on my face. „This was the best sleep I´ve ever had,” I mumbled to myself with my eyes still closed. „I think so, since it is 2 p.m. And you are still in your bed,” a man´s voice said. I screamed and jumped out of the bed. „Are you f**king crazy granpa?” A light smile played on his lips. „Morning ______. And again, please, watch your language.” I shook my head. „I though that it was just a dream, but I guess you really told me you´re a wizard, right?” „It is the truth. Anyway, darling, go change yourself and eat something. In an hour one student came here to you and will show you this castle, your room and everything.” He winked at me and left the office. „Seriously, this must have been a really bad joke.” I made my way to table, where were my breakfast waiting and grabbed some toast. As I was thinking about needing coffee, one cup appeared next to me. I grinned. „Gotta love this world.” I finished my breakfast and went to the bathroom to get change. As I was putting my shoes on, there was a knock on the door. „Come in!” I yelled. A bushy haired girl shyly entered the room. I smiled. „I am ______.” She smiled back and shook my hand. „Hermione.” „Nice to meet you. You are my second wizard I´ve ever met. Well I am not counting my mum, cause I had no idea she is one. And sure you are not a wizard you are a witch. But well yes, nice to meet you.” She laughed. „Are you always like that?” I nodded. „Then I am happy you are my new roommate.” I grinned. „Give me a hug roommate.” Hermione grinned back and hugged me. „______, are you ready for a tour de Hogwarts?” „Completely! Hermione? Are there any hot guys?” I asked her as we walked out of the headmaster´s office. She giggled. „Sure there are. And everyone is going to be all over you!” I shook my head. „Why do you think so?” „______, look at yourself. You are so gorgeous even I would date you!” I laughed. „I already love you sweety.” She smiled and squeezed my hand. From that moment I knew I made new best friend. „So, where do you want to go first? Since it´s Saturday, there is no classes so we have free time until the dinner. Which is in 3 hours. You really slept long.” „Yeah, but after the concert I am so exhausted, not the mention the fact I went sleep at 4 am after very long day, when I realized half of my family are wizardes.” „What concert?” „Ah, sorry, I forgot you don´t know me. It is good feeling. It is awesome be just an ordinary girl. I am a singer and pretty popular back in America.” „Oh. That is so cool.” „Kinda. I mean, I love it, but being famous was so getting on my nerves sometimes, since you have no privacy. But, enough of me, for now. First I want to see my room. Then the boys. Or first boys then room.” I winked at my new friend. „As you wish.” We went through the corridor and met some kids. Most of them was staring at two of us. „Hermione, people in this school are weird. Why are they staring? I mean, not that I am not used to it, it just feel strange.” „Mostly because you are new. And they didn´t see you during the ceremony.” I laughed. All the way to the girls dormitory, Hermione explained me about the Houses in the school, the sorting thing and pretty much everything about how it went in the Hogwarts. „Password?” said the portrayal of the Fat Lady. „Chocolate Frogs,” said Hermione and the portrayal opened. I let my jaw drop. „Seriously, Hermione, I think I can´t get used on it. Yesterday I was in America, today I am in the England surrounded by wizards, moving portrayal and things like that.” She laughed at me but gave me a symphathetic look. „Come on, over there are my friends.” And we came to the couch where two boys where sitting. „Ron, Harry, this is my new friend, the girl Dumbledore was talking about.” I smiled. „Hey guys!” The redhead´s face went the same colour as his hair and the blackhaired boy dropped the ink he was holding. Hermione rolled her eyes. „The red one is Ron and the dirty one is Harry.” „Nice to meet both of you.” Harry smiled back at me and Ron just stared. Seriously, this is going to be fun year.
