Hogwarts Love Story Part 30

The start of fifth year has come, with a journey to Number twelve Grimmauld Place, meeting a new guy )who you don't like AT ALL) and...stuff..

The start of fifth year has come, with a journey to Number twelve Grimmauld Place, meeting a new guy )who you don't like AT ALL) and...stuff..

Created by: 5thMarauder

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  1. Fourth Year was now over, and you were at home, examining your broomstick. Suddenly an owl flew and landed on your knee. You immediately recognized it as Hedwig, Harry's owl. You untied the letter attached to her leg and read it. "I've just been attacked by dementors and I might be expelled from Hogwarts. I want to know what's going on and when I'm going to get out of here.", it read. You wrote back. "Don't worry Harry, Dumbledore won't let you be expelled. What were Dementors doing there? ______". The house was empty. Your brothers had both gone to London, they said you would be going today, someone was coming to bring you. You heard a crash in the kitchen. You sat bolt upright. You walked silently downstairs. You looked around the door, into the kitchen. Professor Moody, Remus, a witch with a pale, heart shaped face and purple hair, a tall black wizard, and a silver haired wizard stood there. "Wotcher _______", said the witch as she spotted you. You smiled and went into the room. "Sorry I broke a plate", she said. Remus fixed it with his wand, and smiled at you. "Professor Moody?", you asked. "Don't know about the 'Professor', didn't do much teaching, did I?"."My name's Tonks", said the witch, grinning at you. You grinned as the tall wizard introduced himself as Kingsley Shacklebolt, and the old wizard introduced himself as Dedalus Diggle. "Where are we going?", you asked. "You'll see when we get there", said Moody. "We have to go get Harry first though", said Remus. You nodded. "You go get your trunk and broom", said Kingsley. "I'll help!", offered Tonks. The two of you went up the stairs. You went into your room and hastily stuffed your stuff in your trunk, including Cedric's Hufflepuff scarf, and Oliver's sweater. "That looks a bit big for you!", giggled tonks, holding it against your body. You giggled and said "Its my friend's". She raised an eyebrow and laughed again.
  2. You grabbed your Nimbus 2001 and went downstairs again. You suddenly noticed three people you hadn't seen before. "This is Emmeline Vance", said Remus."Sturgis Podmore", a square-jawed wizard with thick straw-coloured hair winked-"and Hestia Jones". "Lets go", said Moody.Tonks made your trunk levitate, following your broom. You flew to Harry's uncle and aunt's house. You all went into the kitchen quietly. Suddenly a plate fell and broke. "Tonks!", growled Moody. "Sorry!", she said. You went upstair, the others following. Moody unlocked Harry's door with "Alohamora!", and you pushed open the door. He stood in the darkness, his wand out, looking slightly surprised. "Hi Harry!", you said. He grinned. "_____!", he exclaimed and hugged you. Harry was introduced to everyone, and then he and Tonks got his trunk and broom. You all flew to London, and you reached a sort of overgrown park. You and Harry were flying beside each other, when he grinned at you, you both flew straight into a tree. You got up, your legs wet from the grass. Everyone left through a gate, into the street, and you and Harry followed. Moody tapped the ground twice with a sort of staff he was holding. The houses seemed to be shaking, but it was strange, there was number 11 and 13 beside each other. Suddenly, a house appeared in between them. Moody entered, and everyone followed. You stepped into the hallway, almost into total darkness. There were hurried footsteps and Ron's mother, Mrs. Weasley, emerged from a door at the far end of the hall. She was beaming in welcome as she hurried towards you, though she seemed thinner and paler than the last time you had seen her. "Oh, it's lovely to see you!' she whispered, pulling you and Harry into a hug. "You're looking peaky; you need feeding up, but you'll have to wait a bit for dinner, I'm afraid....". She turned to the gang of wizards behind him and whispered urgently, 'He's just arrived, the meeting's started.' The wizards behind you all made noises of interest and excitement and began filing past him towards the door through which Mrs. Weasley had just come. Harry made to follow Lupin, but Mrs. Weasley held him back. 'No, the meeting's only for members of the Order. Ron and Hermione are upstairs, you can wait with them until the meetings over, then we'll have dinner. And keep your voices down in the hall" she added in an urgent whisper. "Why",you asked. "I don't want anything to wake up", she said. "What do you-",you began, but she interrupted. "Ron and Hermione will explain", she said, going back through the door. You and Harry looked at each other and shrugged. You started going up the stairs, and Harry followed.
