Hogwarts Love Story pt 14

Here is part 14 guys! Sorry for the wait, I've been busy on Wattpad! Check out my stories there @vulturemonem . I have part 4 of Don't Gimme Excuses out too! Drop a comment! vulturemonem xX

Here is part 14 guys! Sorry for the wait, I've been busy on Wattpad! Check out my stories there @vulturemonem . I have part 4 of Don't Gimme Excuses out too! Drop a comment! vulturemonem xX

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. My comment replies; I think you might all be in for a shock. Especially those who commented Draco. And the guy who is calling you might not be who you go to the ball with. And Oliver will be at the ball, as will all of the guys. So you'll be with all of them, whoever you 'go' with! Thanks as always to music826, liz_king97 and mcqueen, my regular commenters!
  2. "Draco!" you said, surprised, "Give me a minute!" you said, going into your common room to ditch your bags. "Wait, ___," Harry said, a hand on your arm. You looked up at him. "Yeah?" you asked. "I mean, I just, do you want to go to the ball with me?" he blurted out. "I don't think Justin is a very good dancer," you said softly. He stared at you. "You mean? You think that?" he asked, astounded. "Yes Harry, I do. They were fighting just yesterday," you said, trying to be positive. Though you knew that Ginny would ask Harry. He nodded at you a hugged you. "Thank you ___, thank you," he murmured. You smiled at him and turned on your heel. You spotted Draco arguing with Pansy by the banisters. You caught some. "Hanging out here? Why?" you heard Pansy ask, utterly astonished. "Because I like ___, I want to talk to her," Dracomwas saying. "You what? You like her? Like like? That's disgusting, why don't you go swap houses? No wonder..." she said. But you had had enough. You stalked up and folded your arms over your chest, pursing your lips. "Problem?" you spat at Pansy, disgusted. "You! You theif!" she screeched, running off. You laughed humourlessly at her back and turned back to Draco. "Draco..." you began. "Look, ____, I'm sorry, I really am. I shouldn't have, you know," he gulped nervously, eyes looking to the wand held loosely at your side. Your eyes softened. "Draco..." you tried again. "Don't say it's ok ___, because it isn't ok, not at all," he said, pale face strained and body tensed. "Draco," you said, placing a finger on his lips to silence him, "Come walk with me," you said, holding out your hand. He took it cautiously, still eyeing your wand. You laughed and put it away in your pocket. He relaxed slightly and walked with you down to the lake.
  3. "Draco?" you asked, snapping him out of his trance. It was painful to look at. "____, I do wish you'd just..." he began. You fell back into your cold exterior. "No Draco. I said before, I'm not a coward. Stop it. Please?" you begged him. "It's for your protection ___," he sighed, "But you're just so stubborn. Oh fine," he sighed. You grinned at him. "Did you call me to mope or ask something of actual consequence?" you inquired in a mock posh voice. "Yes, actually. But, I don't deserve it," he began. You rolled your eyes and he continued, taking your other hand. "____, would you do me the honour of going to the ball with me?" he asked, eyes looking into yours for the first time since he'd kissed you. You groaned out loud and let go of his hands, dropping to your knees. "____!" he cried. "Draco! That is the most stupid question you have ever asked!" you said furiously. "Why?" he asked, confused. "Use that brain! It's in your head invade you didn't know. Come off it! Right after you kissed me without my permission, tried to strangle me, and refused to talk to me for a week after you confessed your unreturned love for me?!" you cried, tears streaming down you face now. He stared at you, then reality seemed to slap him in the face. "___, I..." he said. "You're sorry?" you roared, "You're always sorry. Sorry I kissed you, sorry I strangled you, sorry I ignored you, sorry I got your hippogriff beheaded. Et cetera! And name me one time that I haven't forgiven you?" you demanded. He looked blankly at your tear-streaked face. "Exactly! But now Draco, it isn't good enough! You ask that of me. You seem to expect to be able to get away with anything. But you can't just say sorry and expect that to be it Draco! You..." you began, but you broke down in tears again. "What's going on here Malfoy?" asked a gruff, cross voice that you didn't immediately recognise. Draco said nothing. "Out!" the voice roared. You heard retreating footsteps of Draco, "bye ___," he muttered. "Miss Rivers?" asked the voice. Then you heard the mechanical whizz of a fake eye. You looked up, to see Professor Moody. "Yes, sir," you said, nodding and leaving hurriedly. "I'm here to deliver a message!" he called to you. You froze and turned, very slowly. "Who from?" you asked. "McGonnagle. She says she wants to see you in her office, the day befor eye second challenge," he said, smirking at some unknown secret.
