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  • @hp4evr I absolutely adored 'The Fault in Our Stars' -- I'm going to see the film once the school term has finished (just two more weeks to hold on for!!), and I'm certain I'll be crying over that film! I too adored Sirius Black. His death, along with Remus Lupin's, were two that I thought rather unnecessary. I contemplated not killing off Sirius in this series merely for my own gratification, but I thought that it deviated a little too farm from the original plot to handle. How would Bellatrix then tempt and taunt Harry at the Burrow in the sixth book?! I decided it wouldn't work, but I very seriously considered it.

    Your terseness is forgiven!! I have part 35 halfway written, so it will NOT be six months before I update again, trust me!!

  • I'm glad to see you've finally updated! It just made my day, and it's not merely a rhetorical statement. :P

    Just after finishing The Fault in Our Stars, it was a bit whelming to reread the scene of Sirius' death. I remember crying over those pages, and I wondered why Rowling decided to kill him. He's my favourite Harry Potter character, so I was a bit disheartened by his death.

    There were a lot of details, as usual, and I loved how you artfully recreated those scenes with your own additions. I want to leave a detailed comment, but I'm very tired at the moment. So, I apologise for my terseness! Although I think I can still say I love your writing, and I can't wait to get more!

  • @music826 Yes, she most certainly is!! Her unplanned hiatus has ended, and there won't be another. Oh, God -- I've just started talking about myself in the third person... :( That's never good. Ah, I'm sorry about those six months, music! I think the only knew character in here was Rebecca Gardener, who has it out for Cailey (the main character). Created by the wonderfully talented @hp4evr!!


  • She's back! :D I really missed your updates. There were a few parts I didn't quite remember (meaning the new characters), but I suppose that's what six months does to my memory. :P

    I don't really know what to add (and @hp4evr said SHE was terse). I can't wait for part 35!


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