  5. „Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, could you stop act like total idiots and try to be nice to ______?” Hermione asked. I smirked at the girl standing next to me. Harry blushed. „Um, ______, so what´s up?” I cocked an eyebrow and said: „Well, I am fine. It is nice here, but also it´s kind of shocking to realize there is another world, full of charms.” Hermione just shook her head. „Come on, ______, I´ll show you our room while the guys calm themselves down a bit,” suggested Hermione and led me upstairs, but two redhead boys stood up in your way.„Hermione!” „And a beautiful lady!” „Where are you going?” „Our princess?” „Fred, George, this is ______, Dumbledore´s grandaughter and a muggle. She is staying here, with us. Anything else to know or shall we go?” I smiled wildly at Hermione´s comment and turnt to boys. „You must be somehow related to Ron, right?” „Oh, she is not only a pretty one, she is also a smart one,” said one boy. „Sorry Fred, she is mine,” said the other one. I stucked out my tongue at him. „You wish, handsome.” With that I turnt around and followed Hermione. „______, you were made for me. I already see you in the wedding dress, ready to become Mrs. George.” I winked at the boy yelling at me for the last time and then entered my room. I screamed: „This is amazing here! I am going to live here forever. Aww, look Hermione, all my clothes are already in the closet. And my shoes. And my make up. I am going to die from happiness.” I jumped around the whole room for a few minutes. As I finally stopped, Hermione was sitting on her bed, watching me with „are you sure you´re normal?” look. I bursted out laughing. „Hermione, you are so funny girl.” „Sure, ______, I am. Anyway, what do you want to do now?” „I don´t know. Let´s get party!” „I am sure I am not the right person for it. You know, I´d rather read a book, then be with people at a party.” „Oh, sweety, this is going to change, since I am here. I´m exactly what is called „party animal”.” I grinned as the girl next to me just rolled her eyes. „Um, I guess we should go to the common room and maybe chat with the others. I bet they can´t wait to see you. And of course to talk to you.” I nodded and winked at Hermione. „Okay, but firts, tell me what´s between you and that Ronald boy?” She blushed madly and yelled. „Nothing! He is just mine friend!” I laughed. „Sure and I am one big potato. Now come on miss, I wanna meet as much people as possible.” We both made our way downstairs to find almost empty common room. There were some people sitting on the couch. I went there and sat beside them. „Hey guys! I know you and you and you two also,” I smiled and pointed at each person I knew. „Oh, Fred, she remebers me!” „George, you are one lucky guy.” „Shut up you two,” the girl sitting next to Harry interupted them. „My name´s Ginny. And that one is Neville.” „I´m ______. Nice to meet you.” She smiled in returned. „So Miss. Dumbledore, do you like Hogwarts?” Fred asked me. „Oh yeah, it is beautiful. Well, at least what I saw. I mean,it is huge! And I´m not Dumbledore. Well I am but, you know, my name is ________.” I explained. We were talking for like an hour when the old woman entered the room. „Hello, Professor McGonagall,” Harry said and everyone mumbled greetings, too. „Hello. Miss ________, your grandfather wants to see you before a dinner. Could you come with me?” I nodded, stood up and waved to my new friends. „See you there loves.” Me and professor walked out of the common room and made our way to the headmaster´s office. It was silent for a while so I spoke up. „Um, what are you teaching?” „Transfiguration, and also I am the head of Gryffindor. I suppose someone told you about the houses.” „Yeah, they did. By the way, I believe you and my grandfather would be a nice couple. You look very pretty, even you´re that old.” I grinned wildly and watched professor´s lips became a straight line. „And it would be a lot easier to call you grandma. Professor McGonagall is so long. How can you live with such a long name? I mean, it must take ages to sign something, mustn´t is? But...oh well, I see grandpa´s office, so thank you for a walk, it was nice meet and talking to you. Sure you are not a talkative type, but never mind. Oh, and don´t worry, I was just joking with you and my grandpa. Only if you wish to date him I can arrange it?” I asked with a big smile. The woman just glared at me and said nothing. „Well, I take it as no. Thank you! Bye!” And I ran to the office before she could kill me.
