Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 13

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Hey guys welcome to part 13! I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far! Thanks for all the support and the comments and just for taking this quiz! Thanks so much guys! Love y'all!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

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  1. *Recap* You're in the tournament, you have a romantic scene with Harry, you talk to your friends, Draco gives you your stuff back, Cedric gives you a letter from Luke and you play a game of quidditch. You ran into Viktor and he asked you where Hermione was, Draco was in your room, you shouted at him and then you had some peace. You opened the letter and saw... Comprende?
  2. It was blank. Draco had switched the letter with a blank sheet of parchment. Suddenly ink letters appeared on the parchment. 'I'm sorry ______. I really am.' It said. It was signed. By Malfoy. I got up and ran to the Slytherin dorm. I uttered a password that I heard from a Durmstrang and raced in there. But not fast enough. Draco was there, alone, in the common room. And he threw the letter into the fire. I raced over and pushed past him. I put out the fire with a gust of wind, but again I wasn't fast enough. The letter had burned to a crisp. The only word I could see in the ashes was, '_____'... I turned to face Draco. "What 'ave you done!" "______ I..." "I don't want to 'ear it!" I stormed out of there while passing the giggling Pansy. "Trouble in Paradise?" I held her up against the wall. "Not... in... ze... mood... Parkinson." I watched her slide to the floor and then I walked off. I ran into Luke on the way back to my common room and I cleared up my frustration with Malfoy. "'Ello Luke." I said while giving a small wave. "Hey _____! Have you read the letter yet?" I didn't want to appear horrible for losing the letter. So... I lied. "Ummm... I actually 'aven't read it yet. I was thinking before ze first challenge." "Great. I'll see you there." He said. The first challenge was in just a couple of days. I almost ran back to the Ravenclaw common room but saw a commotion near the Black Lake. I walked over to Hermione telling Harry some gibberish while Ron stood with Ginny a little while back. "Is that right... Well, what?" I heard Harry say and then Hermione said. "Uh... Dean was told by Parvarti... please don't ask me to say it again. Hagrid's looking for you." "Well you can tell Ronald..." "I'm not an owl!" Hermione shouted. She walked off with Ron and Ginny. Ron kept on glancing back though. "Are you ok?" I asked Harry. "Yea I guess..." "I need to talk to you." Ron came up to me and pulled me by the sleeve. "Ronald Weasley, what are you..." He pulled me behind a tree. "I've got something to show you." "Do I 'ave to go?" I asked him. "Well if you don't want to know what the first challenge is..." I instantly perked up. "I want to know!" "Good then follow me." Here we go...
  3. He grabbed my hand and led me through a small forest. He crouched down behind a small bush and I followed suite. I saw a jet of fire and I leaned back. "What?" I shouted over the noise of something. Ron peeked over the bush and ushered me to do the same. I did and I saw cages... and fire... "Dragons..." I said. I got up and ducked out of sight of people on the site. "_____ what are you doing?!" Ron whisper yelled after me. I went up to one of the dragons in the cages and stroked its snout. It bowed its head in delight and snorted out a short thank you. It was a Hebridean Black if I wasn't mistaken. I'd just made a new friend. I was about to go again when it nudged its head with my hand. I stroked its shiny black scales again and then I whispered a farewell. Hebridean Black's were usually vicious creatures but it is me after all...
  4. I walked past Ron and back to the castle. I was almost at the front doors when he caught up with me and grabbed my arm. "Are you crazy! Hebridean Black's are vicious." "Don't be so appre'ensive Ron." I walked through the castle and out into the courtyard where I saw Fleur. I walked up to her. She was by herself. Probably waiting for Natalie. I pulled her aside and whispered in her ear. "Dragons... first challenge." She shivered in a gasp of fear. "D-d-dragons." She stuttered. "Yes." I said to her. "O-ok merci." She says to me. I walk off. I needed to talk to Neville. However on my short walk to finding Neville I met Fred and George along the way. This time Jamie wasn't with Fred but I could see her with her friends. Keeping an eye on him I suppose. "'Ello boys!" I shouted to them from across the hill. I made my way over to them and they looked happy to see me. "You wouldn't have 'appened to see Neville would you?" "I haven't seen him around but try the library..." "Or the Black Lake..." "Or the herbology greenhouse." They were back to normal and I couldn't help but smile. "Thanks boys." I moved to brush past them but they grabbed my arms and propelled me the other way. "Don't leave yet!" "But I need to go find Neville!" "You can go find him later..." "He's probably resting anyway." Then I saw Neville walk past without casting a single glance over at me. "This is cute boys but try better next time." I said while ducking out from under their arms. I ran after Neville and tapped him on the shoulder. "Guess who?" I asked while covering his eyes. "Well it must be the all famous ______." He said in a sarcastic tone. "Neville what's wrong?" I said while he turned to face me with his eyes uncovered. "Nothing... I just... need to be alone." "But..." He'd already started walking away. I wondered what was wrong? Was it me or was everyone acting weird today?