  4. You nodded your thanks and decided to see Alicia. You walked down to the hospital wing and knocked on the door. Madame Pomfrey answered. "Could I see Alicia Spencer?" you asked timidly. She looked at your muddy skirt, mangled hair and red eyes with concern and suspicion. "Boys are never helpful with a ball round the corner," you said quietly to answer her gaze. "Come in dear," she said briskly. You spotted Alicia in a bed about halfway down the isle. You strode over and sat down. She was asleep so you decided to wait. You didn't have to wait long, the scraping of the doors must have woken her. "Oliver?" she asked sleepily, eyes flitting open. "It's ___, sorry to disappoint," you said, smiling at her. "Oh! I'm sorry. My head is a mess at the moment," she said, rubbing her eyes and yawning. "How's the 'burn' or whatever?" you asked. "Sore, burning, a quidditch obstacle, another worry for Oliver, irritating but healing," she said, groaning as she moved to sit up. Then she seemed to notice your face. "____? Explain," she said, gesturing to your face and clothes. You sighed and told her your story. She tutted. "Boys suck, particularly Death Eaters," she said. The corner of your mouth tugged into a smile but you were interrupted by a loud entrance. "Alicia? I'm so sorry I slept for too long I was just so tired and..." Oliver said, coming over to her bed. She slapped his face, pretty hard considering her side had split open recently. "Oliver Wood. Don't you EVER blame yourself for leaving me for two hours, you're not superman, you're human. Now go outside until you can get it into your thick skull that I was sleeping, fine, under Madame Pomfrey's care and wishing you'd sleep more often," she said, glaring at him. She winked once at you and he pulled over another chair. "I'm sorry Alicia. You know I'd do anything for you and- ___! What in Gods name happened to you?" he asked, horrified. He tilted your face up to look at him. You hadn't realised that you were crying again until he wiped away one of the tears. "What is it?" he asked, much more softly. Alicia nodded encouragingly and you told your story once again. Oliver stared at you then enveloped you in a hug. Alicia patted your shoulder as Oliver released you and spoke. "If anyone, I don't care who, anyone, ever hurts you like he has again, you tell me. There is no way I can let anyone get away with that," he said, clenching his fists. Alicia massaged his hand gently and he released his death grip on himself. "I should go now. Bye Oliver. See you Alicia," you said, spotting Ariella outside. They nodded and you left.
  5. "Hi Ariella," you said softly. "Hey ____, Ginny Weasley wanted to talk to you, she's in the common room. She's not happy," Ariella said, frowning. You smiled and thanked her, and ran as fast as you could, without falling over your own feet, to the Griffendor common room. "Ginny?" you asked, seeing her pacing back and forth in front of the fire. "___! I feel do stupid," she moaned. You pulled her down to sit, unable to stand the pacing, and demanded to know what was going on. "You hinted to Harry that he should ask me to the ball right?" you nodded, "I thought so. Neville asks me, and, before I realise about Harry, who I wanted to go with, I'm saying he's to Neville, thinking its my only chance. Harry asks me at the top of the owlery, and I wanted to say yes, but... Ugh! I've ruined my cances with him!" she said. You couldn't help but roll your eyes at Ginny. "Don't you have any idea how much Harry likes you?" you asked, exasperated. Ginny shook her head, clenching her fists in frustration. "Ginny, what's done is done, but I assure you, you haven't blown your chances. You'll have more fun at a ball with Neville anyway, he's a great dancer," you said, grinning. A small smile played at the edges of her lips, and you patted her shoulder, standing up. As Ginny went off to do whatever it was, there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" you called. Fleur stepped through, her silvery blond hair falling down to her waist floating around her in a finely woven curtain. She beamed at you. "Hey Fleur!" you said. You liked Fleur, but her face meant business, and you didn't like it. "'Ello ___. Vould you like to go to zee shops in 'Ogsmeed this weekend to buy dresses for dee Yule Ball?" she asked, her eye twinkling. "Er, yeah, sure. But I don't actually have a date Fleur. I'll come anyway, couldn't hurt," you replied, blushing when you said you didn't have a date. If anything, the twinkle in her eyes became more pronounced. "Are you forgiving?" she asked. You were very taken aback, but nodded slowly, replying with a 'usually'. "Den I don't tink dat dere vill be a problem with you 'aving a date, ___," she said, grinning full out now. You rolled your eyes at her and she smiled back sweetly. You groaned. "Fine, ok. I said yes," you said. She kissed you once on each cheek, then flitted out of the door. You blinked slowly. What the hell? What did she know? Damn these French half-veelas!