  6. “_____, welcome, dear,” an old man smiled at me as I entered the room. „Grandpa!” I shouted and ran to him to gave him a hug. „I´m glad you came. Minerva is not with you?” I smiled innocently and shook my head. „She just walked me here and then went away. I´m wondering why...” „I´m sure you know it very well, ______. But, it is not what I wanted to talk about. Please sit down.” I sat and waited for him to continued. „I was planning to introduce you to the whole school during the dinner. But first I wanted to ask you, if that´s okay with you.” „No problem,” I smiled. „Thank you dear. Now tell me, did you make any friends? I believe you and Miss Granger are friends, since you are now living together.” „Oh yes! Hermione is such a sweet girl. I really like her. And also I met other people, Harry, Ron, George and Fred, Ginny and Neville. They all are so nice. Grandpa, believe me, I am going to love it here!” The old man gave me a smile. „______, you are just like your mother. Unbelievable social and unbelievable beautiful. Not to forget your stubborness and the fact that you are such as big troublemaker as she was.” I frowned and pouted. „I am not stubborn.” „Of course you´re not. Now let´s go, students and dinner are waiting for us.” I laughed and together we made our way to the Great Hall. I made a mental note to never go anywhere alone, because I´d got lost for sure. My grandfather opened the huge wooden door for me and as I entered, my jaw dropped. It was so wonderful. The ceiling was somehow made as a night sky, there were hanging candles from nowhere. I followed grandfather not paying attention to anything but the ceiling. Back into the reality brought me some boy in black robe with green tie, looked totally disgusting, as I felt him patted my butt I stopped, turnt to him and slap him behind his head. „Do not touch me, monkey boy!” „You wish beautiful,” I heard him muttered. I didn´t even bother to answer him and walked to my grandfather, who was now standing in front of everyone, waiting for me, to join him. Everyone´s eyes were on me. I searched for those people I knew and it didn´t take me long, since the bright hair colour of four Weasley´s. I smiled and waved at them as the headmaster opened his mouth. „Good evening my students, before dinner I want to introduce you someone. This young lady next to me is my granddaughter and she´s staying here, at Hogwarts. She is not taking any lessons because she is a squib, so please, be nice to her, treat her good and do not use any charms on her, since she can´t defend herself. Thank you. Now let´s enjoy our delicious dinner.” I frowned and crossed my hands on my chest. „I can defend myself grandpa, did you see how I hit that ugly thing?” My grandfather smiled and looked at me with a sparkle in his eyes. „And the next thing I wanted to tell you, Mr. Dumbledore what I am going to do all year when I am not going to learn anything? And my ipod is not working here? Now be smart!” Everyone in the hall laughed and it was when I realized everybody was listening our conversation. „Okay, Albus, you won for now. But just because I´m hungry. And I don´t want to argue in front of everyone.” I walked to my new friends, leaving my grandfather behind me with a laugh on his face. „Hey ______.” Hermione greeted me when I sat next to her. „Hello pretty. So, where´s food?” I asked. „Just wait a second,” Fred smirked. As he said that, the food appeared on the table. There was everything I could asked for. „Oh my!I am going to die. Well, at first I´m going to eat everything and then I´m going to die. Probably from fullness.” Everyone laughed as I put spaghetty on my plate. „How you can be so slim, when you are eating so much?” Ginny shook her head when she watched me putting chicken and potatoes on my now empty plate. „I don´t know and honestly I don´t care.” I replied with a fullmouth. Ron gave a hand around my arms. „______, you are my new best friend. We have the same passion: food.” I bursted out laughing spitting some food on Harry, who was sitting on the other side of the table. „Oh, sorry, Harry,” I blushed. He smiled. „Don´t worry, I am used to it, I´m Ron´s friend.” I grinned and nodded. „_______ I already know about three guys fancing you. Not to mention others boys from all houses, who are staring at you,” Hermione whispered in my ear. I look around the whole hall and realized, she was right. Almost every guy was smiling or winking on me. I didn´t mind, there were couple of cuties. I gotta love this school.
