Hogwarts Love Story pt 17

Here is part 17, and it's a little different. There is a section in 'your' point of view in a weird and whacky way, and a section in Cedric' point of view.

Here is part 17, and it's a little different. There is a section in 'your' point of view in a weird and whacky way, and a section in Cedric' point of view.

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. Faintly, you heard a horn blare. You floated above the four bodies tied below you, and found you recognised them by face. By name you could name them all. You were vaguely aware that the little girl, Gabriella, was the sister of your friend, who was it again? Fleur was the first name that came to mind... You drifted through the lake, not seeming to need to stay near your body. You spotted things you could name, and things you'd never seen before. Suddenly, you felt a ripple through the water somewhere to your left. You saw Harry swimming thought the water, sending red sparks and Grindylows behind him. You followed him until you came back to the place you rested at. You watched his face, which was contorted in a mixture of rage, and horror. He touched Ron's hand first, then moved to the brown-haired girl, and finally yourself. He looked to Gabriella too, but didn't touch her. He swan back a few metres, pulling out his wand as he did so, and aimed it at Ron's feet. If you looked carefully, you could see the plant vines holding him to a wooden pole. You spotted it on every victim's ankles. Suddenly, Harry froze, listening. You cocked your head to the side and listened too. "Unfortunately," came the unmistakeable voice of Dumbledore, "Miss Delacour has been forced to retire, and will not complete this task." You froze. You looked to Gabriella, who looked even smaller next to Ron, and your breath caught in your throat. Harry looked to Gabriella too, but was interrupted from his thoughts by a whoosh of water.
  2. You searched for the source of the disturbance, and saw a Mer man holding a trident, which was suddenly against Harry's throat. "Only one," he hissed in a strangled, hoarse voice. "I have to," Harry gasped. He pulled his wand out and moved away from the Mer man again. The man watched him closely, but continued patrolling the scene with a watchful eye. You followed the man with your eyes, when another disturbance carried through the water. You looked to Cedric, whose lower face was covered with the bubblehead charm. He swan straight to you, wearing a similar expression to that in which Harry had worn. He tapped his watch with his wand once he ad Harry's attention. Harry nodded at him. Cedric shot a silent spell at the binds to your feet, and caught you around the waist before you floated away. Your vision blurred, and you mind seemed to return to your body at Cedric's touch. The last unconcsious thought you had, was wondering why Harry was bothering with Gabriella, Dumbledore had told you she wouldn't die...
  3. Cedric's POV
  4. I glanced across at Harry, who was on the platform beside me. He looked as uncomfortable as I felt. None of us had any idea what was down their, but I hadn't found ___ this morning, and I was worried. "Harry," I hissed. "What?" he asked, glancing to me. "Do you know where ___ is?" I asked, concern apparent in my voice. "No, but Ron and Hermione aren't here either, I don't get it," he said, his voice trailing off. I had a sudden idea about what was down there, tied to the bottom of the most dangerous place in the Hogwarts grounds. I shivered, and not from the cold. Fleur stood on the other side of me, wringing her hands nervously, jabbering silently in French. Krum stood beside Fleur, his face impassive and cold. I had no idea what Hermione saw in him, but according to ___, she was head over heels. Weird if you ask me. Professor Dumbledore's voice rang out over a microphone, and the stands fell suddenly silent. "Put that in your mouth," Moody growled quietly to Harry. I looked away from the pair, and rested my eyes on the Black Lake. "Champions, something dear to you resides at the bottom of that lake. You have but one hour, to find and retrieve it. Of course, the Black Lake still swarms with unimaginable creatures, and the Mer people are not to be tampered with. The first to surface will win this task. Good luck. To your starting positions!" he declared. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, throwing it to the floor nervously. Harry was choking next to me, and I became concerned about what it was. Had Moody told him to do something dangerous? I hoped not, I quite liked Harry, and I certainly owed him a fair bit. A horn sounded, and three champions dived in neatly. I spotted Harry get pushed in by Moody. I sucked in a lungful of air while in the air, and performed the bubblehead charm. I blew my air out into the bubble, and breathed easily. I saw Fleur also performing the charm a few metres above me. I began to swim down.