  5. The day passed by quickly after that. It was all a bustle of movement and when I could move again it was because someone had thrown a bucket of water over me. I wiped it away from my eyes. "Matt!" I shouted. How were all these boys finding ways into our bedrooms?! This was freaky. I swear it's just Slytherins though. There was like a Durmstrang at every bed and we were all drenched in water. "You know you look good wet." He said to me and winked. I look down at myself and my white shirt had gone kind of see through. "Pig!" I shouted playfully while throwing the pillow at him. I covered myself up with my blanket and huddled into the small attached bathroom. I got dressed in there and then came out. The guys were still there so I grabbed Matt by the arm. "Tell them to go away!" I said to him. "Ok guys lets go before we have a battle on our hands!" He told the rest of them. They all slid down on the slide that was created. Matt was literally on the edge. He leaned in. "You've got something right... there." He said while he held a finger to my lips. "What is it?" I whispered. He pressed his lips against mine and whispered. "This." We kissed for a little bit longer until I playfully shoved him back. He slide down the slide and called after me. "Don't forget the challenge today!" I'd almost forgotten! Yesterday had gone by so fast as well and I hadn't had time to prepare! Oh well... I knew I would ace this...
  6. I went and changed into my champions clothes and walked out to the courtyard. "Hello there." A Scottish accent from behind me said. "Why 'ello Oliver." I said as I turned around. "Good luck for today." He said to me. "Thank you. Anyway I've got to go but I'll see you later." I said as I jogged away. "Don't get killed first!" He shouted after me with a chuckle. I chuckled as well. "You wish!" I shouted back. I had jogged all the way to the quidditch pitch. Which was now our arena. I stepped into the champion’s tent and found everyone already there. There were cameras flashing everywhere an they were aimed at Harry and Hermione. She had his arms around him and he was blushing. They quickly pulled away and the cameras flashed no more. Viktor came and told them off and then Dumbledore came in. "What are you doing here Ms. Granger?" He asks as he looks at Hermione. "Sorry sir." She says as she bustles out of the tent. I waited there expectantly and finally the other headmasters arrived, along with Barty Crouch. "Gather around champions!" He called to us. We all stood around him in a circle. He was holding a writhing black pull string bag. Viktor was first to pick out of the bag. Igor watched intently as Viktor drew his arm out of the bag to reveal a small dragon. "The Chinese Fireball. Oooooh!" Said Barty Crouch. "Ms. Delacour." He said while she put her hand in the bag. She jerked her hand out and then put it in again. She pulled it out again to reveal another small dragon of a green colouring. "The Welsh Green." "Magnifique!" Madame Maxine said. Next it was Cedric's turn. He pulled out his hand to reveal a bluey dragon. "The Swedish Short-Snout." Said Barty Crouch. Harry put his hand in next and pulled out a dragon covered in spikes. Harry gasped. "The Hungarian Horntail. The most dangerous of them all." Said Barty Crouch. Luke looked at me and put his hand into the bag. He pulled out a small, red dragon. "The Peruvian Vipertooth. Very small but venomous fangs." I was the last. I put my hand in the bag and pulled it out to reveal...
  7. It was my favourite little dragon with black glistening scales. "The Hebridean Black..." Me and Barty whispered together. "You know this type of dragon Ms. _____?" He asked me. "Yes sir..." I replied. "Then you'll know they're very vicious and that you need to be careful. "Ok Cedric you shall go first!" Dumbledore says. "When the canon goes..." We hear a cannon go off and it shakes the tent. "You may start." He finishes. Cedric rushes out but not before giving me a quick hug first. "Good luck." We whispered at the same time. He ran out of the tent to a roaring crowd and a roaring dragon. Soon the champions ran through and it was only me and Luke. "So did you read that letter yet?" He asked me. I was hoping to avoid this but... what can you do? I scratched the back of my neck. "Actually Draco burnt it and I'm really sorry and I..." I said really quickly but he had put a finger to my lips. "_____... I love you."
  8. Hey guys I'm gonna leave it there... I know, I'm evil but the next one will be out soon! Thanks for taking the quiz and thanks to all my fans and supporters cause I wouldn't still be writing these without you! Thanks for all the comments and the rates!
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