  7. The Monday morning I woke up on my alarm clock. It was 6 am. Hermione was still sleeping, so I quietly brushed my teeth, dresses black shorts, yellow tank top, red hoodie with red running shoes, pulled my hair into a high ponytail and sidled out of the room without waking her up. I run down the stairs and bumped into black haired boy. „Oh sorry, ______,” Harry apologized me and pulled out his hand to help me up, from the ground where I fell. „No problem Harry, nothing happened. „What are you doing up so early?” „I just couldn´t sleep. What about you?” „I´m going outside for a morning jog. Wanna join? You don´t have to run, I just don´t believe myself, that I could make it outside and back here without getting lost.” He thought for a minute, then his face bright up. „Wait a second, I have to take my broom.” And with that he ran away. I raised my eyebrow. „A broom?” He was back in a minute and when he saw my face he grinned. „Let´s go, I´ll explain you there.” I followed him. It didn´t take long and soon we were outside. He explained me wizards flied on their brooms also they played some game, similar to football, instead it was playing on the brooms.”Here,_____,can you hold my wand for a second?” Harry asked well mounting his broom.”Sure!” I said running forword. The moment Harry’s wand touched my hand, something magiacal happened. I began to glow, the wand began to glow, a few sparks flew from it’s tip and the wind ran through my hair. I was a witch, we both knew it. Harry and I lokked eyes. “I want to watch you fly first before I tell anyone.” I said With that, Harry took off. I watched him flied off and stinged myself to make sure I wasn´t sleeping. I shook my head and started to run. I loved how the wind was kissing my skin, how the sun was making its way up on the sky. I enjoyed mornings. After a few laps on the field, which I was told is called Quidditch field, I stopped and waited for Harry to land next to me. „Impossible.” „And that is only a beggining. Trust me, there so much amazing things. I remember the day Hagrid, the forest warden, told me I am a wizard. Unbelievable,” Harry explained me. I watched him and thought to myself he was really good looking guy, especially with that messy hair from the wind. I reached my hand to him and messed his hair. He blushed and mumbled that we should went back to the castle and got change before the breakfast. The way back to the common room was silent. I wasn´t sure what to say, since it looked like he didn´t like I touched him. „Um, thanks Harry you came with me,” I started hesitatly as we climbed through the portrait. „No problem, ______, see you at a breakfast,” he whispered and ran to the boys dormitory. I sighed and made my way to my room. „Good morning sleepy head,” I shouted to Hermione who was still laying on her bed with a sleepy face. „I´m going to take a shower, be sure you don´t fall asleep during that.” I walked into the bathroom and showered myslef. A few minutes later I returned back to the room, Hermione fortunately already sitting. I laughed at her and walked to my closet to chose some dresses. About an hour I was sitting on my bed, putting lipgloss on my lips and waiting for Hermione. She was already dressed in her school uniform and was now trying to found her bag. „There it is!” she yelled when she finally found it in the corner of the room. „Come on, _______ I need to eat something before my first lesson.” „Like I wasn´t waiting for you at least ten minutes,” I mumbled and walked out of the room. In the Great Hall, we sat down next to Fred and George. „Morning guys,” I said as I poured some orange juice in my glass. „Did you enjoy your night at Hogwarts?” Fred asked me when we started our breakfast. „I slept well, thanks,” I smiled and looked at the teacher´s table. I looked at the old man in the middle and waved him. He nodded his head in response and smiled at me. Then I looked at professor at his right. She just glared at me. „______, what did you do to professor McGonnagal? She look furious,” Ron asked. A smirk spread across my face. „Well, let´s just say I suggested her to date my grandfather, because calling her grandma would be easier.” Everyone bursted out laughing. „You did not!” Hermione yelled. I grinned and shrugged. „Miss ________, would you be my girlfriend?” George asked as he managed to stop laughing. „If you take me on the best date in my life, I´ll think about it,” I winked. „Is that a challenge?” He asked. I just smirked and finished eating. „Ron, where is Harry?” Hermione asked. „He is already in a classroom. He didn´t eat too much,” Ron explained. Two of them exchange meaningfull looks. I didn´t pay attention to it, I was just hoping he wasn´t mad at me.
