Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 8

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I am SO sorry that this took so long! Explanation in the last paragraph! Refresher: You win the quidditch game, tell off Pansy, and rescue your roommates from girl disasters. You're eating breakfast when Zan drags you away from the table.

Quote of the Quiz: Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that's not true. Some smaller countries are neutral. -Robert Orben For all my friends feeling down-not everyone is against you! (I don't remember if I've used this quote yet, I just really like it.)

Created by: _ViolaLover_
  1. "Geez Zan! I'm very capable of walking on my own!" I exclaim, yanking my arm back and slowing to a more reasonable pace. "What was the point of that? I hadn't even finished my breakfast!" I complained. "Well, if you hadn't taken so long to get down there, you would have had more time to eat," sniffs Zan. "Well, whose fault is that?" I exclaim. "Oh yeah, I guess that wasn't your fault..." Zan trails off, remembering suddenly the chaos that occurred this morning. "What wasn't your fault?" asks Oliver. "Being late to breakfast," I say, shooting an annoyed glare at Zan after smiling at Oliver. The four of us pass through the gates and start towards Hogsmeade. "So whose fault was it?" asks Fred, amused. "Pretty much everyone's but ______'s," Zan admits sheepishly. "She was just playing mediator." "For what?" asks Oliver, eyebrow raised. "Hmmm, let's see. Cold showers, six of them, I had to teach my roommates the spell for hot water, followed by an argument over who used who's hairbrush, tailoring a robe, and soothing a panic attacked roommate," I finish, grinning at Zan. A little color rose into Zan's cheeks and she stuck her tongue out at me. "Why were you having a panic attack?" Fred inquires, looking down at her. "No reason; I thought ______ didn't have enough to do so I decided to make her morning more interesting." Everyone laughed at her made up excuse, and Hogsmeade came into view.
  2. "Wow, I can't believe I haven't explored this place more," I say, tightening my scarf against the late autumn chill. "You haven't?" asks a shocked Oliver. "Nope, I've always been busy, studying, going to practice, almost dying in the hospital wing," I joke, seeing Zan and Fred slip away out of the corner of my eye. "Well then, consider yourself lucky because I'm your tour guide for the day," says Oliver, looping his arm over my shoulder. We walked the main, and only, street through town with Oliver pointing out the points of interest. "That's Zonkos, Fred and George usually drag me out to here every time we come to Hogsmeade. It's only fair though, considering I make them go with me to Spintwitches to look at quidditch stuff." I look at the two shops side by side-the colorful one full of nick knacks and Hogwarts students, and the other with several students gathered outside the window, observing the newest broomstick. I glance to the left and see a sweets shop, full of just as many students as Zonkos. "That's Honeydukes; the best sweets shop I've ever been in." We continue down the street, receiving some shocked looks as the students recognized the two quidditch captains of Slytherin and Gryffindor. We pass a tea shop, which Oliver tells me is Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop. I glance through the window to see a frilly pink and lacy interior; at the counter are Zan and Fred, both ordering. I smile as I see Fred's got his arm around Zan's waist, who is leaning into him and laughing. Oliver follows my gaze and smiles as well. "It's nice that Fred's finally following a girl rather than being a general flirt. I don't think I've ever seen him more determined to get a date," he tells me. "I don't think I've ever seen Zan more determined to not let a guy take her out," I respond with a laugh.
  3. Just next door was a shop with a sign above it that says, "Dominic Maestro's," which appeared to be a music shop. Oliver steps up to the door of the little building and holds it open. Looking down at me he smiled and said, "There's something I have to pick up here; I hope you don't mind waiting a minute." "That's fine," I reply, stepping past him and into the shop. With a jingle from the bells hung above the door, Oliver follows me inside and heads to the counter which has an older man behind it-I'm assuming that it's Dominic. I turn slowly, gazing at the magnificent instruments surrounding me. There's all of the four traditional orchestra instruments, a few band instruments, and a couple guitars along with the exploding tuba I saw the other day when I walked past Professor Flitwick's classroom. However, what really catches my attention is the baby grand piano. I glide over to it and brush my fingers along the keys, remembering my piano at home. I jump when a voice behind me says, "Do you play?"
