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Hey guys it's out! I was away for a while and I wanted to get this out ASAP! I would like to thank my friend Lauren who helped me greatly with this! She doesn't have an account but she is a great writer! I think that at least! I hope you like it!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

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  1. *Recap* Draco switched the letter and burnt it, Ron showed you what the first challenge was, it was dragons and you patted one of them. You told Fleur and you ran into Fred and George. You also ran into Neville and he didn't seem very happy, A couple of days passed and you woke up to a bucket of water splashing in your face. You and Matt kissed and you pushed him down the slide steps. You saw Oliver, he told you good luck and then you went to the champions tent. You all chose a dragon out of a bag and Luke told you he loves you. Comprende?
  2. Suddenly the cannon went off and I didn't have time to reply. I ran off to the arena with one last apologetic glance back. I waved at the crowd as I came out. There I saw my favourite dragon. The Hebridean Black. I glamoured the arena with one simple spell and made them think I had a real battle on my hands. The only people who I didn't glamour was my friends and the guys. To them I turned and said. "Don't worry. It's a glamour. They think I'm saying a spell right now but if you can really hear what I'm saying then I didn't put it over you." They all stared at me with a priceless look that I wish I could have captured on camera. I slowly walked up to the calm dragon. "Hello. What's your name?" I asked it. Except I wasn't speaking in any human language anymore. I was speaking in dragon tongue. "My name is Melanie." It meant black/dark. Suiting the colour of her scales. "What is yours?" She asked me. "_____." I replied. "May I take the golden egg?" I asked her. "It is my duty to guard and as much as I wish to give it to you I can not." "I understand. I don't want to fight with you. But maybe this will change your mind I hope." Suddenly I started changing. I felt like my skin was shedding and time was speeding up and slowing down. I was growing colder and suddenly I stood on all fours. As a proud dragon. I heard my friends gasp in the audience while the others cheered for what they thought was a dodge from the dragons flame. I was a Catalonian Fireball. My animagus... it is one of the extinct dragons of this world. It was quite amazing really. It died out long ago. It was a breed from Spain. I was black and orange and yellow and I had long magnificent wings. Melanie bowed her head and let me walk past to collect the egg. I hadn't been in this form in a while and it felt strange. I picked up the golden egg with my front paws and changed back. "Thank you Melanie. I'll visit you in the future." "I'd like that ______. I'd like that." I took the glamour off and stroked her head as she bowed it. I held up the golden egg and everyone cheered. Except for my friends who sat there in complete and utter shock.
  3. I walked out of the arena with one last bow. I waved one last time at Melanie. I heard the cannon go off again and I saw Luke come out. I blew him an air kiss for good luck before I disappeared into the stands. I found a seat next to Ron and he looked at me with shock and awe. Neville was the same and Hermione was studying me like a lab experiment. Everything suddenly felt very uncomfortable. "Don't tell anyone." I whispered to them. "We won't." They whispered back still in an awed tone. I watched as Luke was battling against a 15 feet dragon. Smaller than the average dragon but very venomous. Luke lunged for the egg and caught it between his hands. Some people came out to remove the dragon but not before it bit Luke. "Luke!" I shouted. He clutched at his leg as the dragon was pulled back into its cage. He was lifted onto a gurney. I ran down from the stands and pushed past people to get to him. His eyelids were shut and he was getting wheeled to the hospital wing. "Luke! Luke!" Things were flashing in and out but all I wanted was for him to be ok. I rushed with the people as the gurney was rushed to the hospital wing. I remembered about the day I saw my mother... alive and well. She told me what happened. With her almost last glance she saw a figure of a man who healed her. She didn't even know who it was. I wish I could do what the man did for my mum, for Luke. There were so many things I hadn't told him. So many moments I wanted to share with him. We reached the hospital wing and my hand was clasped with Luke's. "We need an antidote stat." They were saying. "Will that cure him?" I asked. "We're hoping it will." "But there's a chance it may not..." "Let's hope it doesn't come to that." They grabbed his arm and injected a purplish liquid into him. "C'mon Luke." I whispered under my breath. "The poison is spreading quicker than expected." They gave him another shot but it still wasn't enough. "His heart has stopped." Tears where falling down my cheeks at this point. "Luke come back to me. Please." I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back. "We've got a heartbeat people." I stroked his cheek. "C'mon Luke stay with me." "He's stable." They finally said.