  8. „ Okay, Hermione, shall we go?” Ron asked. I frowned. „Where do you two think you are going?” „Um, let me think about it. Maybe a classes?” Ron said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. „Don´t have to be rude Ronald. And what I am going to do the whole day? I can´t even make my way back to the common room.” Ron shrugged and stood up and started to walk away pulling Hermione, who was giving me apoloziging look, with him. „Ronald Weasley, you are one rude b**ch!” I yelled at him as they were walking out of the Great Hall. I sighed and looked around. There were only a few people who were rushing out of the Hall to their classes. Soon I realized I was only one there. Everyone left for their duties. „Well, come on ______, try to find way back to your room,” I mumbled to myself and made my way to the common room. At least I tried to. I was wandering around the corridors for an hours. The stairs turnt like they wanted, the corridors looked all the same, the portraits just started and when I went by one portrait for the sixth time, I sat down on the ground frustrated. „This is insane! I can´t even return back to my room. This magic world is amazing, but also amazingly annoying,” I said in crabby tone. „And you are here for only a few days,” a boy´s voice came from my left side. I turnt my head and stared at extremely sexy guy. He had blond, almost white hair, and piercing blue eyes. Not the mention the fact, he was tall and well-builded. I smiled and he smirked. „Draco Malfoy,” boy introduced himself. Note to self, I had to have this boy. I stood up and pulled out my hand to him to shake it. „______ ________.” He didn´t shook my hand, he kissed it instead. „I know you, beautiful,” Draco Malfoy smirked at me. I was definitely not type of the girl throwing herself on all boys, but with this one I could make a expectation. There was something about him. Could it be even possible with the boy you´ve know for a minute? It seemed so. „Mr. Malfoy, you know how to treat a lady.” „Only a gorgeous one.” I laughed as he smirked and came closer to me, not wipping that smirk of his face. „You know, your smirk is really sexy, but it can become boring when you are using it often.” He raised his eyebrow and came closer again. A smell of mint hit my face. I grabbed his tie and whispered: „Fortunataly, I know a way how to make it disappear.” And with that I closed the gap between us and kissed him. I have kissed many guys, but no one was that good as this boy. Damn, he knew what he was doing. He pushed me slightly on the wall, brushing my lips with his tongue. Soon the relatively innocent kissing turned into a hot make out session. As I was kissing his neck, making him moan, we heard a school bell. He quickly pulled away, gave me a last peck on my lips and walked away. I stood there and stared at the corner behide which he disappeared. „______!” a voice called my name. I smiled as I saw Hermione, Ron and Harry walking towards me. „What are you doing here?” she asked me. „I got lost,” I grinned. „Why you have this strange look on your face?” Ron asked dumbfully. I blushed and Hermione giggled. „Okay, I have a free lesson right now. I need to talk to you ______. Bye guys!” Hermione said and pulled me away. „Hey, girls, we have a free lesson too!” Ron yelled, but we weren´t listening. „Let´s get outside of this school. I need fresh air,” I suggested. „Oh, I am sure you do,” Hermione mumbled. As we sat down under the big oak, she looked at me with the biggest grin I´ve ever saw. „Who was it?” „Who was who?” „The boy you kissed!” „I didn´t kiss anyone.” „Come on, ______, I know it. Just look at you. You have messy hair, red lips and plus that strange look. So?” I smiled and bit my bottom lip. „Draco Malfoy.” Hermione frowned. „Once more please? I think you said Malfoy.” „I did.” „You did not! How could you kiss such an ?” „He is super hot!” „And big loser.” „Hermione, did you see his face? And his body? He could be the biggest idiot on the world, I´d still kiss him.” The girl next to me shook her head. „He is from Slytherin. They hate Gryffindors. In fact, they hate everyone. Especially muggles. So, don´t get me wrong, you are gorgeous, but I do not understand why he kissed you! Not to forget the fact, he is just a player.” „Thanks darling,” I said sarcastically. „______, he may have a good look, but he is really evil. He is Harry´s biggest enemy number two. ” „Who is the one?” „Nevermind now. The point is you´ll not kiss him ever.” „Okay mother! But I believe it is my life, mine Hermione, not yours, and I can do whatever I want to!” I yelled angrily and ran away, straight to the castle.