  5. For a few minutes, it was easy. I just swan down, avoiding the occasional load of enormous weed, but otherwise it was no trouble. I suppose it was never going to last. I encountered about tweleve Grindylows, all in a group. They swum above me and circled me like I was prey, which I was. They moved down in perfect formation, and attacked me from all sides. I pulled my wand from my pocket with some difficulty, and shot stunning spells at the ones in easy range. My quick fire seemed to scare off the rest. Creatures I'd never seen or learnt of swirled around me, humming a lullaby. I watched them warily, guessing there was more to them than that. Singing demons or something. I was right to be wary. One lept down to my throat with a noise like a strangled cat. It screeched, and took another swip at my face, it's features twisting. I shot a stunning spell at it, but I seemed to have little effect. Confundo, I thought in my head, hoping it would work. I'd never tried that silently, but it worked perfectly, stopping the floaty creature in it's tracks, allowing me to shake it off. Breathing heavily, I swun further down. The light faded a little the further down I went, and I was straining to see when I reached the blanket off weed. Thick and dense, it covered the space in front of me, growing up from what was probably the very bottom of the lake. It seemed to go down forever.
  6. It was then that I heard it. The same words that had come from the egg. The mer people were singing faintly in the distance. I followed the sound, turning this way and that, before realising that I had to go through the weed. I pushed through the first few bits, and found it grazed my skin. I pulled my wand out of my pocket, and moved it away to clear a path with my wand. I turned left, then right several times. I felt like I was going in a circle, but finally, I reached clear water. The water was dark this far down, and I could hear singing below. I stopped suddenly, hearing Dumbledore announce that Fleur wasn't finishing this task, and felt a pang of sympathy for the girl. I swam down, and a pool of light illuminated the scenes below. I saw Harry, wand drawn and pointed to Ron Weasley's feet. I winced when I realised that I was right, and that it was indeed people dear to us that we're tied to the bottom of the lake. I saw Hermione, who was doubtlessly Krum's victim, and Fleur's little sister, Gabriella if memory served. I remembered that Fleur wasn't completing this challenge, so Gabriella wouldn't be saved. I momentarily considered taking Gabriella too, but figured that Dumbledore wouldn't let her die, and that she would slow me down. Ignoring the protests the kindly part of my brain was shouting, I swan to the fourth person, and gasped. It was ___. I suppose I should have known that, for it was definitely a girl, and who else was that dear to me? Storm possibly. I drew level with her, and pointed my wand at the weed binding her down here, freeing her with a green spark. She floated up and left, but I caught her waist before she got far. Harry was watching me, and slowing himself down. I tapped my watch urgently, and then swan off at a much slower pace than before, for ___ was still in her casual clothes, and weighed quite a lot with soaked jeans and a hoodie. I swam up alongside the weed, the swam back over it where it stopped. In the distance, I saw the legs of the stands sitting in the water. I swan over, still quite a way underneath, and stopped about ten metres from the legs. I swam up slowly, feeling both physically and mentally exhausted from the challenge.
  7. I held ___ tightly to my side so that she wasn't so disorientated when she surfaced, as I assumed that was when she would awake. I broke the surface of the water and the bubblehead charm evaporated at the touch of air. I coughed a little, and looked to ___ quickly. She was coughing up lungfulls of water, so I swam with her as I helped her to the side. I placed her hand on the steps, and climbed out before her. I reached down and took her waist gently, lifting her onto dry land. I ignored the cheers I was getting for surfacing first, and looked to ___. If she wasn't ok, I would kill whoever thought up this ridiculous challenge.
  8. Ok! So that's it I'm afraid, thank you for reading this short and rather different edition. Thanks to hp4evr for reading and commenting!
  9. I must recommend @music826 's HLS, they're fantastic!
  10. Thanks for reading once again!

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