  4. I stayed with him all night. People visited but I could hardly see them as they went by. Suddenly I heard footsteps in the room after hours but I just held Luke's hand and stroked his hair. Praying that he would wake up. They put a blanket around my shoulders. "Are you ok?" They asked me. For the first time today I looked up from Luke's face and turned to face the visitor. It was Ron... "I've been better." I said as I turned back to Luke. "He's going to be ok. He has to be..." Said Ron. Luke groaned but he fell back into his dreamless state once again. I stroked his hair again and then I turned to face Ron. Still holding Luke's hand. "Ron I thought you visited earlier. Why are you here?" "I'm here for you _____. You've been in here for the whole day and I wanted to know if you were alright. I also wanted to inform you that the little fight with me and Harry is over." I chuckled a little bit. "I'm glad to hear it and I'll be fine as long as he wakes up." I glanced at Luke as I said it and then back to Ron. He put a hand on my shoulder. "He's going to be fine you know. He will be." "I hope so..." I said sadly. "You love him don't you." He said but it wasn't a question. "I-I... I don't know." I said as my bottom lip quivered. Ron held his other hand up and wiped away the now forming tears. "I just want him to get better." "I know... I know." He whispered as he pulled my head to his chest and hugged me. For the first time since I started I let go of Luke's hand and hugged Ron back. "Thank you Ron... for everything." I hugged him tighter and the blanket fell over my body and onto his as well. He placed his head on top of mine and kissed my hair. "It's ok. Everything is going to be ok." Suddenly I heard Luke groan again and I instantly pulled out of the hug.
  5. *Ron* I watched as _____ pulled out of the gentle embrace with me and rushed to face Luke's side once more. The blanket that she had on fell to the ground and she was saying his name over and over again. He started saying her name back and he finally opened his eyes. His eyes drifted over me with a glare and over to ______. I felt a ping of jealousy over her and Luke but that scene with her kept on playing over and over in my head. I wanted more moments like that. Just me and her and none of my bursts of rage or jealousy or spite. But every time a moment like that has an opportunity to show itself it goes away... like it was never there. She didn't even know I was in the room now. She was laughing with Luke and still holding his hand. I thought about that moment that she let go. She let go of it all and hugged me. Now she wasn't even aware that I was even in the room. I knew she loved him... but did she know?
  6. I walked out of the room quietly while she still talked with Luke and I could hear her laugh echo down the halls. I opened the door and walked out a few steps and shut it slowly behind me. I walked a few steps more and bumped into Oliver. "What are you doing?" I asked him but not with a rage. Just a question. "I wanted to see how _____ was doing." "She's fine. Luke just woke up." "Oh." "Yea..." I whispered as I walked off. *Oliver* I heard Ron's footsteps as he walked away. I opened the door just a crack and peek and looked in. I could hear her laughter and hear her melodic, beautiful voice echo through the hospital wing. We didn't get off on the best start last year but I was hoping to change that. Only time would tell. But at the moment. She was happy. So why should I ruin that. I shut the door quietly and hoped she would get out of there soon as I walked off.
  7. *You* I said my final goodbye to Luke as he told me for the hundredth time to go and that he'll be fine. I kissed his forehead and then I disappeared out the door. As soon as my mind wasn't filled with Luke I thought back to Ron in the hospital wing. When Luke came round out of his unconscious state I didn't even acknowledge he was there. I'm such a bad person. I'll say sorry to him later but now I really needed to find Neville. I didn't know what was wrong with him but I wanted to find out. I was walking the castle grounds when I remembered that now it was after hours and curfew was up. I had to get back before the prefects caught me. Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder and I spun around with an excuse about to shoot out my mouth when I saw Cedric. My lips instantly sealed shut and I looked at him with a wary smile. I'd forgotten he was a prefect. "_____?" He asked. "Yea..." I said wearily as I stepped a bit more into the light. "What are you doing around in the halls after hours?" "I was visiting Luke." "Oh..." His voice dropped a little when he heard that but he told me to rush back to the Ravenclaw common room before another prefect caught me. We both said our farewells and suddenly tiredness hit me as I started to walk away. It had been around 36 hours since I last slept and now it was coming to haunt me. I suddenly couldn't remember where the Ravenclaw common room was and when I turned to ask Cedric he was gone. I wandered the halls making sure I didn't run into anyone. I felt like I was taking a familiar path but I wasn't sure which one it was. I stopped at a portrait and wondered if it was Ravenclaw's or not. I muttered a password, not even knowing what I said and walking in. It wasn't a common room though.