  6. You groaned again when the twins popped up by your left ear. "Hi ____!" they yelled in unison. "Why're you so happy?" you asked, rubbing your ringing ear. They snorted at you, and you slapped each of them on the back of the head. They chortled in deafening laughter, and you rubbed your temples, sighing. You could feel a headache coming on. It was something you always got when you were stressed. George noticed your discomfort first. "___? Sorry, are you ok?" he asked gently. "Yes and no," you said, "No more than yes." You dug around in your bag, which still lay in the corner where you had discarded it after McGonnagle's Yule Ball talk, and found some paracetamol. "Don't happen to have any water do you?" you asked the twins, too lazy to summon some from the hall. Fred did it for you, with an equally lazy flick of his wand. "We were practising silent stunning in defence against the dark arts today. It comes in useful," Fred began, George adding the last sentence. You smiled faintly at them, and swished down the tablet. You sighed, and picked up a couple of books, needing to start on some homework. After trying for half an hour to write a potions essay, you laid down your pen with a furious harrumph. You stuffed everything back in your bag, and wished you'd asked Harry where he was going. Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud entrance. "Talking of the genius," Ron said to Hermione. You stared at Ron, then looked back to Hermione, piecing it together quickly in your head. Ron was paying little attention to you, but watching Hermione like a hawk, as though ready to throw her out the way of harm. "Hermione. Girl-talk. Now." you said through gritted teeth, barely able to contain yourself. "What?" she asked, when you were safely out of Ron's hearing range. "Are you bloody blind?" you nearly shouted, "Did you see the way Ron was looking at you? I mean, he has serious hots for you girly," you said, recognising the look in his eyes. She stared at you. "Don't be ridiculous," she spluttered, "Victor, and, I mean.." she was speechless. You grinned at her, and shrugged. "Ron counts as better Hermione, he's not a jerk, unlike Krum," you said, already starting down the stairs. Hermione was going to kill you, you knew it. "Hey Ron!" you called, looking significantly at the suddenly-shy Hermione. She blushed, and you grinned at them both. "So you're going with Kr-I mean Victor?" Ron asked Hermione. She bit her lip and nodded. You refrained from exploding with the string of profanities that were surfacing to your lips. "Ok," he sighed, looking sideways at you. You smiled at them. "Where's Harry?" you asked, needing to talk to him about Ginny. "Oh, er, I've no idea," Ron said. "I think he's flying ___," Hermione said, interrupting Ron. Thanking them, you sprinted to the quidditch pitch.
  7. Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Cedric in the corridor. Although you had forgiven him, due to the fact it was largely your fault, you couldn't really bear facing him yet. You knew it was stupid, but nevertheless, you hurried on, keeping your head down. "___!" Hhollered a voice that wasn't Cedric. You groaned. Great timing Ariana, you though. "Hi Ariana," you said wearily as she came over. "Hey ___! Guess what? Storm Balk, the seriously h-" she began, about to give an in-depth description of him, but oh interrupted. "Yeah I know him." "Yeah, we'll, he just asked me to the ball," she said, putting emphasis on the words 'he' and 'me'. "That's great Ariana!" you said, trying to be more enthusiastic fr your friend. It wasn't her fault you were feeling grumpy. "I know!" she said, excitedly. She was rarely this childish, and you couldn't help but make a connection between her jumping, grinning form, and the Twilight Saga's Alice Cullen. You laughed softly at the comparison, and you bid each other farewell. You daren't look at Cedric, knowing he must have heard Ariana. Luck could be on my side, you thought, he might not want to talk to me. Unfortunately for you, luck was not on your side. "____," Cedric called softly. You hadn't heard him approach, and you froze, wanting the ground to swallow you up. "Cedric," you said, in a strangled voice. It wasn't so bad outside the common room, but for whatever reason, although you'd already said you'd forgiven him, you felt as though you hadn't, as though he was still in the dark. Well, in a way, he was. He didn't know the feelings you possessed for him, hell, you'd hardly admitted it to yourself. You took a deep, audible breath, and turned to face him. "___, I know you don't want to talk to me. So, I guess what I have to say can wait," he said, muttering the last part. You looked up at him, flinching at the pain his face held. "Wait," you said, grabbing his hand as he turned. He stopped, and turned back to you slowly. "Why don't we go somewhere else?" he suggested, glaring at a third-year watching the scene innocently. You nodded and followed him through the weave of people. He kept a careful hold of your hand, and you didn't care. All feelings of not wanting to speak to Cedric had vanished, and you wanted more than anything to erase the pain held in his eyes.