  9. I was running through the corridor, angry at Hermione. „What is she thinking? She doesn´t know what is she talking about.. He is not an idiot. He is not a player. He is definitely not evil. Does it matter Harry hates him? No!” I thought to myself. I turnt to the corner, and again, I bumped into someone. „______, this must be or a big luck or you are totally butterfingered,” said the boy´s voice. I sighed and looked at Harry Potter. „I´m choosing the first one.” I stood up, not accepting his hand, he pulled out. „Are you allright?” „Sure, never better, everything is just amazingly fine!” I yelled. „I..” Harry started. „Sorry, I am just so angry right now.” He nodded, took my hand and pulled me somewhere. „Harry, where are we going? I am not in mood for surprises.” I asked. „You will see,” he answered. I rolled my eyes. He took me outside, to the Quidditch field, where I was running in the morning. „Okay, stay here, don´t move,” Harry told me when we stopped in the middle of the field. I raised my eyebrown. „Mr. Potter, we do not know each other for that long you should order me anything!” I snapped angrily. He just shook his head and pulled out his wand. „I mean, since you´re a wizard you can command me!” Harry laughed and yelled: „Accio broom.” I was waiting for something to happened, but nothing came. „Um, are you sure, it is right spell?” „______, just turn around.” I did so and my jaw dropped. A broom was flying to us. A real wooden broom. „This is not possible,” I mumbled when Harry caught it. „Just wait a minute.” „I am afraid to ask, but what are we going to do with it?” He grinned. „No, Harry, we are not..” „Yes, we are!” „No way Potter! There is no way I am going to sit on it!” „Alaine, you don´t have to do anything, just hold me.” „Are you insane?” „So are you going to sit on it or not?” I shooked my head. Harry smirked and swished with his wand. Suddenly I levitated right to the broom and as I sat behind him, we flied off. I crowed. I was holding tighly Harry and my eyes were closed. The feeling of having nothing below me, but a stick, was enough frightening for me. „_____, how are you feeling?” Harry yelled. „I am thinking about ways to kill you, when I´ll survive this fly!” He laughed and raised a speed. „Harry Potter, put us down on a ground right now! Please! I´m begging you!” I screamed. In a next moment I regreted it. He tilted broom and flied straight to the ground. I wasn´t a religious person but in that moment I was praying like never. Fortunately, nothing happened to us, since he balanced the broom before he made from us two smashed people. I quickly jumped from the broom and shakily pulled away the sweat out of my bow. Harry grinned at me widly. „Harry Potter, I am going to kill you! How could you do this to me? We should have died!” I yelled at him while I was hitting him everywhere I could. „______, calm down!” He laughed as he caught me, so I couldn´t keep punching him. I glared at him. „But, you have to admit, you are not angry anymore!” I looked him unbelievably „Seriously?” He nodded. „Come on, you are too pretty to be angry.” As he said it, he realized what he said and his face became a tomato red. I smiled. „Thank you Harry, for a compliment and for making me feel better.” And I kissed him on his now pink cheek. „I..we..I mean..err..” he stammered. „Yeah, let´s go inside, I have to find Hermione and apologize her. And I guess, you have a lesson before it´s lunch time.” And with that I stepped toward the beautiful castle, which was now my new home.