  3. You crossed the dingy landing, turned the bedroom doorknob, which was shaped like a serpent's head, and opened the door. You caught a glimpse of a high- ceilinged, twin bedded room before you were smothered by Hermione. "Nice to see you too!", you laughed. Next she hugged Harry, and you hugged Ron. "_____! HARRY! We didn't hear you arrive! Oh, how are you? Are you all right?", she now turned to Harry. "Have you been furious with us? I bet you have, I know our letters were useless, but we couldn't tell you anything, Dumbledore made us swear we wouldn't, oh, we've got so much to tell you, and you've got things to tell us, the dementors! When we heard-and that Ministry hearing-it's just outrageous, I've looked it all up, they can't expel you, they just can't, there's provision in the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery for the use of magic in life-threatening situations--' 'Let him breathe, Hermione,' said Ron, grinning as he closed the door behind Harry. He seemed to have grown several more inches during your month apart, making him taller and more gangly looking than ever, though the long nose, bright red hair and freckles were the same.
  4. Harry looked as if he were about to say something, but he shook his head. "Forget it. It doesn't matter". Hermione smiled. You sat down on one of the beds. "What is this?", you asked. "Its the Order of the Phoenix", said Hermione eagerly. "Its a secret society, Dumbledore's in charge, he founded it. It's the people who fought against You-Know-Who last time". "Who's in it?", asked Harry curiously. "Quite a few people, we've met about thirty of them", said Hermione. "Oliver's here", she said, turning her attention to you. You felt your face light up into a huge grin. You stretched out on the bed, but suddenly, with two loud cracks, Fred and George appeared out of thin air. You sat bolt upright, and you gave a wolf-like yelp. They smothered you in a hug. They had grown taller too, although they were short and stocky, while Ron was long and lanky. "Come, grasshoppers", George said, leading you and the others out the door.
  5. Fred was holding an ear on a string. "Do you like collecting body parts now then?", you asked. "Extendable Ears", he replied. "We're going to eavesdrop on the Order". "Ooh, I love eavesdropping!", you said. "Yeah, I know right?!", said George excitedly. You were soon joined by Ginny. "Hi!", you said happily. She grinned. "It's no-go with the Extendable Ears, she's gone and put an Imperturbable Charm on the kitchen door". "How d'you know?" said George, looking crestfallen. "Tonks told me how to find out", said Ginny. "You just chuck stuff at the door and if it can't make contact the door's been Imperturbed. I've been flicking Dungbombs at it from the top of the stairs and they just soar away from it, so there's no way the Extendable Ears will be able to get under the gap". Fred heaved a deep sigh. "Shame. I really fancied finding out what old Snape's been up to". "Snape!" said Harry quickly. "Is he here?" "Yeah", said George, carefully closing the door and sitting down on one of the beds as you went back into the room. "Giving a report. Top secret". "Git", said Fred idly. "He's on our side now" said Hermione reprovingly. Ron snorted. "Doesn't stop him being a git. The way he looks at us when he sees us...." "Bill doesn't like him, either", said Ginny, as though that settled the matter. "Is Bill back?", you asked. "I thought he was in Egypt?". "He applied for a desk job so he could come home and work for the Order", said Fred. "He says he misses the tombs, but", he smirked, "there are compensations...." 'What d'you mean?" "Remember old Fleur Delacour?" said George. "She's got a job at Gringotts to eemprove 'er Eeenglish-" "And Bill's been giving her a lot of private lessons", sn-----ed Fred. "Charlie's in the Order, too", said George, "but he's still in Romania. Dumbledore wants as many foreign wizards brought in as possible, so Charlie's trying to make contacts on his days off". The Weasley's then explained that Percy was no longer speaking to them. "Uh oh". Fred gave the Extendable Ear a hearty tug; there was another loud crack and he and George vanished. Seconds later, Mrs. Weasley appeared in the bedroom doorway. "The meeting's over, you can come down and have dinner now. Everyone's dying to see you. And who's left all those Dungbombs outside the kitchen door?" "Crookshanks",said Ginny unblushingly. "He loves playing with them". "Oh", said Mrs Weasley, "I thought it might have been Kreacher, he keeps doing odd things like that. Now don't forget to keep your voices down in the hall. Ginny, your hands are filthy, what have you been doing? Go and wash them before dinner, please...."