  8. Cedric led you out of the castle, and walked away from the swarms of people flooding in, just beside the greenhouses. "Cedric, please listen, don't interrupt," you begged. He nodded, and watched your face. "I'm not good at holding grudges, I know I've already told you, but I forgive you for what happened. It was my fault too. Can we move forward? Can we start again?" you asked, practically begging. You'd get on your knees if he was going to be stubborn, forget the mud. "I don't deserve your forgiveness," he muttered, "But I too would like to start again." You smiled at him, and he hugged you gently. Your face broke into a grin against his chest, and, hand-in-hand, you walked back to the castle. "So, I heard Krum asked Hermione to the ball," Cedric said. "Uh hu. And she said yes, despite our best efforts. Although," you said, "Ron has some serious hits for her. Once Krum's out of the picture, I might have to get match-making with Ginny," you said. "Ron Weasley?" he asked. You nodded, impressed that he knew the Griffendors in your year. You certainly didn't know many Hufflepuffs in his year. "I guess you know that Storm is going with Ariana," he said. You rolled your eyes at him, but the flicker of worry that crossed his face didn't escape your notice. He stopped walking and turned to face you. "___, I know things haven't gone so well between us recently, but, would you like to go to the ball with me?" he asked, not meeting your gaze, rejection apparent on his face. "I'd love to," you replied. Who else would you want to dance with? Harry possibly. "Really?" he asked, hope lighting up his face. You nodded, your lips twitching. "Damn, I owe Storm three knuts," he said, frowning. "What kind of friend do you think I am?" you asked, your tone hurt but your face showing him you were joking. "One with a messed up social life because of me," he said. You smiled, and then froze, remembering your resolve to talk to Harry. "Sorry Cedric, I need to go!" you called over your shoulder, already running. The dumbfounded expression on his face didn't escape your notice. You spotted Harry just as he walked in. "Harry," you said breathlessly as you neared him. "Oh, hey ___," he said nonchalantly. "Harry, I'm sorry, honestly, I didn't know Neville had asked her," you said. He shrugged. "Thanks anyway. You don't happen to want to go with me do you?" he asked. You bit your lip uncomfortably. "Sorry, someone's already asked me, and, well I said I'd go," you said, unhappily. "Hey, ____, no big deal. Who you going with?" he asked. "Cedric Diggory," you replied, blushing. You assumed Harry wouldn't be overly fond of your choice, considering what happened. "Oh right. Have fun," he said, smiling. He caught your expression, and frowned. "____, I don't hold anything against Cedric, or you for that matter. Calm down, ok? Please?" he asked. You relaxed, and smiled at him. You were feeling strangely tongue-tied at every moment today. Smiling was easier than words.