  10. Harry Potter and I were walking together to the Hogwarts castle. He still had his cheeks pink. „You know Harry, I may bump into you and fell often, but when you´re with me you blush a lot,” I said as we entered the castle, which only made him blushed even more. „Um, where do you want to go? I walk you there and then go to my lesson,” he asked after a few minutes of walking. „I don´t know, I want to see everything, but it is so huge I get lost easily,” I said. „What about..,” he started, but two redheads interupted him. „Hello beautiful,” said George. „And hello you too, ______,” Fred said. I hit him in the arm. „Ouch, Miss, control your behavior.” „I´m sorry,” I started and Fred smiled immediately, „Harry, for being interupted by this two flame heads,” I finished with a big grin. „So not fair, ________, not fair,” Fred shook his head. „So, the chosen one, what you were going to say before me and my uglier twin interrupted you?” George asked. „Well, it, I, I mean, I have to go, I have Defense Against the Dark Arts. See you at a lunch,” Harry said and quickly ran away. „Ookay, that was strange,” I said. „Forget it baby, what are we going to do? Well, first, we have to flick away this not so handsome man next to me,” Fred asked, when he put an arm around me. I laughed and patted his hand. „Sure we are Freddie.” „You know, ______, you are really small,” Fred said. I frowned. „______, Fred´s right, you are wearing high heels and you are still about a head smaller then me,” George agreed with his twin. „Come on guys, are we going to talk about my height or are we going to do something fun!” I shouted. They laughed. „Minikin, you are spending time with two main pranksters of this school, do you honestly think you are going to be bored?” „Tell me a name of our next victim.” „Severus Snape,” said both of them. „Just show me who it is,” I smirked. They led me through the corridors to his office. „Hide there, I´ll call him outside, so you can see who he is,” Fred ordered me with a smirk. Me and George hid behide a big sculpture. Fred knocked on a big black door. A minute after tall black haired man opened it. He had yellowish skin, black eyes, black robe, extremely oily hair and unbelievably huge crooked nose. „Yes?” he said so quietly that it was almost impossible to hear him. „Professor Snape, I was wondering if you could borrow me some papers,” Fred asked. Snape just glared at him and slammed his door. Me and George came from our bolt hole. „Guys, are you sure he is not a vampire? Or zombie? Or some other discusting thing?” „Don´t worry hunny. So, what are we going to do?” I thought for a minute. „Can you guys do some charms and give me several muggle bouncy balls?” „No problem, ______, but..” „George, give it to me or go away.” Fred laughed and swished his wand, while George pretended to be hurt. „Okay, thank you Freddie, now guys, hide and watch a master,” I smirked. Both of them hid behind the same sculpture, I was hiding before. Just in the time, because in a next second Severus Snape walked out of his office. I immediately started to throw bouncy balls at him shouting: „Go Pikachu go!” He frozed for a moment, which I and guys took an advantage from, and quickly ran away. As we were far away from there, in a safe, we looked at each other and bursted out laughing. „Honestly ______, I have no idea who or what is Pikachu, but look on his face was priceless!” Fred managed to say between laugh. „Nevermind, Fred, nevermind,” I said. „Who is our next victim?” George asked with a big grin on his lips. „Georgie, don´t be so hurried, I will be here for the rest of this year. We have bunch of time!” I explained. Both guy looked sad. I laughed. „Oh, guys, don´t be sad, auntie ______ is here for you.” „And you´ll do anything to make me feel better?” „Sure, George, I will.” „Okay, then kiss me!” „Well..no.” „Why not?” „Because I said so.” „George, sorry, she is mine girl and she can´t kiss my twin brother,” Fred joined the conversation. „Guys, let´s make this clear. I am not anyone´s girl and I´m not going to kiss anyone, right?” They both made puppy eyes in the same moment. „Georgie, Freddie, you are too cute,” I smiled and kissed both their cheeks. They grinned. „Now help me find Hermione.” „Why?” „Here we are again,” I mumbled, „because I said so!” „She has class with Umbridge. Harry went there. You´ll probably meet at lunch.” Fred explained me. „Oh, I completely forgot about it. So, let´s go eat!” I said and we made our way to the Great Hall. I couldn’t wait to tell grandfather about wait had happened with Harry’s wand, but it would half to wait until the right time.
