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  • Give me a second I
    I need to get my story straight
    My friends are in the bathroom
    getting higher than the empire state
    my lover she is waiting for me
    just across the bar
    My seat's been taken by some sunglasses
    asking 'bout a scar
    and I know I gave it to you months ago
    I know you're trying to forget
    but between the drinks and subtle things
    the holes in my apologies
    you know I'm trying hard to take it back
    so if by the time the bar closes
    and you feel like falling down
    I'll carry you home
    We are young
    So let's set the world on fire
    We can burn brighter
    than the sun
    we are young
    so let's set the world on fire
    we can burn brighter
    than the sun
    Now I know that I'm not
    all that you got
    I guess that I

    I just thought maybe we could find a ways to fall apart

    But our friends are back
    So let's raise a toast
    Cause I found someone to carry me home
    xD Best lyrics xD

  • @zoed444 - Thank you so much!

    @Sage Parson - Haha! Well, I haven't written a lot of Fred and George, so I really need to work on that! And it's alright! Take the time to read it next time!

    @AiFiahK3m E - SORRY :( Yeah, I was going to make him stay but something came up and I think Robbie has like a bromance with Oliver or something like that! Haha! We'll find out!

    @miumiutheemu - Hehe! Thanks! Neville was really cute and I love the best friend romance because there's a certain point where they will make you cry buckets!

    @Horsel uver - I thought you would like this one! :)

    @Faith - Wow, thank you so much! Your comment really surprised me when I woke up! Wow, everything in 2 days!? Thank you for your comments, I do the best I can to make my series special for all of you and when this series come to an end, it will be very emotional for me as well but I'll keep writing! Haha! I have to get other series up too!

  • @Obssions0112 - I'm glad the emotions in this story affected you! Haha! It's okaaay, we're all entitled to our own opinion! And thank you so much! I know, Ron not being a jerk is an accomplishment!

    @Jayla - Yeeep! I'm writing again, however I'll stop when I have something major coming up. Thank you so much! and LOL, well then and I think you should read the special before part 42! :)

    @ilyvolleybal l - Wow, you are one fast speedy reader. I probably have at least 50+ parts to Hogwarts Love Story alone. But thank you so much for your support! :$ Sorry, I would write every day if it was the summer (but I'll probably get a job in the summer, so I'm restricted to writing) Aweeee, thank you so much :$

  • This is too amazing g! Xnxkdnkdn can't wait for the next one!

    I so love Oliver, and I can't wait to see what happens with that! I love how everything is tying together, and the understanding in it! Urg, I can't wait for the next edition! Neville was super sweet as always, and I actually liked Ron in this one! Especially remembering what he said during that point-of-view edition! Anyways, this was so...


  • @Calypso1315 - Hehe! I know! And let's think about how Robbie always wants Oliver to stay with him. Maybe, Robbie and Oliver are really close friends and then all of a sudden _____ appear. I'm glad you like Neville and LOL, yes Draco, Hurry! and YES, A FLASHBACK WITH YOUR PARENTS :)

    @Aria - Thank you so much! Hehe, Neville is such a cutie! I couldn't help but have a whole new love of him while writing this and I know, Oliver keeps moving and LOL, that tweet!

    @Hogwarts Love - Thanks girl! I can't wait for your next release, no seriously, I really can't wait ._. and haha I'm amazed how it ties together, I really didn't imagine this. Hehe, thanks again :$

    @amazingfulyw eird - YESS! Well, it doesn't stop! You can read the flashback that I just released ;)

    @xxblutixx - LOL! I know! I think that's one of the options I had, that moment was Ron was just amazing! I think he deserves an award. I'm glad that you like Neville but it's sad how the best friend is always last when it comes to love. Well, the next one is up ;)

    @5thMaruader - Oliver is leaving sweetie, sorry but I really don't know how I thought of it but he can't stay but I know Oliver knows that you love him!

