Hogwarts Love Story pt 34

Six months after part thirty-three, part thirty-four is out! I promise never to leave it this long again. Ever. Summer is soon, so updates should be more regular!

Last part, Harry told Cailey, Ron and Hermione that he'd seen a vision of Voldermort torturing Sirius. It's the Department of Mysteries this time round, so enjoy!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. *vulturemonem* So... It's been six months since I last saw y'all... And that right there is how preoccupied I've been. But strangely enough, it was actually because I suddenly lost all inspiration for this that I haven't updated for so long. Never fear - I'm back now!! Enjoy this part, and just to remind you, the last part was left when Harry told Ron, Hermione and Cailey that Sirius had been taken by Voldermort. Remember?
  2. All three of us stared at Harry open-mouthed as he told us about the dream he'd had whilst in the exam, and he and Hermione promptly began to argue. Within a mere ten minutes, however, Ginny had formulated a plan to get Harry into Umbridge's office so that he could see whether or not Sirius was still at Grimmauld Place. Ginny and I stood guiding people away from the area in front of Umbridge's office, and I heard the familiar sound of the door opening and closing as Harry and Hermione headed inside, beneath the invisibility cloak. For a blissful few seconds, both Ginny and I were convinced that everything was fine, and that Harry and Hermione would come back out in perfect health. But then there was a triumphant sound from behind us. I spun around, only to find myself face-to-face with Pansy Parkinson, with Umbridge and several other members of her vile squad behind her. "You!" Umbridge crowed. "I knew it!" I shot Ginny a panicked look, but Umbridge pushed past us and waddled into her office, the expression on her face showing a strange mix between victorious and enraged. "Take the Weasley girl," Draco barked, appearing suddenly. "You can bet you'll find more of them around here. I'll take this one." Draco latched his fingers onto my arm and made to drag me towards Umbridge's office, but stopped suddenly, giving me a long hard look. "Get out of here, Cailey." "But"”" "Just go." "She'll know that you let me go." "Whatever. It doesn't matter." "Yes, it does, and you know it. Draco, I'm really, really sorry about this." Taking my wand from inside my robes, I shot a carefully-aimed hex at his face, causing it to blotch and swell instantly. As Draco let out a roar, I ran, sprinting up the stairs and towards the only place I could think of to find help. There was only one person that could help us at all now. And while I hated all the danger Cedric out himself in by helping the Order and the aurors in the Ministry, he was the only person left at Hogwarts that could contact them - save for Snape. I slammed my fist against the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room, hollering at them like some crazed woman. And I most probably was. To be fair, though, my best friends had been dragged into Umbridge's office, and were probably being interrogated by that insane toad. The face of some random Hufflepuff girl in the third year appeared in front of me, and I asked her to get Cedric. She gave me a terrified look, but Cedric appeared in the doorway a matter of seconds later. "What's wrong?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. Quickly, I told him all that had occurred since our last exam had finished. Cedric cursed in a way I'd never heard him curse before. "Language!" I said, eyes wide. "Cailey, don't you get it?" "Of course I do! But"”" "She has no more veriterserum. She used it all up on students last week, remember?" "So what's she going to use?" I asked, dread filling me. "That's what I'm afraid of," Cedric muttered, looking down the corridors left and right as though checking for people - most probably the Inquisitorial Squad. "Let's go." He grabbed my hand and tugged me towards the staircase. "Where are we going?" "You're going to Umbridge's office. I'm going to get help." "No! I'm staying with you," I argued, not giving a damn that I sounded like a petulant child as I spoke. I didn't want Cedric to go gallivanting off into danger again. "Cay, trust me, please." He implored me with his soft grey eyes, so with a reluctant nod, I agreed, and walked - apparently nonchalantly - towards Crabbe.