  4. "Yeah, I love playing," I respond, smiling at the kind old shop keeper. "My name is _____ by the way," I inform him, remembering my manners. "Mr. Dominic Yule at your service," he tells me, lifting his hat. "Would you like to try it?" he asks, gesturing to the piano. "Oh, no that's okay; I don't think I'll be here much longer. But thanks for offering!" I reply, watching Oliver reaper from behind a curtain beyond the counter. "Well come back any time," Mr. Yule tells me. "I don't get many customers from Hogwarts." "Of course," I grin at him. I turn away and look up at Oliver expectantly. "Ready?" he asks, stepping towards the door. I nod and step through, with him holding it open again.
  5. "What did you need anyways?" I ask Oliver as he leads me out of the small village of Hogsmeade. "You'll see," he replies while smiling down at me. He turns left on a path and my thoughts are consumed by concentrating on not falling and making a fool of myself. Suddenly, Oliver turns to me pulling out a piece of cloth. 'Maybe a tie?' I think to myself. As he steps closer and I recognize the Gryffindor colors that confirm that it's a tie. "I want it to be a surprise," he explains, gently tying the blind fold over my eyes. "I'm a klutz when I can actually see, now you want me to walk blind folded?!" I exclaim. He laughs and moves away. "Don't worry, I won't let you fall," he promises me. He places one hand on my lower back and guides me forward. I cautiously walk, afraid of slipping regardless of his reassurance.
  6. Soon enough Oliver tells me to stop. "I'll be back," he tells me, then steps away. "˜I really hope I'm not being pranked,' I think. "˜Nah, its Oliver; he's too sweet to do that. If it was George then I'd be in trouble-he'd probably leave me in front of the school, oblivious to my surroundings.' I hear footsteps approaching and Oliver's voice asking, "Ready?" I nod, and then hold still as he undoes my blindfold. I repress a shiver as a tingle goes down my spine when his hands brush my neck. My eyes widen as I take in the sight before me.
  7. We're standing in a clearing which the shrieking shack in the distance. There's grass everywhere, and piles of autumn leaves surrounding our little hideaway-he must have used magic to get rid of them, they seem to cover every other surface in the forest. The trees surrounding the space make it feel closed in and more private. Off to the side of the clearing is a box, similar to one I saw in the music shop. With a question in my eyes I turn to Oliver who was watching me the whole time. "It's a record player. Zan once told Fred that you always wished you could dance; so that's what I'm here for-to help you dance."
  8. I smile so wide it hurts my cheeks. "That's the sweetest thing ever! You're willing to risk the well-being of your toes to help me dance!" He laughs, and I watch as he strides over to the record player. He puts on a song and comes back over to me. "I know this song is a little old, but this is the one I listened to when I learned how to dance; the waltz at least. Now, put your left hand on my shoulder," I do so, and he takes my remaining hand and holds it up. "Now, envision that we're making a box when we do these steps. Step back with your right foot, then step to the side with your left foot, then bring your right foot to your left foot," he instructs me. Watching my feet I comply. "Now step forward with your left foot, and to the side with your right foot, bring your left foot to your right." Still looking down, I do as I'm told. Oliver tilts my chin up and smiles at me. "Don't worry, you're doing fine! Just repeat those steps." So a box with drew with our feat, until he was sure I had the hand of it. "Now this is simple; you're going to turn in a circle. You're going to go under my arm and just keep turning to the rhythm," he tells me. I bite my lip and attempt it, grinning hugely when I got something really close. "And you said you couldn't dance," he teases me. "I couldn't!" I protest. "Sure, sure. Now we're going to do advancing. Step back with your right foot, now back with your left, then bring your feet together. Now back with your left, back with your right, and bring your feet together." In this fashion, Oliver teaches me to dance as we whirl around the small clearing.
  9. "See! It's not so hard," Oliver tells me with a smile on his face. "No, I suppose it's not," I agree laughing. Unfortunately, I spoke to soon as I tripped over some rock, giving a yelp as I fall backwards. Oliver catches me, and the only thing keeping me from falling are his arms. "I told you I wouldn't let you fall," he tells me quietly with a gentle smile on his face. Neither of us say anything, and I think he's going to kiss me as he draws me closer. However he rather abruptly sets me back on my feet and steps away. "Er, uh, it's getting late. Maybe we should head back to the castle," he tells me, scratching the back of his head. All I can do is nod and watch as he packs up the record player. We start back up the path, and he surprises me by saying, "You know you can come here any time; I don't know anyone else who knows about this place, and sometimes it's just good to get away from everyone." I look up into his eyes and see that they are sincere and caring. "Thanks," I tell him softly. He nods and we are silent the rest of the way back to Hogsmeade. I don't think it's an awkward silence; it's the kind between two people who just like to be in each other's company.