  • A moment of silence to let it sink in that Ron actually did a kind act and we did not fight o.o ... okay moment done, now let me go on to how much kinder Neville is. Wait, I can't because there just is no comparison, and he's just too cute XD He's always been there since Year 1 and is just so sweet and understanding that he lives through being in the friend zone just to stay close to me. That's adorable but makes me sad that the I don't see it. You can't wait for the next one? WE can't wait times 10 XD

  • My J.K. Rowling Merlin! I love Oliver, he can't leave, not just yet but seriously, everytime I think of Oliver now, I think of Sean's tweet "Who the beep is one direction?" xD Oh my broomsticks! Neville is so understanding and cute, and I honor him. He's always there for me, ALWAYS! J'adore!

    And what the flashback? xD

  • Okay, before I respond to all of you!

    I just want to let you know, I released the flashback and it's called "Hogwarts Love Story Special - _______'s flashback" Yeep! A special which means it'll be told in ____'s point of view! I hope you enjoy!

  • This quiz is wrong. I got Cedric. Not Fred and George. Lol! :)

    JK! This is amazing!! I didn't have time to read it through. I was in a hurry to go somewhere, so I skimmed it. ;)

    My friends (who cannot be here at the moment) love your quizzes as always. And my brother, also thinks they're fun to read (he doesn't take them).

    Can't wait for next part!!
    Until then, Chao!! :)

    Sage Parson
  • Neville. AWWWW! This basically had me almost squealing at his adorableness. By almost I mean so much that I'm glad nobody was standing behind me.

    And Ron! *faints*

  • omg omg i started this series not to long ago so they were all up already and now that ive caught up with your writing its killing me to wait! D: I think you are just the most amazing person on all of gotoquiz nattuhleegayle!!!!

  • I'm crying, that just killed me! I love Neville so freaking much, is it bad i sort of want Oliver gone though? He's getting too attatched again and I just don't want to hurt him. Any way great job and Ron was a jerk!!!


    I thought Oliver was going to stay?! DAMMIT! I have a small suspection that he's only saying that so Robbie will stop bothering him, but what do I know? Probably just wishful thinking, but still...

  • This quiz was amazing as usual. Great work! But why is Oliver leaving? :( He adds so much drama and passion to everything.

  • Omg this series is on my FAVORITE list I read all 41 chapters of the series in 2days it's just AMAZING this is the first Hogwarts story I've ever read and I'm addicted to anything that has to do with Hogwarts. This series should be made into a book cause it's so FANTASTIC you should be a professional writer it has so much emotion i love all the guys their all so sweet specially Draco you make it so hard to pick a guy one minute i think i like Oliver the next i like Draco why cant they all be put together for a perfect guy anyways the series is so specific i just have to LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !! When this series ends im going to cry my eyes out the series is just to GOOD to end (now im crying )YOU BETTER MAKE THE NEXT CHAPTER SOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOON PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!

  • Holy shi....taki mushrooms. YOU WOULD END IT THERE.

    First, Robbie, go die in a hole!! I love Oliver!!!

    Second, Neville is so fudging cute..my best buddy!!!

    Third, HURRY DRACO!!
    Last, Oh. My. God.

  • This is great!! I love it!! In about 4 days I've read your Hogwarts story (that you've posted) and i just love it!! Please keep posting it!!!

  • OMG,I LOVE OLIVER!! and Aria,I love that song...especially the glee version -_-

    I'm so happy Oliver's staying ^_^ But was 'I' saying I don't love him? Cuz thats sheer madness.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to say something about Ron. I appreciate his strange kindness xD

  • I emailed you another one. I changed my mind about murdering her XD if she does that,

  • Sorry, I'm spamming...I'm just bored, waiting for people to send in entries....I have a boring life.

  • I got Harry.p is his nick name Harry.p oh well I'm calling him that anyway, anywho ur a great writer keep it up

  • Wait Nat....wait just a second....Is _____ gonna....OH YOU ARE BLOODY KIDDING ME. The first thing 'I' am gonna remember is my horrible parents?!


  • Aw, Neville! I wanted to cry when I read this! He's the sweetest guy ever!

  • YES YOU'RE WRITING AGAIN XD! Can't wait for the next part and NEVILLE IS WAY TOO NICE! And robbie and Draco are idiots and thats about it can't wait for part 42


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