  3. "Ah ha! Come here!" Crabbe called me something that made me flinch as he grabbed my shoulders with his pudgy hands, and began to drag me towards Umbridge's office. Just as we reached the door, Snape came out, looking preoccupied. And that was when it occurred to me that Cedric was going to walk straight into the enemy's den and demand that Snape help us. I could only hope that Snape wasn't immune to Cedric's persuasive tones. Snape's lip curled when he spotted me, and pushed the door open for Crabbe to escort me in. Umbridge paid us no attention to us as we walked in, but I felt my stomach drop as she decided to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry. "No!" I shouted, struggling against Crabbe's firm grip. "You can't! That's illegal!" "This is a matter of Ministry security, not some mere school wrongdoing," Umbridge stated calmly, moving towards Harry. "Stop!" Hermione shrieked. "Stop! Harry - we have to tell her!" "Tell me what?" Umbridge snapped. "Have you gone insane?" I hollered, turning to Hermione wildly as she began to sob. "What the heck is wrong with you?" Everyone, myself included, was staring at Hermione as though seeing her for the first time. I really, truly hoped that she was planning something. As Umbridge hauled her over to a chair and began to talk to her in what was clearly supposed to be a motherly tone, I noticed that although Hermione appeared to be sobbing into her hands, there wasn't a trace of a tear on her face. "You've been developing a weapon?" Umbridge asked eagerly. "And it's ready?" "Y-yes," Hermione choked. "Well where is it?" "I'll have to show you," Hermione whispered. "Very well, very well. Let's take Mr Potter too, shall we?" Draco shot Hermione a vile look as Umbridge lead the pair from the room, a look of pure triumph on her face. "What is she planning?" Pansy growled, leering over at me. "I have no idea," I spat, "and if you're delusional enough to think otherwise, then you're as stupid as you look." "Thirty points from"”" "Oh, cut it out, will you?" Ginny snapped. "We don't care anymore. You've taken all the meaning out of the Houses."
  4. There were several seconds of silence, during which I realised that I was the only member of the DA in that room that still had a wand. I caught Ginny's eye across the room, and saw her hand inching towards where Millicent had tucked Ginny's wand into her robes. My fingers closed around my own wand, and it spun round, stunning Crabbe instantly. Before the rest of the Slytherins could fight back, Neville, Ron and Luna had all hit them with a variety of curses. Ron stepped sideways towards where Ginny was smirking down at Draco, who seemed to have giant bat-bogies attacking him. "Nice," Ron commented, "although I'd have"”" I interrupted him swiftly. "Shouldn't we be looking for Harry and Hermione?" "We don't know where they went," Ginny said. "I do," Luna stated serenely. "Look. They're going into the forest." We all crowed around the windows, and sure enough I could see the stout form of Umbridge following the slimmer bodies of Harry and Hermione. "Where are they going?" Ron asked, frowning. "I really hope that my guess is wrong," I muttered. I turned to the others. "The only thing in there that Hermione would dare approach - no matter what the situation - is Grawp." "Oh, great," Ron snapped. "Just great. Let's go." "Oh, I don't think so," said a cold, too-familiar voice from the doorway. I turned round, dread filling me, and found myself face-to-face with Rebecca Gardener. I tightened my grip on my wand, jaw clenching as I looked at her vile, lying face. And to think, if it wasn't for Draco tipping me off about her that day in Hogsmead it was possible that I'd still think her my friend. "Move out the way," I ordered her tightly. "No. I'm not done with you, Cailey Rivers." Rebecca tipped her head upwards slightly, raising her wand. "Impedimenta!" squeaked the terrified voice of Neville. Rebecca jerked sideways and froze. God, I could have kissed Neville. "Excellent!" Ron said, clapping his hands. "Now, shall we go?" Ginny asked, smiling victoriously.
  5. It didn't take us long to find Harry and Hermione, but it took even less time for arguments about who was coming to break out. I rolled my eyes at Harry when he attempted to persuade us to stay behind. "How dim can you be?" I asked, laughing slightly. "Do you actually think you'll be able to find Sirius and fight off Voldermort on your own? If Voldermort is there - or even if he's not - there will probably be a a few Death Eaters there. Besides, you've been teaching us how to fight off these guys, right? That was the whole point." "Yes, but"”" "You're not the only person to have lost loved ones at Voldermort's hand. Neville's parents. My brother. And we are all going to be affected by this in the coming years. So why, pray tell, do you think you have the authority to stop us coming?" Harry stared at me for a moment, and I glared at him. "Fine," Harry sighed. "Fine. But how are we getting there?" "We fly," Luna said. "There are only three of us with brooms that aren't locked up," Hermione said impatiently. "There are other ways of flying." Luna nodded towards where three Thestrals were walking towards us. "Of course," Harry breathed, moving towards one. It took only a few minutes for several more to appear, and Hermione, Ginny and Ron were helped on as they fumbled blindly for the creatures. Flying on a broomstick was most definitely more enjoyable, but the Thestrals got us to the visitor's entrance of the Ministry speedily enough.
