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  • Sneak Peak: My team falls silent as I step onto the pitch; they all stare at me as I approach the group. What? Is something on my face? I ask self-consciously.

    We heard you went on a date with Wood yesterday, Per tells me. I tense and glance around at all the accusing stares; wondering if theyre really and truly mad at me.

    I swear, you guys gossip more than old women, I tease, trying to relieve the tension.

    Is it true? Did you go on a date with him? Per asks not to be deterred. I pause for a moment, gauging their emotions.

    Yeah, I say at last, meeting the eyes of Draco, who looks like he feels somewhat betrayed.

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    Lov ed it, as always! Your writing never fails to amaze me! The dates were so cute OhMyGosh :'D haha, sorry I'm fangirling again. It's so sweet that Zan and Fred are with each other, and the fact that Oliver taught the dance that was too adorable. But seriously, you're writing is just so relatable and I adore it! I can't wait for the next release! And the options always make me double over in laughter xD

  • @HogwartsLove thanks so much! I never know what to put in the options, so I just pull random thoughts from my strange mind and make it work

    @celloplaye r thanks so much!
    @5thMaraud er I know, isn't Oliver great?!

  • *screams 4 no apparent reason* I love your quizzes keep making them... *pulls out gun* no seareously if you stop... I'll hunt you down :)

  • Agreed. Uh-oh, Harry saw me kiss Oliver, doesn't he realize that I wish it was him?!?

  • Ahhhh,Oliver I love you!! Amazing!

  • I JUST LEGIT DIED OF HAPPINESS. I JUST KISSED OLIVER!!!! Thank you for making my life complete.

  • Amazing! Loved it! I love the original date! Can't wait for the next one!

  • @Calypso1315 Haha, you're welcome!


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