  11. Two Weasley twins and me came to the Gryffindor´s table and sat down. We chatted for a several minutes, when I saw Hermione entered the hall, also with Ron, Harry and Neville. I quickly ran to her and hugged her tightly. „Bloody hell, ______, slow it down,” Ron said. „Hermione, I am so sorry, I shouldn´t get angry at you, you just said you opinion, I..” „Oh, _____, that´s alright. Don´t worry about it,” Hermione smiled and stroked my back. I pulled away. „Are you sure?” „Definitely!” I grinned. „Okay then.” Hermione and me laughed and returned back to Fred and George. „Whoa, ______, you shouldn´t eat that much sugar, you can´t sit on one place, you have to run and hug random people!” „Shut up George. How was your class, guys?” I asked. „Awesome,” sarcastically said Harry. „Brilliant,” said Ron and rolled his eyes. „Really good, how was your day?” Hermione smiled. „Couldn´t have been better! I´ve kis..I mean, I had so much fun!” „Did I get it right? You´ve kissed someone?” asked Fred with a smirk. I blushed. „Well..Oh, my grandfather came, be right back,” I said quickly and went to the headmaster. He saw me and smiled at me. „Hello dear, what happened?” he asked. „Nothing, I just wanted to say hey to my only family related. Is it forbidden?” „Of course not. Anyway I have a present for you, it is already in your room. I´m sure you´ll like it.” My face brighten up. „Present? I love you, grandpa!” „Also, I have to talk to you about your behavior. Severus and Minerva adumbrated me you´re not very polite to them.” „Me? You know me, I am an angel,” I said innocently and made an imaginare halo above my head. My grandfather laughed, but I could see his face became serious. „______, just be nice to them, right?” „Yes sir!” My face became serious, “I need to talk to you about something when can I see you in privet?” He tought for a moment “ Just tell me now.” "" Grandpa, I’m a wizard.” I said when I finished telling him about what happened with Harry’s wand. “Well ______, we are going to get you a wand. I will let you know when we can go buy one. But for now, don’t tell anyone, okay? “Got it.” I sayed “Good. Now, don’t call me, I’ll call you!” He said as he walked way. I laughed and returned back to my seat. „I´m starving!” Ron said just as I sat down. „Ronald, you are always hungry, it´s nothing unussual,” Hermione retorted. „I absolutely understand you, hunny,” I smiled at him and put some food on my plate. „I still don´t get it. You eat so much, but you look so great. That´s definitely not fair,” said Ginny as she sat next to Harry. I noticed she blushed when she accidentaly touched Harry´s arm. I felt hint of jealousness, which was extremely strange, since I didn´t have feelings for him. I had to admit he was very cute guy and we got along pretty well, but no, he was just a friend. A friend I knew for few days, but felt like I had know him for ages. „Hello, earth to______,” George shouted. „Oh, I´m sorry, I wasn´t listening, what were you talking about?” „About a welcoming party for you, Miss.” „Yes!” I screamed probably too loud, because people were turning around to realize who was screaming. I blushed a little and grinned. „Please! I want a party! I need it like a breath!” Everyone laughed at me. „Okay, just calm down baby, you will have a huge party. Or maybe not so huge, but definitely the best.” „Thank you love!” After the lunch, Hermione walked with me to the common room, because she forgot something. But I knew she was only doing it so I didn´t get lost again. When she left for her lesson I ran to my room, wondering what kind of present grandpa could give me. I smiled wildy when I saw my Ipod laying on the bed. I immediately put the earphones into my ears and pushed play button. Survivor´s voice started to sing Eye of the Tiger. I squeeled. I loved my Ipod and I couldn´t live without it longer then few days. I lied on my bed and opened one of my favourite book, A Walk To Remember. I read for two hours, when I started to be bored. I put away the book and Ipod and walked out of the room. In common room there were some younger students, so I made my way outside. I knew I´ll probably get lost, but I didn´t care. I somehow managed to get out of castle. I was standing on the cold air for a few minutes. I didn´t even realize it was end of the September. During day it was quite warm, but now, when sun was slowly going down, it was clearly cold. I shivered and returned back to the castle, when someone stood in my way. It was no other then Draco Malfoy.

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