  6. As we entered into the Ministry, we came to a selection of doors, which spun round, disorientating us all. My heart lurched as I caught the flash of uncertain fear on Harry's face, but tried the various doors along with the rest of my friends. I felt almost sick when I opened a door to reveal a large selection of human brains. "I know what they are!" Luna said excitedly. "Aquavirius Maggots! Dad said"”" "They're brains," I said, interrupting her. "Human brains." I closed the door firmly, and turned back to attempting to find the correct door. Eventually, we found ourselves inside an enormous room filled with rows upon rows of shimmering, smoky glass spheres. A strange feeling came over me as I heard indistinct murmurings to my left; I spun around to see an archway, a substance that looked almost like that in a Pensive swirling around in it. "Let's go," Hermione called anxiously. I noticed that Harry seemed to be in a strange trance. I touched my fingertips to his shoulder, urging him to move. We followed the rows of spheres along until we reached row ninety-seven. Sirius wasn't there. "Maybe the next row?" Hermione suggested. "Maybe," Harry said in a strange voice. I, however, had a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that Sirius wasn't here at all. But if he wasn't here, then why had Harry seen that vision of him? What if"” "Harry, this one has your name on it," Ron said, pointing to one of the spheres slightly to my left. I drew closer to it, standing beside Harry, and saw the inscriptions on it along with a date, some sixteen years previously. I frowned at the question mark in front of Harry's name. What did that mean? "Don't touch it," Hermione said. "I really, really don't think it's a good idea to touch that." But Harry paid no attention to her. Instead, he reached up and wrapped his fingers around the glass orb, looking for all the world like he was feeling incredibly reckless. For several seconds, absolutely nothing happened as Harry held the ball, turning it over in his hand. He blew some of the dust off it, and we all stared as the smoky substance that seemed to be trapped inside it swirled more quickly. Then a drawling voice spoke behind us: "Very good, Potter. Now give that to me."
  7. As we all turned around, I found myself looking at Lucius Malfoy, a vindictive smirk on his face. Black shapes were emerging out of thin air all around us, blocking our way left and right; eyes glinted through slits in hoods, and a dozen lit wand tips were pointing directly at us. For the first time since I'd entered into Umbridge's office all that time ago, my thoughts flickered to Cedric. Guilt filled me as I realised that I'd forgotten all about him, and had gone blundering off to the Department of Mysteries without sparing him a second of thought. His skills in combat would have been exceedingly helpful about then. I was snapped back to the present as Bellatrix Lestrange came out from the shadows and cackled. "It's time you learnt the difference between reality and dreams, Potter," Lucius Malfoy whispered. So Voldermort had realised the connection between his mind and Harry's. He had planted that image in Harry's head to lure him into the Department of Mysteries just to get some stupid prophecy for him, knowing that Harry would try to save Sirius. I felt sick to my stomach. We should have listened to Hermione when she pointed out that Harry had a saving-people thing. Because now it was too late, and Death Eaters were appearing around us at an incredible speed. We were completely surrounded. "When I saw now," Harry muttered, "smash the shelves." Genius. As Harry continued to bide us time, I tightened my grip on my wand again, and fixed my gaze on the shelves slightly to my right. "Now!" Harry yelled. "Reducto!" Shelves around us collapsed and teetered dangerously. Luna appeared to have frozen in front of me, but I grabbed the back of her robes and hauled her along with me, to where the others were running to. Hermione waved her wand and opened the door; I threw myself forwards before her, and she sealed the door shut as we all collapsed through.
  8. "What do we do now?" Hermione asked fiercely. "We can't stay here," Harry said. We froze as we heard the sounds of Death Eaters on the other side of the door, and dived under the desks situated in the room. I saw the black robes of a Death Eater, and the sudden sound of 'stupefy!' filled my ears as two Death Eaters fell to the floor, unconscious. "Come on," Harry said, "we need to move." Hermione, Neville and I followed Harry, and I noted with a stab of worry that the others weren't with us. "Where are everyone else?" I asked in a whisper. "They must have gone the wrong way," Hermione said anxiously. The door burst open suddenly, and Dolohov shot a spell straight at Hermione. She fell sideways, unconscious, but I caught her shoulders before she could hit her head on the floor. "Impedimenta!" I roared, shooting my hand at Dolohov with a flick of my wrist. "Is she ok?" Harry asked, looking to Hermione. "Just unconscious. We're near the exit, aren't we?" I asked, glancing around us. "Yes. Neville, take Hermione and"”" The door burst open yet again, this time revealing the forms of Ginny, Ron and Luna. I frowned as I took in the giggling state that Ron was in. "What happened?" I asked, looking at Ginny, who seemed to be wincing. Luna replied: "I'm not sure. Malfoy shot a spell at Ron, and he seems to have gone rather giddy. I think Ginny broke her ankle." Ginny nodded, and slipped to the floor with a hiss of pain. "Don't move, Ginny," I said. "Ferula," I muttered, splinting Ginny's ankle. She stood up gingerly, thanked me, and looked across at Ron as he reached towards the tank of brains. Ugh. Suddenly, a door was blown open once again, and several Death Eaters poured in. I felt a hand grasp around my shoulders and I wrestled to get free, but whoever was holding me had me tightly. "Give me the prophecy, now," Lucius ordered coldly, glaring at Harry, "or watch your friends die."
