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  • I have to admit that I'm normally a Draco fan, but those moments with Harry and Cedric were tugging at me a bit. Maybe this edition was a bit harder to write than usual for you, but I enjoyed it just as much as I always do. I'm very much looking forward to the coming year and those surprises you mentioned earlier. ;)

    Oh, and just to be clear, I only wake up before noon for school and work. Under no circumstances is nine o'clock "sleeping in". XD

    • all of that same an really looking forward to suprizes

  • It might have been difficult for you to write, but your smooth writing proved otherwise and its one of those editions I truly enjoyed. I'm a Draco fan myself (though I never understood why? Maybe I need some brain testing! xD) but those scenes with Harry and Cedric were heartfelt and developed a soft corner in my heart for Cedric. When I first read the books, I thought Cedric was just okay, owing to his portrayals in the books and thought it odd when I saw @natuhleegayle had him in her HLS. I admit, I didn't even like him when I read her portrayal in her quizzes but I believe her books might have softened me a bit and now after reading this, I think I'm starting to like him. :p

    Anyways, great edition and I'm eagerly waiting for the next part!


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