Hogwarts Love Story

(CLICK HERE) Hilo ppl! This is a Hogwarts Love Story for girls only and I don't know what else to say...

Hello People! This is a Hogwarts Love Story for GIRLS ONLY! And that's pretty much it...

Created by: Malfoy Gal
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  1. "Good night sweetheart." my mother said as she kissed me goodnight. "Night" I said as I snuggled up against my pillows. (yes, I know I'm 13!) She turned off the light and went downstairs. I tried to go to sleep, I wanted more than anything for the night to pass quickly. It just was that I was too excited! My third year at Hogwarts! It was just unbelievable!
  2. Finally, after I was done counting sheep, reading, and singing, I fell asleep. Although I slept good, I had a dream, a peculiar dream. It was when I was at Hogwarts and a whole bunch of boys... liked me! I had no idea how that was possible! I have glasses(the nerdy ones), untamed hair that is almost impossible to brush, I am pretty short, and I dress unlike most girls! Why would a guy like ME?
  3. I kept on having that dream over and over. It was the same, but different every time. Then, I woke up. It was so sudden that I hit my head on the wall, fell off the bed, and hit the ground super hard. "OOF! OUCH! OHF!" My parents came rushing into my room to see if I was okay. I told them I was fine and went downstairs to get breakfast. I made some blueberry pancakes with bacon and eggs. I ate fast, even though we live right next to the train station. We live on Savage Road which is literally right next to the train station.
  4. My mother told me that I would have to walk there today because they had to go to work. So I decided to call up my best friend and ask if I could pick her up and we could walk together."She only lives a block away, well less, so it should be an easy trip." I thought. I picked up our home phone and called her. She answered and said that she'll meet me outside her house. I walked there. "Hi, RoRo," I said, "are you excited? I am." "Yes, I can't believe it _____! The boys will be cuter, too!" We both laughed, not a little "ha" but a big "he". We walked to the train station sooner than I thought we would.
  5. We walked aboard the train and found out that we weren't as early as we thought. We found a compartment with 2 boys and1 girl and a man that appeared to be sleeping. I knocked on the compartment door. "There seems to be enough room," I told Rowan, "don't you think?" She nodded and slid the compartment door open and said, "May we join?" Harry said without hesitation, "Yes." Ron nodded and Hermione smiled. Me and Rowan sat on each side of her. "Hello Hermione, Ron, Harry." I said, "How was your summer?" Ron spoke first, "Horrid! Fred and George are twits, Percy, finally, is gone. And summer homework was too much with too little time!" Now it was Harry's turn, "Same as always! And I blew up my Aunt Marge, not that I feel bad!" "Why?" I asked. "She insulted my parents!" We were all quiet.
  6. All of the sudden the compartment got cold and a black hooded figure floated in. Then I heard a thud, I looked at Harry. He had fainted. Then the man who was asleep jumped up and a white cloud hopped out of his wand and the hooded figure ran away. Me, Rowan, and Ron helped Harry up and Hermione handed him his glasses. Then the man handed is each a piece of chocolate. Harry looked at it, "Don't worry! It's just a piece of chocolate!" Then Harry hurriedly grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth. After a while it got cramped, so me and Rowan went to go to a different compartment.
  7. We walked around for a long time, the we found one! It only had one person, a boy with white-blonde hair and silver eyes. Rowan smiled real big. "Aww, Rowan has a crush!" I thought. We walked in there and took a seat. He glanced at Rowan and stared at me. "Oh great! I hope Rowan doesn't get mad! He is kinda cute, though..." I thought,'"NO!" I shook my head. He looked at me weird and he stared out the window. I scribbled down a note on a piece of paper that said, 'NO boys'.
  8. The train stopped and we searched for our luggage. Then we found it in the back of the train. We got it and got off. Then we found out that the carriages weren't there!
  9. Then 2 boys showed up. They looked like Ron. "Care for a ride?" one of them said.
  10. Aw crap! I forgot to add Fred and George in the results! Well how'd ya like the quiz?!

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