  10. I wait outside the music shop this time, Oliver insisting that it would only take him a minute to return the player. I lean against the wall, gazing in at all the happy couples in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, wondering why he didn't kiss me. Oliver rejoins me, but before we could walk more than two feet Zan and Fred appear. "Hi _____! Hi Oliver!" Zan says, hugging me. I arch an eyebrow at her happy spirit-it's a little too happy. All is clear when Zan whispers to me in Latin, "He kissed me!" Now I appreciate my teacher Mr. Phelps, who insisted Latin would one day be extremely useful to us. "Are you guys headed back to the castle?" Fred asks, taking Zan's hand. "Yeah, we were planning on it," Oliver says, the gesture not slipping past him. "Great! Then we can walk together!" Zan says cheerfully. We all walk back to the castle, Oliver and I letting Zan and Fred get several feet in front of us. "You see the holding hands too, right?" he whispers to me. I giggle quietly and nod. "Zan looks really happy," Oliver also notes. "That's because Fred kissed her-I don't know if I was supposed to tell you that, so you better not blab!" I say sternly. "I won't-wow, a kiss made her feel that good? I would have thought they had already had their first kiss; this is what, their third date? Their fourth?" "Something like that. I don't know, I think it's sweet that they waited so long; it shows that Fred is really serious. But most people kiss on the first date. For them they still had to get to know each other, it would be awkward to kiss on the first date. But for people who really knew each other before they went on a date, it wouldn't be so bad if they both felt the same way." Oliver nods thoughtfully.
  11. I listen in on Fred and Zan's conversation ahead of us. "Come on, Peeves isn't that bad!" insists Fred. "He set off a dung bomb in the girl bathroom last week!" Zan exclaims. "It took FOREVER to get the smell out of my robes!" "But he helps us prank Slyther-oh, wait." "YOU gave him that bomb?!" I laugh as their bickering goes on, sounding as if they were already married. "What's so funny?" Oliver asks, distracted. "Them," I say still smiling, gesturing at the arguing couple ahead. "Do you think of us as friends?" Oliver blurts out all of the sudden. Caught off guard I answer. "Yeah, I do. You've always given me the impression that I can tell you anything," I admit. "_______!" Zan calls. "We need your opinion!" "That's not fair! She's your friend! Of course she'll side with you!" Fred protests. "Fine then! Oliver! We need your opinion too!" "I don't know, I'm kind of scared," I call up there. "Me too. You're on your own!" Oliver shouts up to them. Zan sticks out her tongue and everyone laughs. "Fine! I didn't want your opinion anyways!" she calls back. Fred and Zan stalk ahead of us, leaving us alone to walk through the gates up to the entrance hall. I groan. "I didn't realize what time it is! Those halls are going to be so crowded; I'll never make it back to the common room!" I cry out. Oliver laughs and says, "Don't worry, I'll show you a secret passage way." Once we step inside he turns immediately to his right to the tapestry hanging on the wall right there. He moves it aside and presses a stone, making the whole wall disappear, just like it does in Diagon ally. "Cool," I breathe. He laughs and takes my hand and pulls me inside.
  12. "I know a ton of these passages was, mostly thanks to Fred and George." After walking a bit we come to a fork. "If you go left, you will find another brick wall. Just press the brick with the seven in the top left corner and the wall will move. You'll come out in the dungeons, I think your common room is somewhere around there," Oliver finishes. "Okay. Thanks!" I say cheerfully. "And, um, thanks for taking me out. I had a lot of fun, and you teaching me to dance was really sweet," I admit. I feel color flood my cheeks and I start down the path that takes me to the dungeons. I walk several yards down the hallway before I hear Oliver calling behind me, "______! Wait!" I turn to see him running to catch up with me. "I forgot something," he says. I look at him confused, that is of course, until he kisses me. After a moment we break apart, breathing hard. "It took you way too long to do that," I laugh. He grins down at me and pecks me on the lips again. "Sorry." I hear bells ringing in the distance signaling the time. "It's late, I-" I start to say. "Have to go," Oliver finishes for me. "Its fine, go." I smile at him and take a few steps backwards watching him before I finally turn around to head back to the room.
  13. SQUEAKER! Welcome to the end of my quiz! Sorry you guys, you have NO idea how long it took me to come up for an origonal date with Oliver-every goes to get butterbeers and the shrieking shack! But I have the next two quizzes pretty much set up in my mind, so hopefully it will go faster! Ah I say that every time... As always, if you would like to read my blog leave your email in the comments!

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