  8. It was a tunnel and there was something compelling me to follow it. I walked drearily down the corridor, half awake. I took a few twists and turns, or maybe that was just my head. But I finally reached what my compulsive feeling wanted me to reach. It was a room. I'd heard about these types of rooms in the castle but I thought they were just a myth. Somehow I summoned my belongings here and they popped up beside a grand bed. It knew it wasn't the room of requirement. Somehow I knew this room was just for me. I took a dreary look around and saw a forest setting. It was beautiful. My dream room. It had birds singing and instruments on a stand. It had trees that I could sit on and a small fountain in the middle of the room. There was a grand bed like I mentioned before. It had goose feather, fluffed pillows and a golden duvet. It was set in another small room but it could be seen from here if you looked. I walked towards it and found it was in a room with cream carpet and red walls with black swirling patterns on them. It had a walk in closet and a note on the bed. I wondered how all of this had gotten here. It was a dream come true. And maybe I was dreaming but I'd enjoy it as long as it lasts. I opened the envelope and read the letter inside. It said, 'You may not remember me but I made this just for you _____. You may hate who I am but just remember that I'll always love you and that I'll always love your mother. You can come here to remember me as a person who always cared for you and your mother more than anything else. Please forgive me.' I could read a faint M on he page. It looked like part of a signature. I wondered who it was. But I had an idea. He was right. I hated him for what he's done. But he was the best replacement for a father that I had. Back in the old days.
  9. I lay on the bed and thought for a while. Then I fell asleep. *Fast forward to the morning* I woke up fully rested and ready to roll. Today we were taking some sort of dancing class. We were originally put into the different schools but they thought that I would better suit with the Hogwarts people. So I have no female Beauxbatons friends to back me up. I guess I have my Hogwarts ones that I haven't seen in ages. I got out of bed and walked to the Great Hall. I sat down and stared at my food. I couldn't eat a thing. I got up and caught someone's eye. I turned to see Draco returning my stare. I broke the eye contact and went to go anywhere else. Then this first year named Nigel came up to Ron with a package as I walked back in to watch the scene. I sat next to Matt without realizing it and we got to talking. I suddenly remembered what I liked about him in the first place. His wit, his smile, his flirtiness and his humor. Suddenly I heard Ron talking. "Oh look, Mum's sent me something." Looked like I hadn't talked to Matt for very long because he had just opened the package. "Mum sent me a dress!" He exclaimed. I held a hand over my mouth to stop from giggling uncontrollably. I could see Matt doing the same. "Well, it does match your eyes. Is there a bonnet?" Harry says as he pulls out more lace and holds it up. "Ah ha!" I was still drastically fighting for control from the laughter. "Put those down, Harry." He said and he held it up as he walked over to Ginny. "Ginny, this must be for you." He said. "I'm not wearing that, it's ghastly." She retorted. Good on you Ginny. I almost shouted. Then Hermione started laughing. "They're not for Ginny, they're for you. Dress robes." "Dress robes? For what?"
  10. I actually just roamed the castle until dance lessons. I entered the Great Hall again to find they had already started. I blushed bright red and Professor McGonagall looked at me. "The house of Godric Gryffindor has commanded the respect of the wizarding world for nearly ten centuries. I will not have you, in one night, besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons!" Then I heard Fred and George whisper to each other. "Try saying that five times fast." Then they did. I sighed. "Have you got something to say Ms. _____?" "No Professor." I answered back. Everyone was looking at me and I found it quite uncomfortable. I saw Ginny, Hermione and I also saw Talia with Blaine. Ginny ushered me over and I walked over to them and sat down. My footsteps echoed through the hall. Then the professor started talking again. "Inside every girl is a swan, waiting to burst out in flight." I also heard Ron whisper, "Something is about to burst out of Eloise Midgen, but I don't think it's a swan." I rolled my eyes and looked back to Professor McGonagall. I wondered what happened to the Ron last night. The one who held me and kissed my hair. I snapped out of my trance and heard the professor say, "Inside every boy is a lion, waiting to pounce." She walked up to Ron and held out her hand. "Would you please stand Mr Weasley." "Yes Professor." He said nervously. He was lead out to the middle of the floor. "Now, Mr. Weasley, place your right hand on my waist." "Where?" Ron asked. "My waist." She said as she guided his hand to her waist. The music started and they were waltzing. "One-two-three, one-two-three..." "Oi!" I heard Harry whisper. The twins leaned over to him. "You're never gonna let him forget this are you?" "Never." They said while shaking their heads. At this I shook my head. "Boys." I whispered in disbelief. "C'mon girls, boys. Dance." The girls got up but I continued to sit. So were the guys. Finally after a glare from McGonagall the guys got up. Blaine was dancing with Talia and all the girls had found someone. I saw Fred dancing with Jamie and Harry kept on looking at this girl. I remembered that her name was Cho. She was in Ravenclaw. I sighed. I got up and was about to leave the room when someone tapped my shoulder. "Leaving so soon?" I turned around to see McGonagall. "No Professor." I replied. "Good." She said as she walked off. I found Neville sitting alone so I walked up to him. "Would you like to dance?" I asked.