  6. "Who's Kreacher?" you asked. "The house-elf who lives here", said Ron. "Nutter. Never met one like him". Hermione frowned at Ron. "He's not a nutter, Ron-" "His life's ambition is to have his head cut off and stuck up on plaque just like his mother", said Ron irritably. "Is that normal, Hermione?" "Well--well, if he is a bit strange, it's not his fault--" Ron rolled his eyes. "Hermione still hasn't given up on spew". "It's not "spew"!" said Hermione heatedly. "It's the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. And it's not just me, Dumbledore says we should be kind to Kreacher too-' 'Yeah, yeah,' said Ron. 'C'mon, I'm starving". The four of you walked downstairs. "You go ahead", you muttered. You walked along the hallway, looking for the bathroom. You pushed open a door. Instead of a bathroom, it was a room with faces and names all over the wall. It seemed to be a family tree. Lots of the faces had been burned away, as if they weren't worthy of being there. A figure appeared in the doorway. "______ Lupin", a voice said. You turned to face Sirius. You grinned and hugged him. "What is all this?", you asked, indicating the walls. "Its the Black family tree",he replied. "Thats me", Sirius said, pointing to a burn mark. "Why's it like that?" you asked. "My mother did that", he said. "After I ran away. I stayed with the Potters". You nodded. When you had done in the bathroom, you went into the kitchen. You sat next to Hermione and Oliver; who hadn't noticed you were there. You began chatting to Hermione, but when Oliver heard your voce he jumped and knocked over a glass of water. "Thanks Oliver", muttered a man almost identical to him, who was sitting across from him. Oliver hugged you. "Who's that?", you asked, nodding at the man across from him. "Nice meeting you too", he sneered. You stuck out your tongue at him. Oliver moaned. "That", he said. "Is my brother, Jesse".
  7. "You never told me you had a brother!", you exclaimed. "And you'll see why", Oliver replied. "Why, is he horrible?", you asked, holding in laughter. "You know", Jesse said. "I don't know why my brother wants to marry you- if you were my wife I'd poison your water". "If you were my husband, I'd drink it", you spat back, narrowing your eyes. Everyone around who had heard struggled to contain laughter. Jesse opened his mouth to speak, but your interrupted. "Hold on, about a thousand awesome gay jokes just came into my head",you said, holding up a finger.
  8. You looked sweetly at Jesse. "I would ask you how old you are, but I know you can't count that high". "Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent.", he replied. "So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey". "Hi! I’m a human being! What are you?". "Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?". Oliver's dad, who was sitting near you, laughed at your remark. Sirius looked at you and Harry. "You know, I'm surprised at you two. I thought the first thing you'd do when you got here would be to start asking questions about Voldemort.". "They're too young", said Mrs. Weasley. "We think Voldemort may be looking for something", said Sirius. "something he didn't have before". "You mean, like- a weapon or something?", you asked, not taking your eyes off Sirius. He opened his mouth again, but was interrupted by Mrs.Weasley, who said. "They're just kids!". "If Voldemort's raising we want to fight!", exclaimed Harry. "See", said Sirius quietly, winking at you. 'No.' It was not Mrs Weasley who spoke this time, but Remus. 'The Order is comprised only of overage wizards,' he said. 'Wizards who have left school,' he added, as Fred and George opened their mouths. 'There are dangers involved of which you can have no idea, any of you... I think Molly's right, Sirius. We've said enough.' Sirius half-shrugged but did not argue. Mrs. Weasley beckoned imperiously to her sons and Hermione. One by one they stood up and you and Harry, recognising defeat, followed suit. You made a face at Jesse as you passed, him doing the same.
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