  9. Out of nowhere, the unharmed form of Sirius Black whirled into existence and slammed his shoulder into Dolohov, who was holding Neville. As I watched, stunned, members of the Order of the Phoenix appeared around us. Remus waved his wand towards Hermione and Neville, and Tonks shot a stunning spell at the Death Eater holding Ron. I saw Sirius with Harry as they fought a Death Eater together, taking intermittent shelter behind a rock. The Death Eater holding onto my upper arms with bruising force became a sudden dead weight against me. I kicked back against him to get free, and picked up my wand from where it had dropped onto the floor. I turned around, planning on thanking whoever had stunned the Death Eater, when I saw the enraged face of Cedric giving me the coldest, angriest look I had ever seen on his face. "Move," he ordered roughly. He tossed spells left and right as we moved through the warring wizards and witches, and I saw, for the first time, how viscous a wizarding battle was. Cedric pulled me behind a large rock, his grey eyes flashing as he looked at me. "What were you thinking?" he hissed. "How could you have been so stupid as to come here, and on your own?" "I wasn't on my own," I retorted, "and I'm not a child. So stop treating me like one." "You think six teenagers can fight off this many Death Eaters?" Cedric snapped. "Did you stop to think about what could have - would have - happened to you all if the Order hadn't shown up?" "No," I murmured, feeling ashamed. "I assume we have you to thank for that?" "Hardly. Snape knew exactly what Harry had told him, and contacted the rest of the Order immediately." "So why are you here?" I asked, feeling anger well inside me again. "You're still at school too." "But I've been working with the Order for the last year! I have training! You don't! And I"” Petrificus totalus!" Cedric shot spells at several Death Eaters approaching us. "Go, Cailey. Find Harry and go. Get yourself out of here." "Not without you," I said, shaking my head. "I'm not going to lose you here. Now please, go." "Cedric"”" I threw myself sideways as a stray curse flew our way. Shooting Cedric a final glance, I stood up and began to run to where I could see Harry duelling with another Death Eater. I saw the power flashing in his green eyes as he glared at the Death Eater with a fiery hatred, and realised that I was watching one of the greatest wizards there would be.
  10. As Harry threw off the Death Eater, I sucked in a stunned gasp. For appearing out of one of the fireplaces, silvery hair blowing as he walked, was Albus Dumbledore. His face was white and furious as the Death Eaters began to scramble and make a run for it. Dumbledore pulled one back and flicked him to the side with a casual swipe of his wand. Only one pair were still duelling, and only one pair had yet to realise that Dumbledore had appeared. Sirius was jeering at Bellatrix as they fought, and red light was flashing from both their wand tips. "Come on!" Sirius called. "You can do better than that!" And then Bellatrix, face a strange mixture between sadistic pleasure and contorted fury, she twirled her wand in the air and shot a straight jet of green light at Sirius' chest. His body curved strangely as he fell, and Harry, beside me, was staring at Sirius' falling body as his green eyes widened in horror. It seemed to take Sirius a long time to fall, and he disappeared into the swirling mass of voices held within the arch. "Sirius!" Harry hollered from beside me, making to move towards the arch. I grabbed his arm with both hands as I attempted to haul him back. "Harry, he's gone. He's"”" "HE IS NOT DEAD!" Harry roared. "Sirius!" "Stop," I murmured, holding Harry's shoulders tightly as I began to move backwards towards where I could see Cedric duelling Lucius Malfoy in front of Neville - clearly, Lucius had broken free of Dumbledore's restraints. "Harry, stop." Harry's body sagged suddenly against me, and I let out a breath I hadn't realised I was holding. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "I"”" But Harry had sprung to life again, and had ripped himself from my grasp as he lunged towards where Bellatrix Lestrange stood taunting him. "I will kill her!" Harry screamed, running.
  11. *vulturemonem* Hello again. Just to say that I hope to have the next part out soon - it's partway done already. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this part!

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