  11. "No thanks." He replied. He walked away and asked Ginny. How odd. I thought. "He doesn't know what he's missing out on." Someone said as they spun my shoulders around. It was George. I chuckled. "Thanks." I said as he kissed my hand. We took the waltz positions and we started to dance. It seemed like we were in our own world. Like we could keep twirling forever and more. It just felt... right. He twirled me in the air and I put both arms around his shoulders. He put both arms on my waist and we swayed there to the beat. We leaned in and I put my head on his shoulder. I looked up again and our lips molded together. "George." I whispered as I pulled away. "This is a classroom Mr. Weasley and Ms. _____!" We snapped out of our trance and turned to see Professor McGonagall eying us. "Sorry." We both said at the same time. Everyone was looking at us. I blushed a bright red and I was glad that Luke was still in the hospital wing. We both rushed out and so did everyone else. I walked slowly but fast enough that as I saw the doors close I could see the twins high five. But Fred wasn't as enthusiastic. It looked like Jamie and him were attached at the hip and I was happy for them. She smiled and waved at me and I did so back. I had to go back to my special place. I walked there and sat down at the fountain. I dipped my hand into the water as the birds chirped. I sighed. This didn't get as easy as I thought it would be... Then I saw a glint in the water...
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! If that's what you call a cliffhanger. I hope you liked it and I'm pretty sure this was longer than my previous ones. I just had so many ideas and after watching the movie for the millionth time. (I love the movie!) I found there were so many things I'd missed! Some I couldn't fix but I could fix this one! I'd like to thank my younger friend Lauren! (We have the same name!) She helped me through this quiz when I got a bit of a writers block! She doesn't have an account and she's only 12 turning 13 but I think she's a great writer! In fact you might have read her writing when I let her use my account once! The Fallen & The Forbidden. A current work of hers but she’s got heaps! She's really coming along and I wouldn't have been able to do this without her. In fact she's here as I write this! Thanks also to everyone who takes my quizzes and people who comment and rate! There are so many HP quizzes out there and I wish I could mention them all! I will at some point but in my quizzes along the way I have mentioned some of them! Thanks again!
  13. In fact I wanted me to put some of her work up so that you guys can see it. She said that she hopes you like it! It's called Time. It's about a girl named Elizabeth and her true love named Lance Devereux. But he is an angel and she is human. There is also a divider between them. Class... a certain angel named Castiel... and a curse.
  14. "I think you should stay here..." He replied. "No but I have to go..." I said quite reluctantly. "Please... Elizabeth... stay..." That voice was enough to melt me but I had to get home. "But..." I tried to get up again but this time I completely collapsed. Lance tried to catch me but this time he wasn't fast enough. My head hit the nightstand and I had little black dots in my vision. I was fading in and out and my breathing was virtually stopping. For a second it felt like I was drifting out of my body. Then suddenly it was like I was watching from above. I was on the bed and Lance was shaking me. He was sweeping the hair out of my face and tears were coming down his cheeks. There was a soft glow coming from his heart. A soft golden glow. It was pouring in to me and I was sucked back into my body. "Lance." I spluttered as I got up. "You... you saved me... Thank you." I said. "What do you mean?" I guess he didn't know. About the glow or anything. "Never mind." "But please.. Elizabeth stay here..." "Well I have to now do I not." I replied as I adjusted my pillow. "Elizabeth..." I knew what he wanted to talk about. He wanted to talk about us. But I didn't want to. "Lance... I think it would be best if you leave me in peace." I watched him as he reluctantly turned and walked through the bedroom door. I lay there in a deep silence. A few hours later Lance still hadn't come back. And frankly... I was glad. It took to much effort to see him and keep away from him. I thought it would be better if he didn't know about the curse that I beard and that it was best I get out of here. I didn't even know what the curse was and who gave it to me. I didn't want to worry him too. I was all strengthened up now and I needed to get out of here. Somehow I could sense an evil presence in the house. The one that cursed me. I unlatched the window and crawled through one leg at a time. Then I held up my skirts and ran... I ran as fast as my legs would carry me and then I fell. I had tripped over a log and I was lying on the ground face first. I pulled myself up and kept running. In a short while I could see my house coming up. But as I reached the concrete footpath pain shot up my body. I fell... again... but this time there was someone to catch me. And it wasn't Lance. "Cas..." I whispered as he looked into my eyes. He hugged me to his chest as I let the tears flow. I had leaves and branches tangled in my hair and a big gash in my leg. "Eliza..." He whispered back as he held my face up to his. "What happened?" I couldn't tell him and also burden him with the responsibility. "Nothing." I replied. He hugged me to his chest again and tore off a strip of fine cloth from his shirt and made a temporary bandage for my leg. I thanked him and I felt so much gratitude... I really did... For the man who saved my life. To the man who felt I was more important to him than his own life... to catch me when I fell and to be there to hug me when I shed my tears. He was a true gentlemen and I did love him. But was it true love? I didn't know...

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