  9. You groaned and dragged Harry off the main path, taking the longer path back. "___!" he protested. "I do not want to converse with Hermione while she's hand-in-hand with Krum!" you said, sighing. Harry made a belching noise, and covered his eyes dramatically. You laughed at him, but felt uneasy all the same. "Oh great," he said suddenly, "Look who's here." You practically growled when you saw Draco coming towards you, smirking. Could this day get any better? "What the heck d'you want Malfoy?" Harry asked cooly. "It's none of your business Potter, I wanted to talk to ___," he said. "Looking at what happened the last couple of times you wanted to speak to her, heck it's my business!" he shouted. "Harry, it's ok. I'll meet you in the common room," you said soothingly. Draco's smirk widened, and his face fell into a cruel half-smile as Harry passed him. As soon as you were alone, his death-eater exterior fell away. "___, just listen. It would be so much safer for you if-" he began, but you cut him off. Was it really only this morning he'd asked you this already? This was the third time he'd asked for crying out loud! "Draco Malfoy. I. Am. Not. A. Coward." you said, "Why should I trust you anyway? Don't answer that," you added hastilly as he opened his mouth to speak. "Please ___," he begged. "No," you replied cooly, although inside you were tempted to accept. Was it really so bad? Your eyes filled with tears, and you cursed your teenage hormones. Sighing, you walked off before he could utter another word. You ignored him as he called your name, and consequently didn't look where you were going. You bashed into someone, who caught your shoulders reflexively, letting you go once you were stable. You looked up to see Ron brush his too-long hair away from his eyes. "What's with the long hair this year?" you blurted out, blushing. "Dunno," Ron replied with a shrug. You sighed and warned him about Krum and Hermione. "Yeah, thanks. Er, you don't happen to wanna, maybe go to the ball with me?" Ron asked, his ears turning scarlet. You groaned. "Sorry Ron, I'm already going with someone," you said. "S'ok, ___, really. Who're you going with?" he asked. "Cedric." Ron stared at you. "Problem?" you asked, your easy temper flaring. "No, I like Cedric. I just didn't think you'd forgive him for-" Ron began, but was cut off by a drawling voice behind you. "Oh look, it's Weasle King. Move away from Rivers, she doesn't want to be infected by your," Draco held his nose, "Stench." Ron growled and you put a restraining hand on his shoulder. "Draco you've annoyed me enough today. Get lost," you hissed at him.
  10. Draco watched you, pleading with his eyes, but you shook your head once. He stalked off, smirking again at Ron. "What is his problem?" Ron grumbled. The two of you walked back to the castle, running into Harry who had waited for you a few hundred yards away, instead of in the common room. The boys grumbled about Draco, but you weren't really listening. You spotted Fleur waiting by a stone statue, watching you, smiling secretly. "Er, guys I'll see you later?" you said, nodding towards Fleur. "Sure. Bye," they said. You headed over to Fleur and narrowed your eyes at her. "How did you know?" you asked her, remembering your earlier conversation about dress-shopping and dates. "Cedric obviously like you ___, I just told 'im dat you probably liked 'im too," she said in her innocent French accent. You glared at her menacingly, before hugging her tightly. "I'll miss you Fleur, thank you," you said. She patted your back and smiled. "I vas feeling 'appy, I just solved dee mystery of dee egg!" she said, smiling happily. "Well done! I know Harry hasn't, Cedric hasn't mentioned it, we haven't really talked about the tournament much. I doubt Krum contains even one brain cell, so he's probably having some difficulty," you said sarcastically, making your dislike of Krum clear to Fleur. Fleur laughed, her voice musical and twinkly. You both grinned, before the man himself walked in, holding hands with Hermione. You fake vomited and Fleur had to contain her glee. Krum took Hermione's hand and kissed her fingers gallantly. She blushed, and you and Fleur burst out laughing, unble to stop yourselves. You shoved Fleur behind the statue, and Ermione didn't notice you. You peaked around a few seconds later and saw Hermione head up the stairs to the common room. Fleur clambered out after you, and she stopped suddenly, a slight smile on her face. "Go meet your date ___. Goodbye," she whispered. You waved to her as she glided up the stairs and walked over to Cedric. He'd also spotted you, and you met halfway. Storm was talking animatedly to Ariana, and you grinned at her as se caught your eye, the golden tips of her hair catching the light beautifully. "Ariana! Want to come to Hogsmeed with Fleur and I this weekend?" you asked, calling to her over Cedric's shoulder. She gave you the thumbs up and returned to asking to Storm, who didn't appear to have stopped for breath during your little exchange. You turned back to Cedric, who was watching you strangely. "What?" you asked, defensively. He chuckled. "Relax ___," he said, "Going dress shopping?" he guessed. You nodded. "How did you know?" you asked curiously. "I overheard a load of Hufflepuff girls talking about it. Apparently there's a shop that sells some good ones near Zonko's," he said. "I have the best with me, I'm pretty sure Fleur could find the best dress shop in Hogsmeed in about three seconds," you said, smiling. The two of you smiled, before bidding each other goodnight. You squeezed his hand gently, and headed off in opposite directions.
  11. Hey guys! Thanks for being patient, I know I haven't posted for a millennia! I know it wasn't my longest, but I want to save the Yule Ball for the next one. I don't particularly have any more ideas for in-between this part and the Yule Ball, so the next will be a special! Drop a comment my lovelies! J'adore! vulturemonem xX

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